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Hey there, ya'll know just EXACTLY what we need more of dontcha???? Yessireee bob, WE NEED YET MORE POP CULTURE REFERENCES!!! If you're the kind of person who can't get enough of em, well then this here is the podcast for you!!! Howabout more of them pop culture references? Just give us pop culture reference after pop culture reference after pop culture reference after pop culture reference after pop culture reference after pop culture reference after pop culture reference after pop culture reference after pop culture reference, and after ya know it, 2.5 hours is gone!!!!!! Well I'll be damned, thats sure is some great podcastin!!!!


Every week I look forward to when this Podcast downloads. Great job guys and keep up the good work. You make every week a little more easy to deal with.
I have enjoyed the Podcast in the past but now it is just an aimless gab-fest without a subject matter. They try really hard to be funny but honestly it just comes off as annoying and directionless.
...then the GWC podcast is for you. If you want concise, short explorations of BSG episodes, then stick with the earliest podcasts, dated when the show was still airing on SyFy. Irreverent, upbeat, sometimes insightful and profound, but frequently veering way off tangent into cars and the horrors of wrestling leotards, GWC has developed from a BSG-related podcast into an all things geek podcast. The trio of Chuck, Audra & Sean have great chemistry. They never take themselves seriously, frequently acknowledging that they are not experts, just fans like their listeners. Quite a few of their interviews w/celebrities, scientists, and authors in the past 2 years have been just amazing. They're not haters and often encourage listeners to expand their sphere of influence. Most of all, they obviously have a great time. Warning: listening to this podcast on a treadmill or elliptical is hazardous to your health, and could cause occasional lack of coordination due to excessive laughing while tears expel from the eyes, as well as strange stares from other equipment users. Undertake at your own risk.
Feels like I am sitting around talking with some friends on a Friday night. Keep up the great work!
I've been getting involved with GWC and it's really awesome! Check it out! And mr. Laughing giggle festival down below, shut up. P
These guys are just like me. Between the three hosts, they're into a variety of genre offerings and they talk about all of it. The show started out as a BSG podcast, but has blossomed into a general genre talk show with a sense of humor. Recently, they've been doing arcs on specific topics. If they're talking about something you're not into, give it a listen anyway, you might decide that thing is worth a second look.
I want to love these guys, but in the post-BSG era they have lost focus. The show covers too many things most people won't have the patience to slog through. Please pick a legitimate topic and work your magic efficiently like you used to! Thanks.
I've been listening to this show since it began, but I've been drifting away from it more recently. I even unsubscribed, but tried it again in the hope that it might change back to its original format over time. Unfortuantely, it hasn't. This show started off really well, but gradually lost its focus. I have absolutely no problem with discussions of other topics, especially since BSG is over. But the show has become too unstructured - it averages three times longer than it used to be. And most of that is useless discussions on non-related material and constant praise for their forum friends. If you don't belong to their "online family", then you'll end up finding youself completely out of the loop for much of the conversation. I would suggest leaving the forum chat in the forum so you don't end up excluding large portions of your listeners from the discussions, but Chuck and Sean have been made it clear in recent podcasts that they're not concerned about this. So, I no longer will be either. Moving on - permanently this time.
I've been listening to GWC now for over 2 years and consider it indispensible. Not only is the GWC crew funny as hell, but they are smart too. They have taken me places I would never have gone on my own and I am grateful to them for that. They are geek family & I am sooo glad they are out there giving us their geek love!
Though not a gaming podcast, many times it becomes a Microsoft love-fest. My suggestion is instead of focusing on the sic-fi that they are accustomed to, they should be open to suggestions. Other than that, very good sci-fi podcast.
I could have liked this podcast if the hosts knew what they were talking about. If you are going to talk about a movie please at least go check wikipedia beforehand. Why make a movie podcast if you can't even get the facts right?


Was looking for anything read the general overview and tried it out. What a great episode to hop into and get me hooked. Dragonslayer was my first listen to this and it was awesome. Great discussions goofy comments. Glad I just happened on this will be listening for as long as you keep going.
