Brainwashed Radio - The Podcast Edition

Reviews For Brainwashed Radio - The Podcast Edition

Easily the best “music” podcast out there for devotees of eclectic, drone, harsh noise, sound... Consistently interesting.
Great mix of experimental music & occasional interviews. Necessary for fans of this type of music
an absolute must
I recall in the early days of the interwebs John's Brainwashed website served as sort of launch pad for many obscure and new and under-appreciated artists (at least to the internet, and at the time (again, talking mid- to late- 90's)). This excellent podcast showcases just how deep the guy's knowledge and love for these (sub)genres run. I can only imagine Mr. W must have one of the coolest music collections on planet Earth. Anyway, a must-listen for music lovers.
So many places to listen to music now days, I would say too many, but there are few great filters. I can think of no other place you might find hour of music curated by David Tebet in your feed. Brainwashed has consistently pushed out shows I am happy to listen to from beginning to end. Brainwashed was my favorite music 'cast, but after a long pause I thought this one was dead like so many others. I was really happy to find numerous new episodes added this year. I started my downloading of this 'cast back at episode 59. I still listen to many of the old episodes. I hope Jon Whitney keeps it up.
If you enjoy esoteric, experimental, beautiful, oddball music, you can’t go wrong with Brainwashed. Mr. Whitney’s tastes are impeccable, I always find new unique stuff to listen to every episode. It’s like when you were in high school in a nowhere town where everyone listened to Skynyrd, and your friend’s sister would send him mix tapes from college full of incredible new music, preserving your sanity.
I've been enjoying this podcast for years, and love John's great mix, which exposes me to new music and inspires me over & over to purchase things I'd never heard of. Keep up the excellent work!
Amazing podcast, packed with both the familiar and new. Always finding new avante/experimental/electronic/oddball sounds to soak in, thanks to Jon Whitney and his comprehensive knowledge. And, everything here is labeled and announced, so you know what albums to look for afterwards. Perfect. Bravo, Jon!
Brainwashed Radio is my favorite music-based podcast out there. Jon Whitney educates listeners with his exceptional musical taste and knowledge, without sounding pretentious. Each episode is unique and leaves me wanting more and more Brainwashed Radio!
I have been exposed to so much great music through this podcast. Some I'm am familiar with and some brand new artists. I love finding new music and this is my favorite source. An excellent podcast. After a long hiatis, where I feared this had gone away, Jon is back with a vengence. thanks Mr. Whitney for your return.
This is the best podcast. No doubt about it. Great music, john's knowledge is impressive and he sounds like a cool guy to hang out with. I follow his videos in you tube. Good surprises there as well.
One of my favorite podcasts and websites too. Always fresh, and a lot of great music and with a great sense of how to build a joyful playlist. Highly recommended.
if you enjoy alternative music then this is your first place to look. jon puts together an extremely eclectic mix of sounds. from noise to ambient and everywhere in between. this is a good thing.
"Broadcasting with the power of a millionth of a watt..." Jon Whitney programs shows that beg to be listened to multiple times. I never get bored of the depth and breadth of the selections and artists featured on Brainwashed. The podcast is a valuable source of discovering new music in a genre that I love: "Alternately Tactile and Thunderously Crunchy."
Still one of the best radio shows out there. For years now, Brainwashed Radio has introduced me to more new music than I can keep track of. This is the podcast which inspired me to start my own (oddpod music cast). Keep up the great work Jon. And by the way, that Kinski song at the start of Ep. 279 rocked my socks off.
This podcast is incredible. Jon has been doing it for years, and it’s been a consistent source of groundbreaking new music from some of the world’s most visionary artists. Give yourself a gift: subscribe, listen and then download all the back episodes and listen to those, too. It’s amazing.
Would give it 6 stars if I could!
Some new, some old, all eclectic music. Brainwashed has been on the scene for 15? 20? years. Educate yourself. Brainwash yourself.
Brainwashed keeps me connected with everything I need to hear. They know I don't care about the pop charts. They've got this mega-cool filter that keeps all of that from my sensitive ears! Drone? Avant Garde? Post-Punk with that special edge? Yes, that's what we're talking about here. Thank you, Brainwashed - I trust your good sense implicitly.
I've been visiting the Brainwashed website for years and was very pleased to learn of the podcast. Although I've discovered many new bands (or old artists for that matter) over the years and now, I can hear them as well. This is a great podcast and Jon is very well read in the music he plays. I have found so much more to like about music and Brainwashed.
This is a bit like hearts of space but gets its freak on! Very eclectic (all great picks), dipping into industrial, indie, experimental rock, but its bread and butter is chill, dark ambient and experimental.


Love the podcast, I seem to find a lot of great music on here. I wish it would come out every week like it used to but I can manage :)
No more itching due to built up grime. It has been thoroughly cleaned!! The brainwashed podcast is my favorite source of new (and old) music. It has saved my sanity and boredom on many long roadtrips and at work. Thanks Mr. Whitney!
Music that is not of the mainstream. From surreal, and ambient music to beats and post punk to sounds from every corner of the listening spectrum. Well presented by Jon Witney and a top contender for best music podcast on itunes.
and if he doesn't, he probably just hasn't tried. Excellent production quality, great taste, wide variety. Everything has quality, even if it isn't to my own taste. Exposes me to tons of new music every episode, and I learn more about ones I thought I knew.
that's right, BR-tPE is #1 in my top 5 podcasts. JW presents some of the most eclectic music out there. You could press a lot of seashells up to yr ear and still miss the great stuff he pushes past yr clochlea onto your auditory nerve.
I love this podcast. Brainwashed supports some of the most ground-breaking and visionary independent artists making music today and they are how I find out about new cutting-edge music. Get Brainwashed, you won't be sorry.
This is my favorite music podcast period. I travel on weekends, and when this downloads on Monday it is like a fine microbrew beer. I feel cozy and relaxed.
Brainwashed has been running a fantastic program for quite a while now. With all the free give aways and great music, it's definitely a hard podcast to dislike.
I love to listen to this while I ride the train around town... Many times the sounds blend:what's going on inside my head and outside. Really an execent mix of good tunes.
This podcast is so amazingly good. It is an extension of the work the Brainwashed Crew (esp the Podcaster Jon Whitney) has been doing for almost a decade, promoting esoteric and wonderful music from around the globe. Atmospheric but never just easily dimissed as ambient, the example set by this show is one of the reasons I podcast myself.
It may be scary when John Whitney whispers 'Brainwased Podcast', there is never any doubt (upon downloading) that new music will pop up from the likes of Brainwashed-sponsored artists. The last few Podcasts have shown a nice cross-section of artists. But personally, I like the old website better, choosing background colors was very very important to me. Nevertheless, Brainwashed continues to be an excellent source of music/info for artists, thanks for making it available. Smurf it up!
What can I say? Its Brainwashed, the ground-breaking music web-zine/site, in audio podcast form. You get all kinds of unique music that is hosted by Brainwashed or is on a label hosted by them. Wondeful stuff!