Reviews For GodPod

Every month I check back to see if a new one has posted yet. Maybe the best thing is the honesty from the hosts, as they grapple with theological issues not just in an academic sense, but as related to their own personal journeys. Very British. But as a listener from across the pond, the accent simply makes me feel like they are all ├╝ber informed. Pass the biscuits!
This is among my favorite podcasts. The faculty and their guests are highly qualified, thoughtful and humerous while tackling thorny issues at the core of what we mean when we say God, Jesus, scripture, ortho-anything and just about everything else. They have helped me better understand what it is to be on the Christ-following journey and I am grateful. I routinely encourage my friends to listen. Thanks, Daniel.
Our family has really enjoyed this podcast. It is a nice change from your everyday 'think tanks'. I appreciate the depth it goes in to on a wide variety of issues. Thanks!
This podcast is pretty good. But i personally like video pods:) Keep it up!