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John and Charlie are back for, what, the fourth time after calling it quits? No matter. I enjoy this show. It's two great friends talking comics and related pop culture, laid back and comfortable. It's the only comics podcast I need to listen to.
Revisting the podcast after a while and I am pleased that Jon and Charlie are putting on a good show. I enjoyed their Clash of the Titans review and I agreed with their observations. This is once again one of my favorite podcast to listen to at work.
I have been listening to the show for a few years now and I have to say the show never fails to impress. Jon and Charlie are both great guys who have an extensive knowledge of comics. I highly recommend this show.
This is a must listen to podcast! One of my top ten podcasts of the decade! Very informative and entertaining comic book and pop culture!
John & Charlie are a joy to listen to. Wether they are enjoying what they are reading or not enjoying what they are reading, you will certainly enjoy hearing them talk about it either way!
I'm fairly new listening to this podcast (the last 5 or so episodes) but I can say with confidence that this is a pretty darn good show! They're funny and when you combine that with things I like to hear about (comics, movies, etc.), well, then you have hooked me! :)
If you're a comic book fan, you owe it to yourself to listen to Alternate reality. If you already listen to comic book related podcasts, and if you're looking for one with honest reviews, smart, witty and un-pretentious hosts, you've found it! Jon, Charlie and now Eric know their comics, movies and general crap!
John, Charlie, and the fresh on the scene Eric Peterson are the best at what they do. Whether it's reviewing comics, telling jokes, or punching out movie reviews, these guys make #alternatereality the show to listen too. Eric knows his movies, John is the perfect straight man...sometimes, and Charlie is simply Charlie which isn't simple at all. So listen to #alternatereality
All of that is for the recent addition of AR's third host - Eric (greencapt) Peterson! Its awesome to see this show expanding its lineup and Eric is top notch! Highly recommended, folks!
This is the only comic book podcast I listen to. Being a newbie in the world of comic’s hosts Jon and Charlie have been awesome. They give great reviews, advice, previews and more. Along with all of that they are actually funny. I find myself laughing all the time. Kick back and enjoy cause these guys rock.
Jon and Charlie meet and exceed all levels of fun and information in their podcast. Heck they even encouraged me to sign up for a iTunes account JUST so I could leave a review! That movie review guy they have on occasionally is a bit strange though.
these guys actually inspired me to do my own podcast!!!
These guys are great. They care about their show and they have a true passion for comics. Even if you're only a fair-weather comic fan like myself, these guys do an amazing job breaking down the form. What makes something good, something bad, ect., these guys break it down. They are likeable and it is entertaining to listen to them. The pick of the week is a must listen. Good Stuff, Much Love.
If you like comics, you'll LOVE this podcast!!
Jon and Charlie review comics, comic related material, movies, and anything that interests them. If comics, etc interest you, then you should get the podcast.
Jon and Charlie have great chemistry, and are a lot of fun to listen to--especially when they bicker. If you love comics, this podcast is essential listening.
I listen to a lot of comic podcasts, but Jon and Charlie have the most interesting take on the comics of today.
I listen to a lot of comic book podcasts, and this is one of my favorites. Hosts Jon and Charlie cover comics and pop culture from the fan's perspective. Listening to this show, you'll feel like it's just you and your buddies talkin' comics. They also maintain one of the most frequently updated and well-managed message boards out there, which enhances the feeling even more. Check them out.
I recently stumbled upon this show, and have come to really enjoy it. The guys bring you right into the conversation, and have a lot of fun doing so, and just talking comics new and old. This has become one of the shows I anticipate each new episode, and listen regularly at work. A fun show, definitely recommended!
Jon and Charlie bring a unique chemistry to podcasting that is both refreshing and entertaining. Neither one is a pure 'fanboy' and each likes different elements of the genre, but one thing's for sure....these guys like comics...and they like talking about comics. They're down to earth and no holds barred in their approach and I think that's just what the comics fan likes to hear. Keep up the great work guys.
If you're looking for a fun, enjoyable and approachable podcast about comics look no further, Jon and Charlie bring you right into the conversation (literally since they welcome feedback and call ins) and becuase of this you'll find that thier previews and reviews will get you reading alot more as well. You only need listen once to know you'll be listening long term!
A truly fun and entertaining comic and comic-related podcast. Jon & Charlie always put on a good show and you can tell that they are fans of the comic industry. I look forward to each episode they release. If you are into comics than you should definitely give this a listen. Keep up the great work guys!
Indepth reviews of the previous week's comics and tangents into other comic-related items. A constant feed of new info for comic lovers!
real reviews from two authentic critics. Best comic pod cast around. Two honest voices about your favorite books. There is a fun chemistry between the two hosts.
If you love comics and need a review, this podcast is for you. Jon and Charlie are a dynamic duo and are a pleasure to listen too. Thanks guys for the great shows and keep up the great work!!