Found this podcast by accident during the last season of Battlestar Galactica and have stuck with it because Audra, Chuck and Sean are so engaging. The reviews of current and past movies and TV shows are excellent and just plain fun to listen to. Not being a gamer, I still enjoy listening to them discuss games because it enables me to have coherent discussions with my son and his boys. The news segments are a lot of fun, too! Give this a listen - I'll be you like it, too!
I've listened to this podcast since it was actually about BSG. It has had its moments of genius, and at times has been very entertaining. Unfortunately, post BSG they've increasingly lost their way. The core three hosts are charismatic and fun to listen to, but not in near 3 hour aimless chunks. More and more the shows drag on and on about nothing at all for, literally, hours. It seems that most of the show's problems stem from a lack of good source material. With the best source material, they have always been able to get lost on unrelated tangents. Without the focus of BSG, though, they're not just lost, they're downright clueless. Of course, if they weren't trying to fill 2.5 hours (or more!) every week, maybe they could stretch some of the better source material out longer. They either need to reduce the frequency of the podcast or they need to tighten up their production and get it down to 90 minutes *tops* a week. If something doesn't change, my love-hate relationship with GWC is going to tip too far to the hate side and I'll be unsubscribing.
GWC is an excellent blend of personality, opinions, insight and humor focused on anything and everything in the world of pop culture science fiction. I discovered the podcast on accident and it quickly became one of my favorites.
The podcast is like hanging out with your best friends after a movie. They truly love their fans and their fans love them.
I love this podcast. It allows me to return to my geek roots on a weekly basis.
Audra, Chuck, Sean... Keep up the great work!! And for FRAK's sake, start an arc on Farscape already! :P
Great show. Audra makes me laugh with her upbeat humor and great personality. The other two guys are ok too i guess. In a world of internet haters GWC stands apart from the rest by not hating and complaining about things that have yet to even be released. Even shows i hate (Xena) i listen to thier comments anyway, who knows, maybe they will change my mind. Show is much more structured than it used to be and gets better every episode. They are the friendliest people in sci fi. Waiting for the Audra Karaoke show...
These folks have it together. They are always erudite, thoughtful and entertaining. They have opened my world to new things...A great listen all the time!
love the show!! there weekly talks are fun and enjoyable love it alot
If you identify your self as "Geek" "Nerd" "Fan" "Enthusiest" "vegetarian" "Meat-atarian" "Human" "Cylon" "Mammal" "Reptile" "Captain AWEsome" "Reverend" "The Coolest" or "Just a guy/girl", this is the podcast for YOU! The hosts are witty, quick, intelligent, and very passionate about the scifi/fantasy that they discuss each week. Reviewed by Rolling Stone, Presided over by an actual and legal reverend, this podcast and community, yes community, are made up of the most friendly and fun people anywhere on the Internet. Listen to a few episodes, lurk around the forums (Like me!) find out what everyone all over the world knows. GWC enriches your life in ways other podcasts just can't. Team Sean!
So I have been listening for the cast for a long time now and have been posting on the forum for just about as long. I have never dropped a line here. You guys have an amazing cast on of the few which I have gone back and listened to every old cast and its the one I look forward to the most each week. You guys have the best mix of a love for Scifi but not going too fanboy. I respect ya. Also you guys have never taken a week off. That is insane. Keep up the smegging good work.
I've been listening to this podcast for a little over a year (when BSG was still on) and it is great. I had to write a review this week because episode 202 is one of the funniest, most entertaining shows I've heard to date. Chuck, Sean, and Audra's comradery shines through brilliantly. Their discussion of War of the Worlds was hilarious, the show format was so smooth, and to top it off there is a sweet interview from Tony Hale. This is a must podcast for those that enjoy a great sci-if conversation. If you want to get a good taste of what GWC is all about, may I suggest the following podcasts (which are also my favorites): 1) BSG - The Oath/ Blood on the scales - For me, this one reminds me of how good BSG is on all levels. 2) The Matrix arch - This one, for me, made me a Sean fan. He has great insight on all things Matrix. 3) Episode 202 - For all the reasons mentioned above. Thank you GWC for all your hard work making this one of my favorite podcasts today.
