The Radical Truth

Reviews For The Radical Truth

I found these podcasts because a friend recently told me about Adi Da and when I seached itunes I got these podcasts. I am very impresssed with the way Adi Da communicates things. This is not your "New Age" quicky... but it's deep stuff.I love the sound of his voice too!
This is stunning. What a Master-Teacher! Adi Da is so deep, He speaks to every heart, moving anyone who listens to His. His Radical Truth penetrates every mindful reflection with an intimacy of perfect service. To hear Him is to be undone in His sudden embrace.
I have heard something about Adi Da over the years. I looked at a few of his books etc. But, listening to him talk is quite something. I was really captivated by both what he says, but the tone of his voice communicates a lot. The podcast themselves are simple, but well thought out and produced.