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I enjoy listening to these bible studies. I always learn something intellectually. I also see how the bible can enhance my faith and relationship with our Lord. Informative, intellectual, detailed, passionate, and challeging.
I've nothing bad to say about the content of what St Irenaeus Ministries offer. It's interesting and insightful, if you can struggle through the recordings. I subscribe to a couple of dozen podcasts from historical, scientific, arts and so on, comparatively the St Irenaeus podcasts are by far the worst recordings. Unfortunately I finally unsubscribed and quite frankly I'm rather surprised that there aren't more complaints about it.
This is the most complete, in-depth Bible Study in Podcast Land. It is Catholic, but should appeal to our separated Brothers and Sisters as well. Mr. Higbee gives excellent background information. While most of my podcasts are set to Auto-Delete, this one is not as all the episodes are keepers. Try it, you will definitly LOVE it. Thank you St. Iraneus for sharing your Parish Bible Studies with us.
I am new to this podcast and am looking forward to learning more of Sacred Scripture from your podcast. Thanks
Probably the finest biblical teaching program that I've run across. Orthodox, undiluted, uncompromising truth is proclaimed here.
As a cradle Catholic, going to college was a big test of my faith: not only did I learn how little I knew about the Bible, but how shallow my grasp of faith was as well. The Bible studies led by David Higbee helped to take my faith out of the grounds of theory and put it in the context of real life. I owe a lot of who I am today to St. Irenaeus Ministries and the grace of Christ worked through them.
I have become a big fan of this podcast! You wanna know what the Catholic Church teaches verse by verse, chech out this podcast. I have yet to find a Bible study this well rounded.
The Bible studies of St. Irenaeus Ministries really helped to bring me into the Catholic Church. They are thorough, thought-provoking, and practical. Solidly orthodox, these studies are sure to be appreciated and enjoyed by any Biblical student.