My favorite podcast and always a hightlight of my week. Since the end of Battlestar, they've really taken the production levels up and the show is better than ever! My only problem is that I've been spoiled and can't find shows that I enjoy as much.
With the end of "Battlestar Galactica," some might have wondered if the GWC Crue would go on and in what form. But no worries; the podcast is still going strong as the trio discuss everything from classic sci-fi to comic books to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll definitely learn something. Like the fact that you are not alone in your geekdom. Not even close.


By DMC979
First it started when during the final eps of BSG, they spent less and less time talking about the show and more on OT garbage. Nobody I know watched the show, so this was my only outlet for discussion of BSG. Then Shaun and Chuck started sharing their opinions that life aboard a RT fleet should be exactly the same as life back home- Chuck avtually said he's a "Die on my feet rather than live on my knees" kind of person in regards to Roslin and Adama. Yes, that's right, Roslin and Adama were dictators, according to the GWC crew. Generally, you need people who are genuinely bright if you're going to engage in discussion of the show as if it's real-"what would you do?" I realized these three aren't smart enough to do that when Shaun said there needed to be a rebellion(I'm sure there would be no hard feelings AT ALL from both sides when it was over, and they'd get back to running the only warship in existence with even MORE of a skeleton crew) after Roslin and Adama temporarily gave up after Earth- only everything they were working towards, and the group thought Zarek was an OK freedom fighter, despite in the first episode how he said Cally would get what she deserved for biting off her would be r****ts ear, standing in the way of the fleet getting a new water supply, and trying to discredit the only leaders the fleet had weeks after humanity was nearly wiped out- stuff they conveniently ignored. Shaun repeatedly says he has a problem with authority- same thing as "a problem with maturity" to me. And they don't dislike ANYTHING, lapping up even the worst of what RDM gave us- with Chuck recently coming out on their forum saying that he thinks saying something is bad is an attack on its fans, but if you say "I don't enjoy ___", essentially carefully coaching your words, that's OK. What a pus. It's the internet. I can say I hate something and not mean any disrespect to its fans. This was after he said ___ was hated because it was popular, and I responded that there were valid reasons. So if you want intelligent discussion with constructive criticism mixed with praise, look elsewhere.
Chuck, Audra, and even Sean always have great insights. If you love sci fi you'll love this podcast!
I've been listening for almost 2 years now. Even though BSG has ended, I'm still listening! The hosts are funny and articulate, which I painfully discovered is not always the case when I was searching for BSG podcasts. For an amateur 'cast, this is much better than anything else I've heard. However, if you're not a huge nerd like myself, you may not enjoy it as much. Some reviewers complained of the tangents or the humor and I can understand that. Personally, I LOVE the flexibility of being able to discuss the nature of humanity AND make stupid jokes in the same conversation. Just because you have something really intelligent to say doesn't mean you have to be all prim and proper about it. One can have (and enjoy) both. Carry on, GWC! And thanks for introducing me to even more sci-fi/fantasy/comic materials. I can hardly keep up, heh. (Also, Chuck, stop cutting Audra off!)
Chuck, Sean, Audra, and the many other scifi fans that help to put together this podcast are able to put the science fiction "galaxy" at a level we can all enjoy discussing as we do so many other things at the office "watercooler." They are not experts, and don't claim to be, but if you like talking about science fiction, fantasy, gameplay, and like to be introduced/re-introduced to new or new-to-you material, this is the friendliest group to listen to. It has been an absolute joy to listen in on these friends simply chatting about some of the biggest and most entertaining scifi materiel of this age. Their periodic reviews of existing materiel are wonderful arcs to find something new or remember the highlights of shows, books, and games in the past. Their timely podcast arcs have immensly increased my entertainment level of the movies and shows I like and I'd like to thank them for all of their work to bring to me and other listeners an extra insight into the scifi universe I enjoy so much.
I've only been listening for a bit but these dudes (and dudette) alreadyseem like old friends and I'm enjoying the back catelog of casts. It's like hanging out at a really cool bar where people are talking about sci-fi. They don't have all the answers, and don't claim too, but they just have fun and that seeps through the cast. I don't have time to watch all this great stuff they talk about--but I love being introduced to new stuff and they do too! If I had one suggestion, it's that they pick stuff they know they like and although the analysis is great, wouldn't mind hearing some criticism with the analysis--but only because I value their opinon and am interested in what the three casters' would say. Anyway, if you haven't checked this cast out, and you like any kind of sci-fi, then you are missing out! Peace.


