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I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
If you’re looking for motivation, inspiration, and actionable tips to level up your life and career - hit the subscribe button! The Ziglar Show is packed with amazing insights and has truly impressive lineup of guests across industries. Kevin is an excellent host who does a fantastic job engaging his guests in meaningful conversations. Definitely recommend listening and subscribing to this empowering podcast!
Love Zig for sure ! Tom is great as well . Thanks for doing this .
Great to listen to on my ride to and from work!
Loved hearing Zig son, Tom carryon the legacy of his father. I know both his parents are proud of him. Glad I found this podcast and look forward to many more injections of positive ideology. Thanks for being available.
First of all Zig Ziglar is one of my favorite people. The first episode I listened to of this podcast was life changing for me. It planted a seed of information & knowledge that I will nurture & grow into a forest. Thank you!
Zig Ziglar was greatest!
The Ziglar Show motivated me to want and do more. It helped me be more authentic and changed the want I spoke with leaders at all levels. It motivated me to go back to grad school and ignited by business.
Kary has been a mentor, coach and inspiration for the past 5 years! Kevin, thank you for providing this stage for Kary’s message. This podcast is wonderful and I am glad that KARY can serve the audience. Keep tuning in to this podcast AND grab your copy of Unhackable today!! -Jonily
This pod cast speaks to my purpose and touches my heart. I work for Habitat for Humanity and my role is to coach individuals and families on breaking the cycle of poverty with the focus on living their purpose. I would love to share this pod cast, book, and more of Kevin and Sam’s message with our families. This pod cast will change our world. Thank you 🥰
This show is a great example of the promise of what podcasting can deliver: meaningful conversations with interesting people that can change your life and the world. Thanks Kevin and Tom. I appreciate all you do and who you are. Stay strong the future needs you - Tom Schwab
Thanks guys all the way from Dubai and Now a Cali resident! Keep sending those positive messages Thanks Gideon
Hi All, I just wrote my first sales book- B2B Sales Degree Any sales guys or managers looking for an easy and effective read for their team should check it out! All support appreciated thanks !!
I really love listening to the Ziglar show. Very real, great guests and interviews. I also find it to be motivating, it really puts you in the right mindset. There's also a lot of great insight to gain from listening.
Kevin Miller does an excellent job hosting this podcast. I always enjoy his thoughtful questions to the guest. Kevin is genuine with his own life struggles and successes which make him relatable. This is a podcast I never miss! I have been a longtime fan of Zig. I love hearing his sound biblical beliefs and how to relate them to today. The Bible is alive and always applicable. I really enjoy Kevin and Tom sharing their faith in Jesus. This podcast is always at the top of my recommendation list. I know you will be encouraged and blessed to listen!
As a route driver, always anticipating for the next episode . I have learned so much this past year listening to the show. 5* Thanks, J. D. from GJ.
I love the positivity I get from this show! Thank you so much for sharing the good news and helping me grow as a young working professional.
I have listened to this podcast for awhile now but the last couple I have listened to with Mark Batterson and Dr Lee Warren are truly amazing and have greatly encouraged my faith when going through a hard time. The openness and realness of both of these gentlemen in their episodes is commendable and relatable with an immense amount of wisdom. Thankful for these episodes and this podcast in general!
I listen to this podcast every night! It has become quite a part of me. Thank you for helping me become a better person! I need to also write my story to be able to understand others ! I am quite the people pleaser and I am trying to use the word NO! As Ziglar says No is a complete sentence!
Great content but the quality of the sound needs fixed. Need a high pass filter or something the “S’sssss” are piercing.
One of the podcasts that I listen religiously. I love how Zigs’ teachings are very timeless and filled with Gods’ words - this podcast relates Zigs’ teachings with the world right now.
I listen to every episode of this podcast. Almost every one has been very, very valuable. Occassionally there will be one that I don't find helpful or interesting, but that is to be expected with any podcast given we all have our own likes/dislikes. I have noticed the same technical problems others have commented on. The editing of the podcasts could use some fine tuning, but those types of things won't stop me from listening to a podcast with a great message from a trustworthy source.
Space them ads out bro, advertised me to the point of disinterest the 1st 3-4 minutes of every show
Ads are annoying and will prevent me from listening
Lately, this podcast has technical issues. I tried to find another means of reaching out to no avail. Anyway, the podcast indescriminately jumps to the previous episode 2 or 3 times during play and I have to reopen the episode (thankfully it starts where it jumped off). Also, it repeats content sporadically (e.g. play 10 minutes, repeat the same 10 minutes, then continue on). I'd guess over the last 3 or 4 months. I'm almost to the point of unsubcribing.
Total Awesomeness!!! So much great wisdom, exactly what you would expect from Ziglar.
Perspective meets personality with this podcast. Whether you are thriving for an entrepreneurial voyage or just have a passion for self growth, the Ziglar Show never fails to entice. I personally enjoy the vast wisdom that Kevin’s father Dan Miller has to offer, and I’ve found that the 48 days podcast combined with the Ziglar Show is “where the money is at”. Thank you Kevin for the wisdom and advice that you’ve shared.
This is the best podcast for hearing positive growth for all aspects of life. Business or personal, you will grow and have plenty of content for automobile university!
