Momentum Church Podcast

Reviews For Momentum Church Podcast

Very practical application of God's Word for our everyday life.
This podcast featuring Dan Smith sermons is very fresh and engaging - especially for the younger 20-30's crowd. He is an excellent speaker/storyteller and has the uncanny gift of being able to relate things in our everyday lives with God and His desires for us.
Although I haven't listened to all of the sermons, I've listened to about 75% of them, and each one is great in its own way. Speaking about things that are relevant to today's times and culture, the preacher consistantly presents excellent sermons. The message is very easy to understand: Love God, Love People, and Serve the World. There needs to be more preachers and sermons out there like this!
I listen to these sermons every week and LOVE them! Dan Smith is a gifted speaker that presents the Bible in a way that anyone can understand. I wish there was a church like Momentum where I live, but until then I'll listen to the podcast every week!
not a fan... there are much MUCH better preachers on itunes. this guy sounds like a phony.