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Updated: August 2020 This is one of the first podcasts I ever listened to! I loved The Office and had just gotten iTunes when this show first started. I still re-watch The Office most nights to help me fall asleep. I’ve been nostalgic about this podcast after listening to The Office Ladies re-watch podcast. I just went back and re-listened to the Benjamin Franklin episode (after falling asleep to it 10 nights in a row.) I remember not loving that episode when it came out, but now I think it’s hilarious! Anyway, it was fun to revisit podcast history. It took me back and reminded me of a simpler time. ========= If you consider "The Office" as appointment TV, you should definitely check out this podcast. Great work, guys!
It’s the funniest and greatest show of the world 🌎 thanks 😊 all the actors from the office and thanks 😊 for Steve carrel the boss😎 seriously 😐 it’s sick to watch watch it I dare you all who’s reading 📖 this I repeat I dare you to watch it or I’m gonna hack all of your devices😐😐😐😆🤣😂😅 have you seen your faces 😆🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅
This is worth the listen for any office fan. They very rarely mention politics at all despite what some of these reviews say. No they didn’t review every episode until the end but they had full time jobs and, let’s be honest, the last 2 seasons of the Office were terrible anyway. At least they made it through the 8th one. They got the meat of the show anyway. It’s very enjoyable to listen to. It’s been my go-to podcast for the past 6 months and now that I’ve finished it I don’t know what else to do other than to start from the beginning again. Thanks Matt, Kevin, and Ian for the hundreds of hours of Office-loving, hilarious entertainment!
This is less than interesting and partly because it’s political.
I did not enjoy hearing about this podcasts political views. I come to comedy to get away from that part of the world. Host did not seem great at speaking. Won’t watch again.
Been listening for a year or so. It’s great fun being able to watch on Netflix and then listen to the podcast. It’s just like when the 2000’s all over again.
I can’t wrap my head around where these guys really stand. Kevin’s okay he tries, but Matt says he’s a fan, thinks the show’s been a waste since ‘07. They both try to look deep into the characters and get frustrated when the plots are “silly”. The show is pretty silly on purpose. Why not take it at face value? I’ve stuck through because, as a fan, I like to hear the recaps and clips. I’m 100% good without their comments. Any other fan podcast I’ve listened to is usually really positive. Seriously, the guys, more so Matt, are just bummers in their commentary.
They completely gave up towards the end, and they don't review the last season, don't waste ur time
Although the podcast is now defunct, it still holds great value to any fan of The Office. I've seen every episode of The Office numerous times and it's my favorite series. Listening to this podcast allows me to re-experience each episode in a different way and I enjoy listening to the podcast as much if not more than The Office episodes. I agree with a vast majority of their constructive compliments. I'm not sure why so many reviewers harp on them being nitpickers. Matt and Kevin have a great rapport and genuinely love the show and I enjoy exploring each episode along with them. I'm sad that there will be no more, but this podcast is a spectacular time capsule and should be enjoyed along with The Office long into syndication!
Cartoonish, unrealistic, sit-com-y, over the top ridiculous, gratuitous, and a little weird podcast that belabors the point. I guess I will have to be zen about it. Not I am not referring to the podcast but ho the principle host describes the show he claimed to be a fan of. Kevin seems mor of a fan but continually gets over shadowed by Matt's incessant nit picking. It would just be nice to hear a podcast from a fan of the show.
A really great podcast about The Office. I love all of the thoughtful, intelligent reviews from a fan who clearly loves the show but is not afraid to be critical. Sorry to see the end of this podcast, but this is a "must listen" for people re-watching past seasons.
High production value; love the insertion of funny clips from each episode; great in-depth analysis Can tell that the hosts are very passionate and knowledgeable about the show Please come back and podcast soon!
I really enjoy this podcast! I'm not a long time listener, but I've been trying to catch up on past podcasts! I really enjoy the analytical perspective you guys take on the show. It's a podcast I really enjoy listening to! My only question is...where are the rest of the podcast episodes? ITunes seems to be missing Episode 89 (The Delivery), Episodes 108 & 109, plus podcasts of the most recent episodes since Mrs. California. Where can I find those podcast episodes? I look forward to hearing your take on them!
