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I can’t even believe you’re back! What a pleasant surprise! I found you both through my obsession with Pushing Daisies and I loved how passionate you two were about it too! I’m pretty sure I was a 9th grader in high school at the time and now I’ve been out of college for over 4 years. What? Crazy. Love y’all.
I live in LA, so if I need to drive over and sit Kath in front of a microphone, I'll do it!!!! You guys need to get back on this podcast now. Alot of people really miss you.
Looking forward to the next podcast - hope soon! Miss you guys!
I am new to this podcast but I love it so much that I have gone all the way back to 2006 to listen to them all! This duo is hilarious!!! I legitimately don't listen to radio anymore, just the TV Talk Podcast :). So entertaining, covers a wide variety of shows...just listen!!!! I love it so!!
a new TV Talk Podcast!
From two folks riding in a car with a baby…who's sleeping, allowing his infant ears to escape the profanity ;) Listened to the Hunger Games podcasts…banoodles kids. just banoodles. You're better than the radio, and better than a playlist. You two are amazing, True Blood not True Blood
Better than ever! Finally finished my move to Boston and I'm ready for more!
Love Dan and Kath! Have listened for years and am only sad they don't podcast more often. I need my SYTYCD podcast!!! I've looked forward to it all summer and miss you guys! Is it just me or this year is just off? Didn't really connect with contestants, didn't like many pieces and the format was constantly changing. Would love to hear about what shows are on your list this fall: new and old. Thanks!
Dan and Kath are hilarious and I love their comments on all the shows they watch. Great way to get extra insight on shows and hilarious opinions.
I've been listening to this podcast for a few years, ever since they had the hilarious "Two idiots talk Lost" podcasts. Especially love the coverage of "So You Think You Can Dance". Dan and Kath make me laugh every time. I have to beg you to do another podcast soon -- that Mia Michaels night of SYTYCD has to be the worst episode this show has ever had. The original performers of each dance were so much better in almost every case. Really curious to hear what your take on this episode was.
I love this podcast but lately I am finding it difficult to tolerate some of the extremely mean things the two hosts spew out It's one thing to be funny but another to be cruel, insensitive, and midly racist
And just have to say I love everything about this podcast. I do not know how many new shows I have started watching because of you guys. Mad Men, Downton Abby, Walking Dead, Happy Endings, the list just goes on and on. And it is such a diverse list at that. Thanks!!
I have just started watching So You Think You Can Dance, and this podcast adds to my enjoyment.
These two make me laugh and smile. Even when they talk for 2 hours is isn't enough ! If you like TV you've got to try this podcast.
I'm a relative newcomer to podcasts in general and I am so glad I stumbled on to this from tumblr! I watch A LOT of TV (like a crazy amount) and this podcast manages to touch on a lot of my favorite shows. I might not always agree with some of their POVs, but I am ALWAYS entertained. I look forward to every new episode!
This pair is hilarious ! They get me through a work day with laughter and reason?! I may not watch some of the shows they talk about, but I feel as though I am with the "reviews" they give. Yes, I mean SYTYCD - so many times I am crying with laughter. Part 2: Love you guys! I adore the CAR CASTS !!!!!!!! I almost pee my pants listening to you all. You all have introduced me to other shows that I would not of normally watched, and now I'm hooked. Thanks for broadening my horizons ! Your commentary is so true & filthy - thanks Dan :-)
Best. Podcast. Ever. It is full of information and laughs! I am literally in love with Dan and Kath. They are smart, witty, charming and freaking hysterical. I wish I could get Kath and Dan to discuss everything I am interested in!
love this podcast! every so often I open up my iTunes and LO! a new Dan and Kath show appears...and I know that day on my way to and from work I will 1. find out about all sorts of T.V. that I love but don't have time to watch 2. spend the rest of the day using or trying to suppress Dan and Kathisms--their very special way of using the English language 3. laughing enough that my fellow commuters will wonder at my sanity GMMR and Ducky manage to make it seem easy to talk for hours (and I mean HOURS) great even their meanderings are entertaining. Thanks for the show! --
Super fun and relaxed. As someone who loves podcasts and to hear people talk tv, this is one of my favorite shows. Silly and serious. Shallow and profound. It's all kinds of things. Kath and Dan watch nearly as much scripted tv as I do. So there's some great variety in here.
Dan and Kath are a hilarious team and I just love listening to them ramble on about popular shows. It is like putting your ear up to the virtual wall (or car) where they are hanging out and laughing together, getting a glimpse into their very entertaining minds. For the love of Fiona Faraday, subscribe to this podcast if you enjoy light-hearted TV chat, and listen to Two Idiots Talk (Insert Name of Show Here). don't need a TV.
