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Unsubscribed immediately given over aggressive Trump endorsements / advertisements
I think the format of these lessons works really well: the host recites a phrase in French, explains the vocabulary, then repeats it. The phrases are usually about recent news stories, which is interesting, and Louis does a wonderful job of explaining the text without using much English.
Podcast materials are great, the embedded ads are so annoying that it’s unbearable to keep on listening to the podcast
Bonjour Loui Il y a deux jours que l,audio et le texte dont vous avez mis dans le padcast n,a pas d,harmonie.je voudrait vous demmander de le rendre correct.SVP🙏🙏🙏.
Great for French listening practice
These podcasts are simply amazing, this guy is the real MVP. <3 U so much!
Thank you, Louis! I find the examples of the use of words and phrases in sentences very helpful and enjoy the current topics. I definitely recommend this podcast. Love, love, love!
I love the way the teacher introduces the mini lesson. Perfect to listen while I run. I can’t wait to download the handouts!
Je suis une débutante mais je trouve ce podcast très utile et Louis is very sympathetic and has a very warm voice and the content is never boring! I definitely recommend it!
C’est recomendable pour améliorer la compréhension et augmenter le vocabulaire Pour moi. Superbe
Because I DON'T KNOW
Je m’écoute ce podcast regulairement, et c’est très utile et agréable. J’apprends beaucoup ( je pense). Une suggestion - Je souhaite que tu utiliserais moins de cognates et plus des mots que sont très différents en anglais. Je suis américaine. Il y a longtémps depuis j’ai étudié français. Je n’ai utilisé pas google translate pour ce message. Donc, j’espère que c’est compréhensible. Je suis sûr beaucoup de mots sont incorrects, mais, c’est la vie! I don’t think I said anything insulting or trop stupide!😊 I truly appreciate this podcast, as it brings back the 12 years of French classes I took up through my senior year of high school. There are very few francophiles where I live in TX. Louis turned me on to the lingvist.com app, which I also use, and while I don’t get every answer right, it’s kind of too easy. This podcast is the best! And I'm all for the commercials. You need to make $ for all the hard work you do!
I will definitely continue using these episodes to work on the muscle memory for speaking french clearly. Love it.
No one speaks french like this. No one speaks this slow. This will not help you improve.
It’s impossible to learn French if every episode is him speaking only French with no translation.
I can't subscribe
I've been using this as a way to keep up and not get too rusty with my French and find myself learning words and actually understanding the language better. The format of the show is effective and to the point. Thank you for making this.
Like most people who learned French in school(4 years ago for me) I think this podcast will boost your memory and give you a much needed refresher course on what you learned. It's even taught me a few new things.
There are no episodes available earlier than 2100. I understand that these episodes build upon one another but I've just found this podcast and so coming in this late all I can find is a man speaking French without a clue of what he's saying. He doesn't explain in English what he's saying. This is not useful for the absolute beginner.
Ce podcast a vraiment aidé à améliorer mon français. Il a en particulier aidé mes capacités d'écoute. Je partage l'information podcast avec mon mari, donc il est aussi un fan.
Great learning tool. Thank you.
These podcasts are fun and interesting, and quickly brought my rusty college French back up to speed for trips to Paris and Montreal. I particularly love the Real Life French dialog episodes where you hear some slang and often some humor. Thank you so much, Louis!
Excellent bite-sized, intermediate level podcasts delivered by an authentic French speaker. Louis is also on twitter with additional podcasts for purchase if you want to get to know him first @louislessons. Perfect for studying pronounciation, expanding vocabulary, and more applicable to one who has studied some grammer already. A beginner might need a supplement. The text is made available on the website for a smallsubscription fee that is well worth the investment. I highly recommend it.
The first 46 episodes are completely gone and you can't even download 46-50. That's as far as I tried. The latest podcasts are totally in French and you learn nothing if you're a beginner like me.
Are Louis and his crew becoming tired? It's been nearly 2 weeks since the last podcast. I'd like to have something new.
I am brushing up my very rusty French, and I find this podcast very helpful. It's a good way to learn proper pronunciation, and to amplify one's vocabulary with the synonyms he provides.
this is what i was looking for! very good
Maybe it was great at the beginning but now the oldest podcasts are completely in French. How can I learn?
These podcasts are fun, easy to follow & are really helping my vocabulary. Magnifique!
Great way to keep in tact with the language everyday! C'est super!
For advanced yet rusty French speakers this is ideal for getting up to speed, especially with comprehension of spoken French. Let's face it, we can all say things, what we don't understand is the answers! This helps a lot and with TV newscasts too.
I need to learn the song jambalaya. In French. Help


Isn't me it is this completely in French??? Every p.c. I have listened to is completely in French. How can I learn!?
But where are the first 45 lessons? I can't start on 46.
Louis's explanations are also in French. Lots of material in this podcast.
Over time Louis makes the lessons more immersive; less English. Formidable!
Si es que no puedes seguir clases en un horario fijo, este podcast es la mejor opción. Las conversaciones y situaciones son creativas y divertidas, nada que ver con las bobas conversaciones de libros de aprendizaje de idiomas. Me acabo de enterar que también están en twitter. Gracias a este podcast mis momentos de viaje o de espera en colas se vuelven altamente productivos.
As an intermediate French student (US born) with no experience living in a French-speaking country, this podcast has propelled me into being able to converse in French well. I've tried a number of other courses, which clearly helped me to be ready for this podcast. I recently surprised my brother, who had lived for 2 years in France, but having a detailed half hour conversation with him in French. Advantages of this program are 1) Louis is a native speaker (this is extremely important) 2) He talks about current events and daily life, making us conversant about them 3) He gives relevant examples of word usage. Thanks for a superb program!
I'm sure this is wonderful if you don't have to start at lesson 800.... Where can I start from one?
I am a busy professional and the only way I can learn and practice the little French I know, is through this daily podcast while I commute to work. It is a great tool. Good job Louis:)
Most of my friends are from Paris or Provence & the French learned in school is nothing like the French spoken on the streets. I'm A native Spanish speaker so I'm terrible @ French grammar but I'm no beginner. These pc's are perfect if you have a good ear for latin languages or took at least 1 semester of FR & want to understand the language better. Bravo!
When I first started listening, I could barely understand a word here or there. Now, I usually get most of it on the first try, and the idiomatic expressions and unfamiliar words are all explained in French so my vocabulary is a lot better. The Dictees are also excellent spelling practice!
I am also an advanced beginner. I took a six weeks total immersion course in France several years ago. My biggest weakness in the class was not being able to understand the language when spoken by the French instructors - even when I knew what they were suppose to be saying. I thought that I had just waited too long to develop an ear for a foreign language. However, "dailyfrenchpod" has given me hope that even at age 75 I may be able to comprehend the language as spoken by a native of France. Ironically, I could always understand my American "French" teachers. This is the course for which I have been waiting. Repitition is the answer. Thanks.
I love listening to your daily podcast. I has helped me so much with my French... You make it so clear and easy to understand the language. Thank you so much
This is a great way to work a little daily French into your routine. He covers everday topics, facilitating vocabulary development in practical little tidbits.
I studied French in France as well as in college. These podcasts are just the thing to improve my fluency and grace with the language. I am always learning new things including lots of up to date expressions. In addition, I am getting to review things which have always been a bit murky. These podcasts are wonderful!
I went to school in France years ago and even picked up a degree in French but I was seeing my fluency dissolve slowly over time through disuse. Louis keeps me tuned up and up to date with new vocabulary in just 5 minutes a day. I've tried several other french podcasts but his is the one I keep - Bravo, Louis