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I love this podcast. A podcast with character. Definitely great Titans talk!!
I LOVE this podcast. It not only highlights important information about previous and upcoming games but also can be used as a news outlet for information on players and other news in the league. As a female listener that is relatively new to football, this podcast is not all "fancy guy football talk". This podcast is great for all listeners and the posts are consistent. Love TOTT!
You can picture these guys just sitting around talking about football. No talking heads, but regular guys.
Audio quality, organization of content, knowledgeableness of presenters, and editing are all terrible. This is not professional as listed.
I have lived outside of Tennessee since the Titans moved to Tennessee and since their not one of the media darlings and not in a big market I rarely heard anything about them on ESPN or NFL Network. So when I found this podcast I was very grateful, these guys have become like an extended Titan's football family. The only draw back is that I miss them during the off season;) GO TITANS!
Good job with stats, fans, and team news! Great podcast!!!!!!!!!
I been looking for a titans potcast n for some reason never did but I found it now n let me say them guys got very good inside detail on the titans. Great job guys keep them coming. 5/5
This is my favorite way to keep up on the Titans. I look forward to it each week. Highly recommended.
A couple of the hosts speak slowly and stutter, but heck, what do you expect? Bob Costas or something? If Eric is the guy on the phone, shout out to you: Your laugh after each matter of fact statement is classic! You want to hear some juicy talk about the Titans game past and the game to come, PODCAST IN twice a week...you will be addicted like me :~D
They were doing a game preview of the Titans patriots game, actual quote: "the patriots have looked bad this season, I think the titans get win #1 against them this week." actual final score: patriots 59 Titans 0. Good guess morons...
The best Titans podcast on the internet "BAR NONE" These guys always have the low down on whats goin on in Titan World The passionate hosts and regular updates have me checking for new podcasts all the time Do yourself a favor and check these guys out, you wont be disappointed! GO TITANS! 2008 AFC South Division Champs
Informative, thought-provoking and passionate. These are the words that describe the "Take on the Titans" podcast. If you're a Titans fan, you need to subscribe today!
This is great for us Titans fans!
As a Tennessee Titans fan in Delaware, I find this podcast insightfull and informative as well as entertaining! Keep'em coming!
I love this podcast. only thing is i wish they had a podcast every day! maybe have people call in, i know every titans fan would to call in!
Great info on the Titans to include analyses, predictions, previews, reviews and lots of sports-nut talk! A must-have for true Titans fans.
Female listener, just like to get some insider news. Thanks for the effort.
I live in Knoxville and find this to be the best way to keep up with the Titans. From game reviews, analysis, scoop, human interest, and "telling it like it is," this is the best place for Titan fans.
I really enjoy e-mailing these guys and there doing a great job with the podcast and I enjoy discussing the Tennesse Titans with my fellow fans. Keep up the great work!
These guys do a great job. They take e-mails, make bold predictions and even do thier research. Hopefully as they become more popular they will find it easier to get media credentials. They obviously put in their work, and love the team. Keep at it!!! Later Daze - FU
If you are thinking about subscibing, then do. These guys know the Titans. They really go in depth. I have learned a lot about the Titans and football in general from listening.
I am really glad there is someone doing a Titans podcast, but hopefully someone will do something better than this. I began listening with the last couple draft previews and these guys could stand to do some more homework. Their suggested pick possiblities were not plausible according to most online drafts. No way some of those guys would be around in the 3rd and 4th. Not to mention the commentary reminded me of student radio at 3 in the morning.
I recommend this podcast to all Titans fans out there. Great analysis and coverage on everything Titans. Hopkins and Gero do an awesome job.