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If the staff who’s responsible to update the podcast on time can not do their job, then hire someone who can do this. There are a lot of great people desperately need a a job, but don’t have an opportunity.
Thank you from stamford , Connecticut, New England . USA.
I absolutely loved this podcast when the video was part of it. . . Now I use my browser to watch it!
I’ve been subscribed to Global News in one form or another for about 10 years. This Canadian living in California really enjoys keeping up to date on Canadian and worldwide events. I really like how Global does not just talk about Canadian news, but keeps everyone posted on things happening around the world. Keep up the good work guys.
Global National is the best half-hour news show in the English language bar none. The reporting is truly fair and balanced with analysis delivered with intelligence, compassion and wit. My wife is Canadian but we live in California. We rely on Dawn Friesen and her talented team on a daily basis as a video supplement to NPR on the radio. Fantastic!
Does not update on time on weekends though!
Great they are here, but they are never updated on time. By comparison, using my Roku box and streaming from Mediafly, they are always up to date. I may have to go back to using my Roku from Apple TV due to this. Annoying! Apple - please fix! The content provider is obviously sending out streams fine over there, why not here? This applies as well to CBC National and NBC Nightly News. I have just checked all three. All are late here on iTunes, all are up to date on MediaFly. I would much rather use my Apple TV but unfortunately, this is a problem for me.
So frustrating that this is never updated on time. It's never updated on weekends and it is now Tuesday and the last available podcast is from Sunday! It doesn't help that there are no other complete Canadian video news podcasts - and I can't watch the flash versions on my iPad. Step it up, Global. Pay someone to update this regularly and on time!
This show is a really great news cast it goes over the top stories in just a few minutes. I also like Canada because it s my favorite country.
This podcast is downright screwed up, and whomever is responsible for managing it should be fired. Episodes being posted on the wrong day (ie. Sunday's episode being posted on both sunday and monday), episodes half-missing, whole episodes missing, are just some of the problems. Sheesh, publishing a podcast isnt rocket science, and its astonishing to see Global can't manage it.
I would love to give this 5 stars, but they only post it to iTunes properly about 75% of the time. The rest of the time, a 404 error is often received when trying to download this podcast. Highly frustrating as this is the best way for me to get my Canadian news.
I enjoyed this podcast the couple of times I was able to download it but it seems to be no longer available.
This newscast will seem a bit low key to many Americans but this Canadian nightly news reliably covers the important events and, refreshing, spares the editorializing and "buddy news" of so many American broadcasts. And where else can you find out about crippling storms in Nova Scotia? I watch this news podcast first.
This is the most convienint way for me to get the news by puting it on my iPod and just go
After finally watching it once on my iPod (I'm in the States and we can't view the full Global National show online), I'll have to say CBC's "The National" is still better. I pretty much like to see that come to iTunes sometime soon.