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I'm a conservative, right thinking American and I love Lou Dobbs. I've been watching his CNN show for years and years, and, now, his radio show is available to me. He's my kind of independent! More power to him!


By Nukem96
Don't always agree with Lou's opinions but he tells it how it is.
The left doesn't like him because he's honest and presents the facts, the right doesn't like him fo the same reason. It is these qualities that I like. He is a source of information that you don't get from other sources. An intelligent listener, with an open mind, can find value in his program. The people who don't like him tend to prejudge and resort to name calling rather than serious debate of the issues. I highly recommend his program.
I used to like CNN but this guy is changing my opinion quickly! What is he talking about?
Dobbs says the economy isn't so bad. What are you supposed to do when you have a law degree, you've sent out 90 resumes, and you still can't find work? The economy is always great for millionaires.
Mr Dobbs indicates that there was only a 10% increase in the number of attacks on Hispanics and the number per 100,000 hispancis is declining. We'll sir, when you are calling people jerks and illogical it is easy to miss the fact that the more hispanics that enter the country the ratio of attacks will decrease. You are the cancer this county is trying to heal itslef from, dummy! UNSUBSCRIBE.