What can I say that hasn't already been said? This podcast is hilarious and nsfw unless work is cool with you ugly laughing sporadically for over an hour. And yes, you'll find yourself even listening to them talk about shows you don't even watch. And sometimes you even find yourself tuning in. SYTYCD in particular. Been an avid listener since the Pushing Daisies days. Nothing makes the work day brighter than to see a new upload hit iTunes.
Started listening last fall 2011 and am so obsessed that I've gone back to fall 2010 to listen to past podcasts! Dan and Cath are hilarious and keep me laughing all day long while I work. Love the 2-3 hour podcasts and the format is awesome!
First of all, I love this podcast, but that's not even the point of this post. Why cant all podcasts that cover several topics be set up like this one? They talk about probably 20-25 TV shows every podcast, and it's split up so you can skip over the shows you dont watch (or dont want spoiled) to get to the parts you want to hear. And they are recording this thing in a car most of the time, I doubt they are using some special car technology to break it up that way. Again, I love these guys, but the way it's split up put them over the top! Keep up the good work.
Kath and Dan, you make my day! There was a very real danger of me being productive at work today, but then I saw a new podcast in the queue. Your podcasts are absolutely wonderful and have something for everyone. I watch an obscene amount of TV, so I end up listening to nearly the entire podcast, but even for people who only have a couple of shows in their repertoire, it's a great listen. I only became hooked a few months ago, but I find myself eagerly looking forward to them. I'm trying to keep this post clean, but based on the fabulous content of the podcast, that ain't easy. :) I'm so, so glad to have people in the world who are as obsessed with TV as I am. You guys say all the things I'm constantly thinking about my shows. My favs are The Vampire Diaries, Revenge, Breaking Bad, Justified, Suits, Community, Nikita, and The Good Wife (speaking of, the most recent episode was Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (back in military court)). "Your honor, I said, 'You take it, she hates me.'" Ha! So great. I love how The Good Wife brings back its guest stars and makes the most of them. There are about a million things I could say, but this is already turning into a bit of a tome. Love you guys!
Fantastic and hilarious, as always! We especially love when the two of you crack yourselves up so much and can barely get your words out. We will usually catch up on our podcast listening on road trips, and this past weekend was no exception. And were we ever behind.... We listened to all the episodes starting with the paley fest episode all the way through the epic fall preview. It was almost like you two were on vacation with us! Because of your podcast, we're going to start watching the good wife and pretty little liars... You better be right about both shows. Can't wait for the next podcast and we promise not to get so far behind in the future! Much love, E and P (aka trueblood)
I JUST discovered this Podcast last week and Dan and Kath are HYSTERICAL! I love a Dan and Kath appreciation life and I'm proud of it!
I just found your podcast and love it. Listening to your Fall Preview part 1 and can't wait to hear part 2.
This is the BEST podcast...ever!
Fun TV podcast I really like when they go into horror TV like the Walking dead & Vampire diaries.
Great podcast! They've got entertaining views on some of my favorite shows, including a (must-listen) weekly rehash of the summer's best show--So You Think You Can Dance. And I need to hear wrapping up comments on Friday Night Lights soon!!


By Amy 47
I've been a listener for awhile, but I decided to write this review after listening to the last SYTYCD podcast. One particular "user-generated piece of audio" was so enjoyable that I know the SYTYCD podcasts this season will be priceless~
I love, love, love this podcast! I always look forward to it and wish the podcasts would come more often! These two could talk about doing their laundry and it would be funny and entertaining! I don't even watch SYTYCD and I still listen to the podcast because it is so funny! Please podcast more often because they brighten my day. By the way, where is Ducky from? I'm from Upstate NY as well and I'm just curious!
Okay, I'm one of the bad listeners who've listened for years without commenting (and I'm hanging my head in shame). BUT, it's been so fun having these crazy nerds back in my ears that I had to say YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. I never fail to laugh my arse off at their antics and typically I find their reviews spot on. My only wish is the same as everyone else - give me more.
Sorry this is a bit late. I didn't get a chance to listen to your latest podcast until yesterday. I went on a road trip so I listened to your podcast and it made the time go soooo fast. I just wish you podcasted more! (I know why you can't and I completely understand) You two are so funny and just so much fun to listen to. I don't even mind that half the time you talk about shows I do not watch. It is nice to listen to a podcast with people who are as TV obsessed as I am. And I love hearing your opinions. Sometimes you make me change my mind and other times I want to say "No! You are wrong" but it is nice to get another point of view even if I don't agree with it 100% of the time. So yeah basically this is my favorite podcast and thank you so much for taking the time to do it!
