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Glad to listen, you guys rock!
Like listening to friends speak to one another over beers with the occasional duck quack. Hendrix's rants are hilarious; I'd want him on my side in a bar fight. Kropotkin's English properness makes me imagine him in a tweed coat and tie, surrounded by dozens of card collections, maps drawn on graph paper and consoles sitting on shelving ordered by generation. Alphabox, I imagine surrounded by beer cases. Bloodshot Robot is quiet... Probably a ninja.
Both hilarious and thought-provoking, this podcast is always enjoyable to hear. It is also the only podcast I know which has caused explosive diarrhea in both host and listener. And their quacking ducks make me smile. :)


By Dmes65
This show is ran by a bunch of juvinile deliquents. And I love it. This show moves at a fast and funny pace. The show host all have a unique style they each bring to the show. You will learn about games, chicks, gaming news, and bad ninja movies. Just check out the show and you will be hooked. Thanks for a great show.
Hendrix always seems to be having an angry rant. Even when he likes something, he doesn't sound happy about it - more like he's still angry, just in a different way. Bloodshot and Alpha have tastes differing too much from mine for their opinions to connect with me. I basically listen to the show for Kropotkin.
Super Happy Funtime Show is full of wicked-awesome-great-fantastic-excellence!! Download it now and get your face melted off.
Superhappyfuntimeshow gaming podcast is funny, informative but not to formal. one Brit and three americans give their veiws on games they have played and movies they have watched during the week. Then they go over gaming news with much hilarity well worth listening too.
Just started listening today... been dl'ing the iTunes show for at least a few weeks and finally got the chance to listen. It must be stated that I am here for 2 reasons, Dead Pixel Live's constant plugging of your show and my familiarity with Alphabox from that show. Finally, my review: I really enjoy the back and forth, not a lot of talking over each other, and for a show with 3-4 hosts, they do a great job of not talking over each other. I like the format, seems very structured... initial banter, 'whatchyou' playin, news, 'whatchyou' watching then some emails. Show flows very good, and honestly, I like the candid speak, but bleeped out curse words actually kinda crack me up, say, Arrested Development style! Everytime I hear that quack, it makes me think of Gob Bluth giving the speech to the employees of his company about his sister being at the Xmas party... "There will be no <bleep>, no <bleep>, and no finger <bleeping>!" Love it! Haven't had a chance to fully get to know each of these guys as hosts, well, 'cept Alpha who was with DPL for a long time, but Kropotkin, Hendrix and Bloodshot all seem to know their <bleep> about a wide range of video games and their insights are appreciated. Anyway, best of luck to all of you and your show, I will now consider myself a regular listener and will put you guys in my podcast rotation! Oh, and not that it is that big a deal, but with all of the different podcasts I listen to, it is very refreshing to actually hear about sports games a little (NHL11!) - not too much, but it is way better to hear a little bit than nothing at all or just sports exclusively! Any I challenge any of you to NHL11 - Hendricks, that's you, I was with you guys with 09 when Chrisphil tried to put an All Games team together!
This is my favorite gaming podcast. I start every Monday morning with Krop, Hendrix, and Bloodshot...and AlphaBox Keep up the great work guys! Virtual top hats rule! DrAdder
I've just started listening to this show at the start of season 3. Why didnt I listen sooner? This show has 4 great co-host which are funny, intelligent, and good ole gamers. This is not a snobby show or a bunch of frat boys talking games. Just 4 gamers talking about games, movies, and whatever is current in the nerd world. I get as giddy as a school girl when I see a new podcast downloading. Thank you gentlemen for a fantastic show.
i get excited every time a new episode of the super happy fun time show downloads to my ipod. this is a weekly podcast that is entirely centered around video games and the hosts' experiences with these games. after their impressions of the games they've played the previous week, they move to their commentary for recent news stories. the four hosts all have very fun and entertaining personalities that are very easy to get attached to. shfts is always entertaining, i have never been let down by the quality or content of the show.
This is a great gaming podcast. The lads connec well with the community and keep people up to date with the world of gaming and what they feel about it.
