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Hands down the best classical podcast
This is one of the highest-quality and best-produced music podcasts out there, and, as someone else said here, they are addictive. Back in the day, I went to the ISGM concerts at the Tapestry Roomto listen live several times, unforgettable experiences all. With kids and life coming along, I can't get to such events as much, and this podcast is a worthy replacement.
I like the commentary input along with the great music that is played.
I started listening to this podcast in 2007 and still haven't hit the unsubscribe button. It's hard to find classical music of this quality, and the fact that you get the entire work for free is even more incentive to subscribe. It is a wonderful podcast that in the last last 4 years has yet to let me down. While they do focus on classical and romantic composers more, this is entirely fine with me since those are the best eras of classical music. I send SO MUCH LOVE to the Isabella Stuart Gardener Museum for all the music they have given and continue to give me.
really appricated the uploader's effort!The music is so beautiful and the qualitity is so good and fabulous !I strongly recommend it
These concerts are wonderful and soothing. Thank you!
This podcast is perhaps the best I have ever experienced. Bravo...Such quality is rare to happen apon. I have enjoyed the concert since it's inception and will continue to listen to it always. Every few weeks a new concert becomes availabe and I listen very intently.,
I've listened to several of these concerts, they're all fabulous. A must for all classical music fans.

By M-k
If one doesn't study classical music extensively, the stories behind each piece fall to the wayside, meaning the introductions in this podcast are extremely helpful. It's also convenient that the high-quality musicianship and masterful works can be obtained here at no cost for the listener, making upload to an iPod very easy and in that sense making accessibility much easier. Top notch programming!!!
A rare gift -- beautifully played, thoughtfully introduced classical music. One wishes more museums with classical music programs would offer them as podcast downloads, but nevertheless we are lucky to have the Gardner's program, which is first rate, to judge by the several available on iTunes. The performance of the "Archduke" trio of Beethoven, in particular, was superb. What a find!
Wonderful performances, bright, sparkling recording and engineering. Clean but not so sterile that the warmth of the live performances gets lost.


I'm new to the podcasts. I expected middling quality, what I heard was studio quality. I sum it up with: "try it, you'll like it" IMHO nothing more need be said.
Both the quality and content of this podcast are amazing; especially considering it's price. If you enjoy classical music or just looking for an inexpensive way to expand your musical horizons this podcast is for you.
Kudos to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum for making these performance available in this format. Fidelity is decent, certainly good enough for computer listening. My only complaint is that the woman providing commentary at the beginning speaks as though she has pebbles in her mouth. Not everybody is cut out for podcasting.
free classical music, creative licensing, an awesome title, what more could you want?
These are as addictive as a Dan Brown or a Harry Potter - you just have to keep listening. Superb, Ideal for podcasts. My only complaint would be audacious to ask but I would prefer a little more ambience - the recordings are so incredibly clean, you lose some of the concert experience. A muted applause IS present at the end but a trifle more ambience would be welcome - though you could easily miss your train stop this way.