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The Directors Notes podcast relays the journey each director took to get their film created. The content is filled with the stories about the life of filmmaking. If you are interested in hearing about "how to make films" then this is not the podcast for you. Many stories relate to the directors decisions about story choices that lead to the finished film. Jason Williams Haptic Vision
Great program. MarBelle's interviews provide real insight into the filmmaking process. Plus he focuses on smaller movies that I might not hear about otherwise! Not to mention his soothing British accent, which makes each episode a relaxing reprieve from the daily grind.
Amazing podcast, totally informative and a great interview style by the host. I enjoy the diverse range of guests and the broad sense of cinema presented. This is probably one of the best film-related podcasts on iTunes and I look forward to each new episode with great anticipation.
There are two types of podcasts I don't enjoy: 1. The guy in his basement ranting and rambling into low-quality computer mike 2. The over-developed, high on fluff, low on content, podcast-wanna-be-radio show Thankfully, Directors Notes is neither of these, with interesting, well produced content and not a lot of beating around the bush. Every week, MarBelle posts an audio interview with an independent director (mp3), a large quicktime clip from his or her film, and sometimes the script, storyboards and moodboard. The films range from feature length documentaries to 30 second animated shorts with everything in between. The interviews themselves are engaging and to-the point, with guests from all over the world who approach film-making from many different backgrounds. The questions in the interview are researched and specific, making for a conversation both interesting and informative. For someone who is trying to learn film-making on their own, Directors Notes is a godsend. The 85 odd archived shows are well worth downloading.
Finally, someone that knows my situation, Now i can know what to do with my own films
Thank God. Someone who has the intelligence and the appreciation for not just the film production in itself, but in the art and the skill of Making the film. I have always wanted to know "How'd they do that?" and "Why'd they do that?" when watching a film. I will buy DVD's less for the movie and more for the extras, so I can peek in behind the camera an see how everything works. Directors Notes is to Podcasts what Extras are to DVDs. Its a look behind the scenes, talking with incredible honesty from the director's themself. The questions are upfront, non-threatening, and perfectly curious; only to give you more by supplying you with full length answers and explanations. Thank you!!! I can't wait for more.