I'm a longtime viewer, I love to listen while doing homework (and it is a personal favorite while playing Doodle Jump). I have one request: Right before you ask for donations, can you PLEASE start playing the clip of Kevin saying, "Money? You want my money?" And with that, I know that those nits aren't going to pick themselves. Keep it up! My idea for the end of the 7th season: Michael has a Going Away Party and Toby is extremely happy. Reverse of power, Flenderson for boss?
Guys are you doing the podcast anymore? We deserve to at least know if its over or on hiatis.
Matt and Kevin, you guys do an awesome job each and every podcast you produce. Listening to your podcast makes my drive to and from work an enjoyable journey. Keep up the great work and I can't wait for the next podcast.
Love the show but I gotta say, sometimes reading the complainers reviews is the most entertaining part. Keep up the good work guys


been a long time listener and very thankful that the hampster brothers are back on a normal schedule! hope you guys stay at it for a long time!!
I've been enjoying this podcast for about three years now. While I think they are a little too hard on the cast sometimes, I always enjoy hearing Matt and Kevin's points of view. They make me laugh, and it's really clear they put a lot of hard work into the podcast. So thanks guys. Keep up the good work.
I hope this podcast keeps on kicking, I love listening to you guys. The office is still the best show on television, and this is the best podcast on iTunes.
These guys keep me entertained each week with their takes on The Office. Yes, the can be a little critical at times, but who doesn't expect a lot from a quality show like The Office? Keep up the great work guys!!
I am glad to see this podcast return from its long hiatus. Matt and Kevin may be HARD ON The Office but they always get to the BONE of each episode. ...that's what she said. :) I always enjoy their rapport and just wish the writers at NBC could more consistently deliver scripts worthy of this fine podcast. It is always a treat to listen to no matter what.
I was so happy this week to see a new podcast from Matt and Kevin. I really like how in depth they get, but not so much to where it's boring. Matt and Kevin, and Ian in the older podcasts, have great chemistry together which really makes this fun to listen to. Guys, please keep this going. I really look forward to future episodes. I encourage everyone who likes The Office to at least give this podcast a listen.
So glad to see a new episode! Your discussions add a lot to my enjoyment of a great show. I really missed this podcast (although your priorities are just what they should be)!
I used to really enjoy this podcast every week. It was a really fun recap of the previous week's Office episode and I enjoyed hearing people talk passionately about a show I loved. It was very much like a watercooler discussion at work, except that where I work, nobody watches The Office. Alas, I fear this podcast is gone. The hosts seemed to have lost interest late last year and with personal issues and hardships, the episodes just stopped coming. Although I wish there was an official "goodbye" episode, I think that with Michael Scott's farewell being the biggest episode in the show's history and the guys still aren't podcasting, I can assume that the show is over. Too bad. I hope you gentlemen are enjoying life and finding happiness and perhaps our paths will cross again.
How are things in Boulder, Matt, Kevin-please send Michael my regards.
This podcast had it all: the highest professional quality of an Angela, the dry critical wit of a Jim, and the deep dedicated love of a Michael Scott. This podcast sets the standard for all other podcasts to follow.
I enjoyed this companion to my weekly episode of the office. Now all hell is breaking loose, Will Ferrell and Steve Carrell are sharing awkward man-hugs... Matt & Kevin... Come back!
Did you guys disappear into a cyberspace blackhole or something. Wheres the new episodes.
