Reviews For Astronomy 161 - Introduction to Solar System Astronomy

Just fantastic. This is the first podcast I've taken the time to rate and write a review for. This is why the internet is so amazing - content like this is available for free.
Very content rich presentations by a gifted professor with great passion and enthusiasm for his field. A thorough and enjoyable introduction to astronomy of the solar system; accessible for anyone with an interest in learning more about it, even though continuing discoveries in planetary exploration have made some of the information somewhat out-of-date.
I would say great lectures but I would have liked to know what book corresponds to the lecture. As I would have liked to have read them.
I’m searching all over to find something equally good as this but keep failing. Love it!
I downloaded the Astronomy 161 and 162 series several years ago. The professor is a gifted speaker that makes listening fun. I feel like I man right there in the lecture hall with the class, except for seeing the visuals. My daughter is going into the AF and looking at the Space Systems field and has started listening to the 161 series. That prompted me to start listening to them again. This is my 3rd time around! The only other audiobook I’ve listen to more than three times is Game of Thrones.
I’m only about halfway though, but I feel like I’ve learned more in these lectures than I learned in most of my high school and college science classes. I love that you made these available and I appreciate your website with visuals to go to after listening. Thank you!
Very informative!!
Dr. Pogge recorded Astronomy161 in 2006. I found it, 162 and 141 in 2015. Still fascinating and informative. My work is such that I spend long periods alone on tasks that keep me busy but allow my mind to wander. He kept me riveted thru some one hundred and twenty 40 minute lectures. I was truly disappointed to complete the series wishing there was more mind blowing content hidden away somewhere. thank you so much Dr. Pogge for sharing your classes with us.
A great selection of Astronomy lectures.
Thank you so much for making these. I'm not at a place in my life where I can become a scientist. Atleast I can dream and this podcast brings me one step closer.
These are great lectures. I am a homeschooling mom of an eighth grader, and I am using these lectures to help me prepare astronomy lessons. This is a fantastic resource. It also makes car trips go by in a flash. The lecture about Copernicus cuts off just as he is about to explain the shortcomings of his theories. Ugh!
I listen on the way to work, but I'd love to go to a companion site after work to look at the visuals.
Really good listening for the lifelong learner. Nice details and easy to follow with instructor
This class helped me to understand the Exoplanet App I got for my iPad. He describes the methods used to find extrasolar planets, and makes it easy to understand. I would have gotten an A in this class!
Bought a telescope and wanted background information to supplement what I was viewing. Very informative and interesting, going for astro162
He needs to do more. So much has happened.
Great, easy to understand descriptions even when you can't see his slides. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a good introduction to astronomy.
This is a great podcast. I listened to this podcast during my commutes and I've learned a lot about Astronomy. It has really fueled my interest. Great for anyone that wants to learn about Astronomy and our Solar System. The history presented was fascinating. Professor Pogge is a great lecturer.
Just got done listening to 161 moving on to 162. Listened to the entire semester in just over a week as I drive for a living and have lots of free time. Very easy to listen to and very informative. You don't have to know anything about astronomy to benefit from these lectures. Thanks for posting these lectures.
This podcast is amazing, is like having an awesome proffesor at your disposal. Highly recommend!
It is wonderful that Dr. Pogge made these lessons available to the public. The audio is of a high quality, and the lectures are well crafted, engaging, informative, and easy to listen to. An excellent teacher. I am already looking forward to listening to Astronomy 162 and 141.
Professor Pogge is something of a celebrity. I'm willing to bet if someone were to put his lectures on one of the national broadcast systems. (Like the ones with politics that are 100% boring) People would watch it and actually gain something. This professor's lectures are outstanding. If I had the right funding I'd go back to school for astronomy based on the astronomy 141 lectures. I'm already intrigued and motivated enough to buy a telescope for my son and I. I hope he continues to post new lectures.
I listen to this while driving my 1st grader to all of extracurricular activities. She loves it, too! We have both learned so much. Thank you!
Thanks Professor Pogge! I highly recommend his lectures to everyone. This is not just lectures about planets and equations. Professor Pogge is able to bring perspective to every listener about our modern society and how it rests securely on the shoulders of history’s greatest scientists and their discoveries.
These lectures are excellent. He gets right down to business with no hesitation or idle talk and proceeds at a brisk but comfortable pace. His ability to explain is far above average and makes this course very enjoyable!
This series in tandem with the "Astronomy 162" course are among my favorite podcasts. I am thankful that Professor Pogge made his lectures available in this format. I've benefited greatly from listening to them. The subject matter is fascinating and Professor Pogge skillfully renders even the more difficult concepts accessible and understandable to a lay audience. His depth of scientific and historical knowledge is obvious, and his enthusiasm is infectious. An aspect of the presentation that appeals to me is that he does not play "hide the ball." Rather, he clearly and effectively explains things, in marked contrast to other astronomy podcasts that I've listened to. In fact, as I listen to these lectures it's become increasingly apparent to me that I am actually understanding many critical concepts for the first time. That's because the building blocks of knowledge that are essential to any real understanding of these topics are laid out so well, and build upon one another. I learned a whole bunch of new stuff and I also found that many questions that I had in the fore and back of my mind were addressed and answered. Professor Pogge is a gifted teacher. Enjoy.
In short, this is a rare collection of excellent information presented in a clear and logical manner. If you don't enjoy this,
When I looked for an astronomy course, I had the type of things I wanted to learn in mind. Stunningly, this is EXACTLY what I wanted. Don't miss the second quarter course, it's the logical continuation of this. Loved them both.
thanks Professor Pogge, keeps my inner-Nerd entertained and educated, makes me wish I went to OSU! thanks!!!
just a UPS driver in spokane washington and have been enlightened by these podcasts. I love how he teaches so much history behind everything!
Mr. Pogge's lectures are incomparably clear and engrossing. He exhibits a passion for the topic but, more importantly, is able to make what could be complex ideas as understandable as the material allows. I would subscribe to any topic he presents. If only he offered video of his slides; that would make the experience perfect.
Richard Pogge's class is for non-astronomy majors, so it does not get bogged down into the higher level mathematics. The class still provides plenty of details to give me (an embedded systems programmer) an appreciation for what is happening in the field astronomy, which has been a life-long interest for me. This podcast gives me enough details to actually increase my knowledge about astronomy-related topics, even though I don't have the time to learn the advanced physics and mathematics used by the scientists.
Thank you very much, Dr. Pogge and OSU for making this available to folks like me who can't attend college. Those long, dark hours each night driving a garbage truck pass quickly by as I learn amazing things about our solar system. Please continue to make excellent programming as this available to the general public! Mike. {:~)
This class was a great class to listen too. Dr. Pogge speaks quickly, and for someone like me who is always on the run, his style fits perfectly. Take a listen and this class will light a spark in you.
If you have the slightest interest in Astronomy, this is the podcast for you. So much valuable information and well organized. LOVE IT!!
Should be in everyone's collections.
just listened to lecture #46. clearly a masterful teacher. a model all teachers should aspire to. even a 76 year old geezer (me) found this enlightening.


