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I really like the new format and I think that now with the new schedule this show is just going to get better and better.
Look, I dig comics but I'm just not the guy that buys issues month-to-month. But this doesn't take away any enjoyment from listening to True Believers. It's witty, hearfelt and insightful, which is something I can always expect from Scott and Be. These guys could start a podcast on scrapbooking and I'd check it out. (But, I might not suscribe. Just being honest.)
A really fun and interesting comic poscast. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. :)
These guys are the reason I got back into comics. Hearing the passion in their voices when they speak of the comics they love made me remember why I loved comics back in the day. Their information is spot on and I love to hear their opinions as well. For me there is no other podcast on comics.
I liked this show when it first premiered last year, but after an extended hiatus, Scott and Ben have come back better than ever!! The show has just been fantastic, here's hoping they keep it up this time!
This is the exact kind of podcast I was looking for.There may be a couple of dull moments, but its a great blend of news previews and reviews. Grade: A
One of the more amateurish podcasts I've come across. It seems like you're not really sure what you want to talk about. Needs polish.
Scott and Ben have a great podcast here. The best thing they have done with this show is to review COMPLETE STORYLINES, not individual issues. You can tell they are true fans of the books they read and have fun doing it. They may not be the most professional, but no one said podcasts were for professionals only. I've listened to every show so far and plan to keep listening.
Scott and Ben have a great show here. The idea of reviewing arcs instead of individual comics is great. I read as many comics as I can get my hands on and now I have a place to find specific story lines in trades to look for. Give these guys a listen.