I have been a dedicated fan of The Office ever since some friends of mine from the UK told me to watch the US version many years ago. In addition, I was delighted to find the TWSS podcast years ago (with Matt & Ian hosting). I felt the podcast got even better with Kevin (who does a great job with the Frat Pack website!) Fast-forward to 2011 and 2 things have become apparent to me: 1. Matt just doesn't like the show anymore (which leads to...) 2. you can no longer rely on this podcast to be produced on a regular basis (becasue why would someone podcast about a show they dislike so much.) They have begun skipping episodes of the show to discuss entirely. Who does that? When you are teaching your students Macbeth do you skip over scenes and skp to the end? I don't think so. Listen, I am a very busy teacher myself with 3 children under the age of 18 months at home. I understand that it gets harder and harder to find the time to invest in a pet project/hobby like podcasting. Nevertheless, you have only produced podcasts for 2 out 7 of episodes in 2011. You guys have often accused The Office as having "Jumped the Shark", but I think the TWSS podcast seems to be going out with a whimper, not a bang...
Big fan. Listen to the show all the time. You break down the episodes very accurately and it's entertaining as well. Keep it up and don't skip any more shows!
That's what she said...
Even though you guys have strong opinons, i enjoy listening because I can tell you really love the show and see more then the average fan. I can't wait to hear your opinion on the episode "China".
The show is great, played it on a road trip to central PA and have been hooked since. Just need consistency in updating the episodes so I'm not listening to analysis from 3 weeks ago. Keep up the good work.
If you are like me and don't have any friend that watch the show, then this is a must podcast! This is the only one I have listened to for more than a year. I go to sleep several nights a week listening to these guys comment about the clips. I kind of like it as much as the actual show.
I really enjoy this podcast. They deliver well supported, objective opinions of the show. Just because you like a show it doesn't mean you have to like every episode or every scene. The two hosts have differing opinions and their own favorites which makes the conversation dynamic and fun. I definitely recommend this one.
The host doesn't really like this show. Plus its obvious that he is single and without children by the way he really has no idea how relationships work. The show is edited well and the co-host is funny but its frustrating to listen to the same complaints week after week. For fun, make a drinking game out of "Um, I don't know"'s from the host.
Because I need my TWSS immediately!!!
Mat and Kevin take on The Office is great and highlarious. Sometimes I think it's better than the actual episode.
I love listening to this podcast after the show. I do wish it was a little more punctual, especially as this season of the Office has started out so strong I really look forward to hearing the podcast immediately. Very funny and sometimes grumpy but rightfully so. Thanks for continuing even through the bad times (the last part of season six...)
TWSS is the perfect accompaniment to The Office. Inside details, spoilers (dont worry, those are avoidable if you're not into that), analyzes, and background information are at your fingertips, and the enjoyable banter between the always hilarious Matt and Kevin will bring small smiles to your face throughout your mundane day. Matt the lovable curmudgeon and Kevin the youthfully excited fanboy will give you two takes on the week's episode in a relatable but indepth way. The more obsessed you are with the Office, the more you'll love these guys as much as I do. The only negative thing I can leave you with is that the curmudeony opinion of things often wins out with these two.
Welcome back! Congrats on reaching your 100th episode... you'll find more sponsors, keep your chin up!
Without new episodes I frequently checked for new podcasts and was disappointed Now that there are new episodes , you don't post at all Great podcast, but there hasn't been two punctual podcasts in a row since season 5.
Without new shows, I frequently check for your new podcasts. Thanks for keeping it going. Your one of the best to listen too!
I love love love this podcast! I'm a huge fan of The Office and That's What She Said is perfect, I've started getting my friends hooked too :) Thanks for such a fun show and keep up the great work!
Just recently subscribed to this podcast, and it is extremely well done and fun to listen to!! I'm an avid watcher of the office, and I love the analysis and critiques of each episode as well as attention to details, writers, directors, and up-to-date news on related actors. Thank you for such an entertaining podcast!
This is a great podcast...if you like to listen to podcasts once every 2 months. Lets go fellas, we're all counting on you.
I enjoy The Office and Matt and Kevin do a great job with the podcast. They may not always like very episode but, that is why I love the podcast. It gives me another point of view on my favorite show. It is a lot of work to put it together and I appreciate it each time I listen. They are a staple on my Ipod.