By atmozap
Although the content may seem a bit remedial for a college level course, it is after all an introduction, and Prof. Pogge's historical context illuminates and enrichens the scientific material. Audio quality is decent if a bit distorted at times. It's an enjoyable and educational podcast which answers many questions.


By obilon
This is a great podcast. I feel like I am eavesdropping on a lecture and I feel guilty because it's so darn good. Great voice and enthusiam. Can't wait to start on Astronomy 162. i am one of those lifelong learners that Mr. Pogge talks about and he has got me hooked. Write the darn book already!
This is a terrific resourse for anyone interested in learning more about the cosmos.
If you ever looked up at the night sky and wanted an explanation, this is it. Entertaining and informative. Well done!
I have always been intersted in astronomy. i love it so much and im extremely fascinated with it and when i found out that i can now get whole lectures on my ipod, it just blew my mind. the professor explains the subjects very well and i understood well. if you are someone who is in love with astronomy as much as i am, i would highly reccomend it to you.
I'm so glad I subscribed to this podcast. Very informative, entertaining, and comprehensible. I'm not a student, but I love learning new things. As others have said, I look forward to listening to each lecture. Thanks for putting this out here, Dr. Pogge!
I studied philosophy and art in college and always wanted to take astronomy classes. These podcasts are fantastic - thanks!
I'm one of those people who would have really liked to take an astronomy course in college, but it wasn't offered at my school. I just finished the whole course and found it interesting and accessible even to the layman. Thanks for letting me audit the class!
This is an excellent podcast. Thank you Professor Richard Pogge! Much better than Teaching Company astronomy lecture series by professor from Berkley.


If I were an Ohio State student, I would definitely listen to this podcast before I enrolled in this class. And if you don’t find this content extremely interesting, you’re just a dullard. Dr. Pogge could provide some links or exhaustive material in the lecture notes every time something is “beyond the scope” for us life-long-learners.