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Love this podcast! So refreshing to have biblically based teachings.
Torah teacher Mark has helped me in my understanding with deeper meaning of the older testament. I have learned much of the covenants and feasts through his teachings!
You are stealing space in the Jewish category and exploiting our small numbers. Go compete fairly with Christians in the Christian category.
This is not a Jewish podcast, but rather a production by Baptist-funded missionaries looking to convert Jews to Christianity. That it labels itself as "Jewish" is deceptive and false advertising.
Wrong category, Apple! Messianism is Christian, not Jewish.
I am listening to 7/20/13 and stopped to write this when I heard you talk of the ONE true GOD quoting Trinitarian doctrine yet our GOD is not limited to three persons. He fills all space and time and took on forms many times in the Torah. He was the Cloud by day, the Fire by night, the Rock, the Water, the one who wrestled with Jacob, the one who sat and broke break with Abraham, Melchizedek , etc etc. He became flesh for our salvation and He will return as our reigning KING. HE has no limits. HE is not three but ONE. The Triune doctrine was brought into play at the council of Nicae. Israel is not Trinitarian but Monotheism. OUR GOD is ONE. HE is a Spirit not a person. Did HE become flesh (son) for our sake? YES. Did HE send back HIS Spirit to comfort us? Yes. Is the Holy Ghost a person? NO. Is my GOD a person? NO . HE is a Spirit and a Spirit hath not flesh nor bones. HE took on flesh yet our GOD is not a person. HE became flesh so there would be a perfect sacrifice ones and for all. A spirit cannot shed blood and without blood we have no remission for sin. I enjoy your teachings but on the three person doctrine I must disagree. Will Jews ever see Messiah using Trinitarian doctrine? NO. Israel serves ONE GOD who was, who is and is to come. Not three, never three, always ONE!
'Messianic Judaism' means Christianity. You will get no authentic Judaism here, and will be MUCH better off looking up Aish Hatorah, Chabad or the Orthodox Union. Shalom!
Thank you, for bringing the message in podcast so that we can learn and grow. I have a long way to go so please do not stop! sincere gratitude for the work you do!
... Of Hashems Torah. This doesn't belong anywhere but the round file.
I'm new to the message from a messianic Christians pastor but I really like learning all this new things about my savior.
We know who you are. You are the Christian fist forcing conversion. You are Martin Luther wishing our synagogues burned - with us in them. You are the Nazis, fulfilling Luther's wish - and in Luther's homeland no less. Now you think you can trick us by dressing like us, speaking like us, and twisting the words of OUR bible, and for us to believe that you have our best interests at heart. History teaches us otherwise. Search podcasts: "Penina Taylor". Listen, Learn, and then revoke their manipulation of our bible, our hearts, our children, our people.
This is a wonderful speaker, teaching 'the way'. It is as far from modern rabinical Judaism, as it is from modern Torah-less Christanity. Perhaps it does not belong in the Judaism category. But it certainly does not belong in the Christianity category either.
Nothing Jewish here


By Pov9
This is in the wrong category! This is Christian, not Jewish!
Love this! Great message! Everyone needs to hear this. I have enjoyed every second of these podcasts. Nicely done! : )
There is nothing Jewish about this. Just more proselytizing by another missionary group. Does not belong in the Judaism category anymore than shrimp and lobster cocktails belong at a bar mitzvah reception.
As long as everyone knows this is "Christian"...


By DougMK
Shomer es nafshoseichem m'avodat zara, beH"y, ka"h.
Not Judaism but Jesusism therefore idolatry.
This is a wonderfull ministry with a great message. Pastor Mark is very entertaining and easy to listen to. There is great information in this podcast for Jewish people and it will help Christians understand the roots of the faith as well.
IT IS A MIRACLE TO FIND TEACHERS LIKE MARK MCLELLAN, BRIDGING THE SAD and RIDICULOUS FULL OF BLOOD SHED and POLITIICS HISTORICAL GAP IN THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN TRADITION. Jesus was the greatest Jewish Rabbi, and one who had no intention of creating a new religion - he was simply trying to bring a new spiritual understanding to the Divinity of G-D in all of us - This does not take away from G-D's Almighty Power, nor from G-D's Laws and Commandments - it Enhances both G-D's Power and Our Relationship with G-D. So, here we are in the 21st century, where both 'ends' of the spectrum, the Jews and the Christians, have BOTH got it all wrong about Jesus/Yeshua/Isous Christos. These teachings are like a Breath of Fresh Air - may these words spread far and wide into our consciousness. May all Thinking Jews and Christians see their validity and mission. Mazel Tov.
Please don't move it out of this category!!! Messianic Judaism is a growing denomination, let us be!!!
Your day of rest is Sunday, Christian Idiot...... These people are way to confused about their believe system, here they don't believe in the Talmud, only in the Tanach, becuase the Rabbi's made it up and yet almost every piece of Jewishness they practice is for the most part entirely Rabbinical and not Biblical. Get a life Mr. McLellan
What a tool. Look, insult people's intelligence elsewhere, like in the Chrisianty podcast section. That or hire someone with a greater level of knowledge, like ....... a parrot.
Insightful and educational of the failure of the American church and modern Christianity to come to terms with the Living God. How shallow the Church in America has become! Days of repentance are called for to try and turn this around but we have eyes that see not and ears that hear not.
Most of the time, these podcasts are great to listen to and stick to Biblical principles. The traditions of God are much more important and holy than the traditions of men. These Torah teachers are on the right track.
What is it with you people, and your delusions of Torah knowledge? Place your great podcast in the Christianity category and leave us Jews alone. Live and let live! Best Regards, Ivaylo V. Stanev
This guy has some real chutzpah! He tells it like it is! For too long we Jews have buried our heads in the sand on the Mashiach issue... Either Jesus (a.k.a. Yeshua) is the Messiah we have waited for as anticipated by the prophets from our TaNaKH, or we do not have a Messiah! Jesus was NOT a Christian! (Easter, Sunday, Christmas, etc) Read the NT writings for yourself! He was authentically Jewish in every way! I wonder what Torah the anti-missionaries are reading that teach them to attack everything they disagree with... I also wonder what my Orthodox friends will call themselves when Mashiach comes and they embrace him... 100% Jewish and 100% Messianic! Chazak Torah Teacher Mark!
Why is this Jewish podcast different from all other Jewish podcasts? Because it is unashamedly devoted to Yeshua the Moshiach! I am glad I found it because quality Torah teachings from a Messianic Jewish perspective are almost non–existent. This podcast is refreshing, insightful and life giving. If you are zealous for Moshiach Yeshua and His yoke of Torah you have come to the right podcast. Check out the “Torah Talk” Podcast. It is the same guy, but it is a radio talk show. It has more Chutzpah than this one!
Please list this under "Christianity" in iTunes because it is Christian, not Jewish. (The only reason for listing it in the Jewish section is to proselytize by confusion.)