All Souls Unitarian Church

Reviews For All Souls Unitarian Church

Although I have a UU church I attend where I live, I listen to these sermons on the bus or at night when I'm in need of inspiration. I love them. I come away from each sermon with a new task to dedicate myself to in improving myself and the world around me. From the bottom of my heart: thank you for providing these important messages.
I was blessed by these sermons. I had been a dogmatic Christian ( Seventh day Adventist) all my life. I see the truth in Unitarian Universalism.Not to mention this occurred after listening to the All Souls podcasts sermons
I joined All Souls in May 2008, and became a member in December 2008. It has been a truly enlightening experience. I had been a part of the, now dissolved, New Dimensions church (formerly Higher Dimensions). All Souls showed so much love and genuine hospitality to me that it became my church, in every sense. The Bible teaches us that we will know about people in general and especially ministers and clergy "by their fruit." The spiritual fruit grown at All Souls are universal love, patience, open mind, joy, peace, and many, many others. The largest Unitarian Universalist church happens to be in Tulsa, Oklahoma, right in the buckle of the Bible Belt. What a blessing to be a part of All Souls!
The content of these talks are thought-provoking. Excellent. I just wish the sound quality was better. I wish I could go to this church in person.
I've been looking for a church since I moved away from Tulsa about 20 years ago. Last Sunday I was there visiting and heard Dr. Church. I realized that I found my church more than 20 years ago, and I can stop looking. Thanks for podcasting.
Plain spoken, intelligent and inspirational sermons from the American Heartland. Check out Marlin Lavanhar whether you are curious or devoted.
I used to go to this church before I moved to California and I've been missing it ever since. Every time I would visit my family in OK, I'd make it a point to go to a service or two. Marlin is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Without this church, I don't think I'd be who I am today and have such confidence in my own beliefs. Debra G is fabulous as well. I've never heard her preach in person but, now I can say that I thoroughly enjoy her sermons. I listen to the podcasts while at work and find myself laughing out loud or sometimes at the verge of tears. I can't express how wonderful it is to have these wonderful gems readily at my fingertips to listen to at any given time! Now if I can only hear a Rev. John Wolf goosebump sermon and hear some of the MARVELOUS music (YAVE hint hint!).... Thank you to whoever put this together!!!!!!!!!!!
All Souls is the best church ever and I'm so glad that I finally found the podcast! I couldn't find a better church if I searched for years and years to come! Marlin, and even the rest of the ministers who gave such wonderful sermons, are absolutely fantastic and I love you all so much!
Marlin's ability to identify, extract and articulate the core of spiritual truth from the sometimes rotten apple of religion offers hope to those of us who don't believe in Santa Claus anymore but don't want to live in a world where there is no Christmas spirit!
What an amazing minister! Proclaims from the heart his deepest truths and inspires us all to soulful living. Substantive, interesting, funny and compassionate. Marlin hits them out of the park every time!