I love listening to Dan and Kath. They cover all kinds of TV shows and have a great time doing it. I only wish they had a sponsor, so they could podcast more regularly.
I've been listening to this podcast consistently for that past two or three years and at this moment in time it's the ONLY podcast I listen to. I check every other day for a new episode because I'm so addicted and have actually gone back and re-listened to past podcasts. I love how brutally honest they are, no pandering to actors. No editing themselves or filtering. If nothing else, you have to find out what they mean when they say 'Fiona Faraday' Trust me: best inside joke ever! They watch pretty much everything so they have a lot of ground to cover. I could go on and on about how much I love this podcast but I'm listening to one now and missing what they're saying. Ah! I love it! 5 fricken stars!
Dan and Kath, I have listened to you guys for about 2 years now and I just have to say I adore you both. Everytime i go on I Tunes and see there is a new podcast I cannot wait to listen. I listen most of the time at work so my co-workers think I have lost my mind because I am laughing so much. I would also like for you both to know that because of you I have read the Hunger Games trilogy and I have started watching Veronica Mars. I will be watching Supernatural this summer as well. Thank you both for making my day so enjoyable and filled with laughter. I have the most boring job in the world and you make it go by much faster. Christi W.
Great podcast - they tell you everything you want to hear about tv shows (and somethings that just get said anyway...). It's like watching your favorite shows with your two best/snarkiest friends! Kath and Dan are hilarious and really need their own tv show.
You guys are great. An atmosphere of fun and passion seep through each episode in such an entertaining way .Intelligent, honest ponderings of the shows I care about . (did I mention your my pretend new best friends?) Love you guys !!! Ash (in Atlanta)
with all the podcast NOISE out there, yours is still the best! I only watch about half the shows you talk about and am still thoroughly enjoying it!
I loveTV Talk Podcast. It is so hard to find a good tv podcast and this is by far the best. I check my itunes everyday hoping for an update. Even when they are talking about shows I don't watch, I am still entertained. I highly recommend TV Talk Podcast.
Hello all I just started watching two more shows The Cape and Off the Map. Although they are not great shows they are good. I know you guys don't really give new shows a chance but just watch the first 2 episodes of both the cape and off the map just the first 2 if you don't like them you don't like them but just give them a chance and mayve mention what you think on you next podcast thanks
even though the duo is likable and have chemistry, they sometimes have quite questionable taste. the worse a reality show the more addicted they get. I just skip when they come to glee as they dissect every show like it's a thesis. and the "hunger game"? kids, this is called tv talk podcast not junior high book club.
I cancelled my cable May 2010 but many months before then I essentially stopped watching tv. The ONLY shows I would follow are The Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy-I've been a huge fan of both shows since day 1 and they are sacred in my home :) I don't have a lot of time to get into television like I want to but that is when I discovered you guys! I am new to the show and have spent the past 2 weeks catching up on your entire 2010 episodes. Even though I haven't seen 85% of the shows you talk about I feellike I have because of your phenomenal discussion about each tv night of the week! Kath and Dan have saved the day. You guys are blunt and can be crass but I LOVE IT. The day I heard Dan say he would "punch someone square in the taco" I fell in love. What really gets me is how I start to follow you two on random tangents and find myself in laughing fits but you balance that beautifully by articulately and insightfully discussing the shows. You two blow my mind! Keep up the fantastic work. Kath do you think you could give Grey's a few more sentences I would love to hear more of what you think about the show and the direction the characters are going in (ie. Callie, Arizona, Lexie, Sloan)
I don't follow all of the shows Dan and Kathie talk about, but I almost always listen to the show all the way through because I find their banter so fun to listen to. What sets this podcast apart (for me) is that while it's genuinely loose and funny, it's also well-organized and their discussions of TV shows are always thoughtful and interesting. Keep up the great work! Also, I'm totally hoping that the Hunger Games podcast you talked about before happens, I'm dying to hear more about what you each thought of the trilogy!
Dan & Kath produce an endlessly entertaining and enjoyable podcast about a wide variety of television programs. I've been hooked since their "Two Idiots Talk Lost" segment in the days of yore, and I continue to listen to their hilarious repartee, even about shows I don't watch. (These two are that funny.) Highly recommended!