The Ziglar Show is my absolute favorite leadership and personal development podcast. The quality is always consistent and every single episode I listen to inspires me to take action! I’m grateful for the people who are so open to sharing their stories and for Kevin Miller and Tom Ziglar for their continued dedication to passing on the mindset of Zig Ziglar!
I’ve always loved zig ziglar. He was positive, encouraging , and so helpful with practical advice of how to live WELL. This show continues his legacy, and I’m grateful for it . Kevin Miller interviews top performers and includes zig clips and quotes with real life application . Whenever I listen to it , I always have a great day . Recommended to a friend who said the same thing -she loves it . Check it out , you have nothing to lose ..and quoting Tom ziglar’s new book -you were born to win 😊
As a new sales professional, my boss turned me on to the teachings of Zig. That ultimateley led me to the podcast which has become my new go to on my 35 minute commute! If you are looking for prcatical, accessible, man in the mirror self improvement look no further! Great work!
A friend of mine first introduced me to Zig Ziglar over 20 years ago by giving me some of the productivity tools. It was in paper format so if the kids found it I may not see it again. Nonetheless, those pages introduced me to this genre with great excitement. Zig’s ability to help people focus on the important areas of life was a great fuel to my success. Now years later I’m so pleased to have at my fingertips even more available Zig products and services. I listen and re-listen to you everyday. Thank you ~ from Guam 🇬🇺
I have been listening to the Ziglar show for the last several months. I enjoy the ongoing mix of new authors/content, habits shows, and interactive Facebook discussions and feedback. This show keeps the listener plugged in to interesting new ideas in the personal growth space as well as the classic ideas from Zig himself. Highly recommended!
Great podcasts filled with VALUABLE heart- and life-shifting content that tells some of the great stories of lives and information that can help us all live and live better
I love this podcast. It is uplifting and helps to channel my mind in a good direction. Kevin asks thoughtful questions and I love what topics they cover.
If you love Zig Ziglar and other motivational content, this is the podcast you have been looking for! I look forward to each one. The topics are always interesting and the interviews are well done!
I've been listening to The Ziglar Show for close to a year now, and it was has truly changed my life. It is my source of true growth, and to hear Kevin make himself vulnerable to thousands of listeners helps me want to live a more authentic life. Keep up the good work! - Mordy_123
I cannot say enough about this show. It is the best personal development podcast available. I would pay to listen to their content. They discuss a variety of topics (health, business, leadership, PD, the list goes on and on). They lay out practical steps to start implementing better habits NOW. Kevin is a fantastic host, diving deep into these subjects and is a great interviewer. Listening to this show on my commute just makes me feel good and sets me up for a positive day. I really enjoy when Tom co-hosts as well. Keep up the fantastic work!!!!
I was as stuck as anyone could be. My search to find help was a daily search. When I came across the Ziglar Show I remembered how much I enjoyed Zig many years ago but forgot about him. I started listening and WOW! Just what I needed. Kevin Miller is an outstanding host with the ability to drill down and get to the answers. I have listened to almost every episode of the show and now I am UNSTUCK. The ziglar show has lead me to the Ziglar corporation, Tom Ziglar has become a mentor, he has taught me how to properly set goals and achieve them! This podcast is a must for anyone trying to improve their self growth!!! Mike Glancy


Amazing how do I see you on F/B?
For years I’ve loved the messages taught by Zig Ziglar. I’m excited to have found the Ziglar show podcast! I have especially liked the recent podcasts with Alan Stein. The concept of self awareness is so important. I’m embarking on some much needed self reflection.
Love Zig and his new crew. What a great way to start every morning!!!
I love the show. I have been listening for about 2 years or so. I like most of the guest interviews, but I really like the q&a from listeners posts and the discussion from Michelle prince and Kevin on the show. Very positive message every show. It also gives me a lot to reflect upon in my own journey.
I listen to these when I need to refocus myself and start getting back on track where I want to be. Always good tips and advice! Never regret listening!
I have been listening to the podcast for a couple years and have found so much value in it. I especially like how they do the habits show as it does a deep dive into the people they interview.
I began listening to your podcast within the last 6 months and enjoy all of the guests that you bring on! I appreciate the feedback and honest input that the Facebook group gives, and am glad to be part of that as well. Thank you so much for all that you, the Zig Ziglar team, and Tom bring to the plate. Thank you, thank you! Namaste. -Monica Fernandi
I’ve just recently started listening to Podcasts and was lucky to stumble on this one. It’s honest and motivating. It makes me want to be a better person in all 7 spokes of life. I am so grateful there are people like Kevin Miller spreading the good advice to help all listeners live their best life! Thank you💗
I want to thank Kevin Miller and the Ziglar Show podcast for being such an important part of my life. I have gone from working in the social services field for 20 years in which I was completely miserable to launching my own Professional Organizing business this year. I have gone from being someone very reserved who rarely engaged on Facebook or with people in general to someone intentionally reaching out through posts on my business page 5 days per week & in other public capacities. Although I am in the beginning stages I already feel so incredibly happy & blessed to be living out my dream and passion. I owe this transformation in part to the Ziglar Show as it is my “go to” for maintaining a positive mindset; for being mentored by unparalleled leadership; and for helping me to develop life-sustaining habits. For my health spoke, I have developed the habit of walking 2 miles every day of the week and during that time I listen to the Ziglar Show podcast. Congratulations on your show’s success! You all deserve it!