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The only complaint that I have about this podcast is that there aren't enough of them! If you want a glimpse into Bay Area dining and a beginning glimpse into its culture, this is a good show to start with. Love the spunky host and the high-energy guests. There's honesty to this that doesn't descend into most reality programming.

By By7
I love this show, it's a great way to fine interest restaurant around the bay area.
Helps me hope it helps you fun to look at
This podcast is great. I love seeing people butting heads with their restaurant reviews. The only downside is that the shows are updated according to a typical television program schedule. This means you don't get new episodes too often. However, exploring the back episodes is entertaining.
This is a show I've watched religiously since it premiered. In an area that has so many great restaurants, I found myself always driving around, hungry, and totally paralyzed by the huge number of dining options. I've tried quite a few of the restaurants profiled on Check, Please! and have had wonderful, memorable dining experiences at most of them. The fact that the reviewers are normal people like myself who love great food is such a plus. You get fresh perspectives every week, and every kind of food style is represented. This is a great show, and I'm so glad to see it on iTunes!
Fine podcast, but "season one episode 10"? How about "great Italian places" or "French Laundry" or "unusual spots in Chinatown"?
This is a fun program that shows three end user reviews of each restaurant chosen. The hostess is quite knowledgable about wine as well as food, and despite her outwardly somewhat plastic appearance is very adept at keeping the flow going and having the focus clearly on her guests and not herself. As a long-time Bay Area resident I am always surprised at the new-to-me restaurants they turn up in all corners of the vast San Francisco region. And I think that overall the three-review format pretty well reveals the good and the bad of most of the places they visit. The web site offers all the background information you could ever need.