This is my favorite gaming podcast that I listen to regularly. Kropotkin, Hendrix, Bloodshot Robot and Alphabox have awesome chemistry, interesting opinions and a wicked sense of humor. Give them a listen!
I first started listening to the show that Jim Sterling was on and have been listening since. It is rather amusing and a good addition to the podcasts that I listen to. More win than fail. I would recommend this podcast to people who like video games podcasts and listening to people drunkenly rage at various things.
I laugh very hard everytime i listen! Also very informative.
Other than the brit,SHFTS is my favorite pod thingy! SuperBigKing is also my PSN & XBL tag. looking for chaps who are not a*ses.
Great show about stuff! The new Host is one point like a laser beam. I think his name is Alphabox. Keep up the great work. Five stars for 3 gaming Kings.
What more you need to know? "More... more.. you say" Oh well then, they Super they are all Happy and your going to have a Fun Time listening to the Show!
Far and away one of the best podcasts out there, gaming or otherwise. I listen to SHFTS every Monday morning and it really helps get me through the day. It actually gives me something to look forward to when the weekend is over. Fantastic show!
A podcast would be boring if everyone on it was the same. This show has a lot of different guys and is never boring. Everyone holds their own, too, plus small segments like the Jaded Gamer (meh). It gets a little Anglo-phobic towards the one Brit, Kropotkin, but it is all in good fun. Expect annoying sound effects you love to hate and the show self-censors out the profanity to a PG-13 level.
Excellent show, the interaction between the cast is hilarious. It almost makes going to work on Mondays worth it. Thank you for the great show and keep up the good work.
SHFTS is definitely one of the best independent podcasts for gamers. It's always good to find a gaming podcast where any host can express any opinion on a game without a fellow co-host trying to convince him (or her) that they're wrong. That alone makes SHFTS stand out from the crowd, and is helpful as the three hosts are not afraid to give their honest opinions - don't expect them to be tripping over each other to fawn over every big-name release. Three very distinct personalities and voices - it's easy to tell who's who - deliver often lengthy and in-depth discussions on a selection of titles; dissect the news (both headline and esoteric) with a healthy dose of scepticism and sometimes even vitriol; treat listener mail with great respect; and the additional bi-weekly segments are usually worthwhile too. SHFTS' biggest flaw is that its sound quality is often iffy, but it's forgivable given the podcast's Transatlantic nature - as the dulcet British tones of Kropotkin makes those of us who grew up on certain 8-bit home computers, and not Nintendo, feel like we aren't forgotten (an aspect probably worth 5 stars on its own).


Piece of Solid Waste this show is.
You want a good video game podcast? Well, you found one of the best right here. Bloodshot Robot provides a good shot of comedy, Hendrix brings in a dose of angry (well, maybe not ALL the time...), and Kropotkin slaps in the accent (along with some atempted iPhone game reviews). Sit back, relax, and enjoy the hilarity that ensues!
What a funny show! Helps me get through the Monday's at work! Great "honest" reviews. They really let you know how they feel about a system or a game. Its a great way to keep up with the news and newest releases. Great show, keep it up! More tophats
The difference between a good podcast and a great one is a proper type writter sound effect at the begining of the news section. Bravo!
Found the SHFTS crew last week, thanks to Hendrix (whom I mistakenly identified as GK) posting a link to a video in the Sins of a Solar Empire forum. I've since listened to many of their podcasts, and I can say without hesitation that it's now my favorite show. Great commentary, funny, and the play between the hosts is just awesome. Definitely worth a listen!
This show has to be my favorite podcast. It is hilarious and the hosts have a great chemistry.
Super happy funtime show is an amazing podcast that is informative, but, more humorous than anything else. It will make you laugh until cry. A must listen too podcast!
Back in my day we didn't have all these fancy game tapes and popcasts. We just played stick ball barefoot in the snow and listened to the birds, AND WE LIKED IT.
My husband made me write this review. Okay I have to listen my husband keeps turning it on while we drive around. I'm a Sims 3 and Mario fan I don't really considered myself a "gamer" but I enjoy the show for the sole purpose of trying to understand my husbands obsession. This pod cast opens a lot of conversations when he's laughing madly at something, I don't get at all. This then leads to the history of or evolutions of. When I got married I should have know since when I meet my husband he had and XBOX, PS2, SEGA DREAMCAST and no furniture. So ladies this is a fun podcast to listen too. I just need a translator. Great show! My husband after proof reading this says I write a lot like Kropotkin. See if you can find the punctuation.
This podcast is a good mix of funny and informative. The hosts bring unique perspectives of gaming with one living in UK and two living in the US. I'd recommend giving it a listen especially when the Jaded Gamer is in the show.
Although Kropotkin is unfairly picked on more often than not, all three of the hosts bring something different to the table that overall combines into a show of great chemistry, smart insight into the video game industry, and a very different sense of humor that will often cause you to laugh to things that in any other circumstance would not be remotely funny. Maybe they should rename it to the Gillette show, because it's the best a man can get.
This podcast succeeds where many fail, it is both entertaining and informative. I make it a point to listen to the podcast as soon as it has been downloaded. The show discusses current games, issues with any released games, and the have a news segment. The hosts don't just parrot the news. They have conversations about some conversations lasting ten minutes. I am rambling now, but just listen to the podcast.
Great show. Fun. Not pretentious. Informative. Poorly grammar'd. Hendrix, Krop, and B-shot R-bot play extremely well off one another. All well-rounded gamers. Funny. Lots of in-humor. Not dicks to e-mailers. Definitely give this show a shot if you like shows like Giant Bombcast & Drunken Gamers Radio.
If you like video games and an all around good time then what are you waiting for? Download it all ready!
Back in my day, we didn't have podcasts! We had to listen to the ol' Victrola and you listened to whatever came out the speaker-hole! Aaaaaaaaaand we LIKED IT! The Superhappyfuntimeshow is quite worthy of the space it will occupy on your media playing device. Combining viewpoints from the US and across the pond, you will get a smattering of reviews, news, and a variety of random commentary loosely related to gaming. Or not. Anything goes. Family show, though!
You, like many people, will be listening to The Superhappyfuntimeshow, enjoying the witty banter then from out of no where, BAM, Krop will hit to with some Patapon 2 talk, next thing you know, you wake up, 7 car-pile up, cops everywhere, all because Krop hits you with podcastings version of the Rear Naked Choke. Anyway, download the show, it's better then Bloodshot's laptop mic. Let the battle royale begin!
Very funny show where three guys get together and talk about video games. Very well organized and produced, this show is one of the best out there and it's free! If you enjoy video games and/or video game commentary at all you owe it to yourself to at least try it out. I would highly recommend listening to past episodes if you enjoy what you hear, there are some episodes of pure hilarity even if the news itself is old. Rarely can you find something this entertaining to listen to even among paid products let alone a free one. Truly a great show.
Needs more Derrick H
This is a great way to spend an hour or so of your time. Lots of laughs. Great information about games on all the major systems. Keep up the great work.
Awsome format only complaint is that that it ends. Keep doing what ya been doing! A+++ for the comedy clips
The hosts play off one another quite well but some of their schtick drones on and and can become predictable(I.E.Fake sleeping every 10 minutes and the constant interruption when someone doesnt' like a game being spoken of). While I love most of their humor, I am getting tired of the constant reminder that someone "Hates anything with animals that talk." Beyond those few complaints I enjoy the production value and the honest game discussion.
They live up to their name. Very funny show. Comedy+Games = the perfect storm


By CowTipN
Half way there! This is by farm one of the funniest podcast out there. You get the view from both sides of the pond and they talk about gaming too.
SHFTS gives you a brit, an american, and a man who loves top hats all in one room talking about games. Hilarious sound clips and game conversation are there for the taking. All you have to do is click that subscribe button for an hour of laughter each week.
I look forward to this show each and every week. Exceptionally amusing people with great chemistry makes this show work. You should not ingest this podcast while driving or operating heavy machinery(although, I do), you may hurt yourself, or others.