By TaterX
This is a neat format, they pick a subject and round table style pick it apart and bounce their takes off each other. The group has a good chemistry and warm feel. I like this show.
This is my favorite podcast. I've been listening for about two years. The rapport between Chuck, Audra and Sean is great. It's a great blend of personalities. I would know NOTHING about most of the arcs they've done. I'm becoming an honest to goodnes geek thanks to them. I've recommended this podcast to many of my friends.
Finding this podcast DOUBLED my Battlestar Galactica enjoyment. Now that they have moved on to any and all topics that interest them, I still never miss an episode. I've never met them, but Chuck, Sean, and Audra are like my best friends. 2 hours of SF talk that everyone should try.
Galactic Watercooler began as an audiophile's podcast about Battlestar. When BSG came to a close, they continued put out quality podcasts in arc form, covering Science Fiction, Fantasy, Extended Universe material, New Media, and of course, Gaming. All in a fun, thoughtful package. In the run-up to the latest Harry Potter release, they did a multiple podcast arc of the previous movies generating lots of great content and excitement about the latest film. I have to say, the Alien arc is one of my favorites- they even surprised us with some awesome Geek Rock, or Grok, about it, called Listen To Ripley! A must listen! The fun really begins when this merry band drifts off topic. I am NOT kidding! The chemistry among them is wonderful, and some of the best stuff comes out of it! In my opinion, the cast just isn't long enough! Do yourself a favor- check out the list and pick one. It will lead to more. You've been warned! My review when it Battlestar was still on air: I second the notion that this cast is a wonderful companion to the RDM commentaries. I absolutely love the thoughtful takes and spontaneous humor. My circle of BSG geeks are always a few episodes behind, and this is a nice way to blow off the frustration of having no one to talk to about this absolutely incredible show. Seriously, download this cast. You won't regret it!
With the close of BSG, the hosts have expanded their discussions beyond the show. So now you have two great options: listen to them talk Trek, Terminator and things to come, OR go back into the archives and relive the greatness. Great hosts, great podcast. Enjoy!!!
a great Frakking Podcast. I look forward to listening each and every episode. keep up the great work and we will follow you to the new Caprica show.
Now I know why this podcast averages almost 2 hours per episode: the hosts spend more time talking about how nasty some brands of canned chili are, rather than discussing the final few episodes of one of the best SF TV series ever. Self-indulgent, sophomoric, and boring as hell. They even talk about how many complaints they'll receive for not talking about BSG in the BSG podcast. Gimme a break.


By Jay97R
Keeps me coming back for more!
I've listened to GWC for about a year now, and it has quickly become not only one of my favorite BSG podcasts, but one of my favorite podcasts in general. The banter between Chuck, Audra, and Sean is no only witty and playful, but extremely humerous. Their analysis of the episodes is indepth and thoughtful, and very useful. Even during the extremely long BSG hiatus, they found some amazing topics to cover, and they were a delight to listen to. Keep up the good work, GWC!
I only wish I also could be thier talking with you Three Amigos. "El Guapo: Would you say I have a plethora of JOKES? Jefe: A what? El Guapo: A *plethora*. Jefe: Oh yes, you have a plethora."
While i can understand that this podcast is suppose to be the opinions of the hosts. I find Sean and Chuck kind of arrogant. Big bad Sean always tries to come across as opposed to authority and anti-govt. Kind of easy to say when we we live in the US. I would have appreciated a more info based podcast rather than such an opinion based one. I guess it comes down to the fact I dont really agree with most of the hosts views and that is what the show is about ..
I have been listening to this podcast since late season 2 early season 3 (I think ... the show has really drawn out). They have some of the most interesting (tangential) and intelligent (for the most part) conversations with regard to the show and have provided a very good series of "arcs" to tide us through the off season without pod-holing.
Love you guys, keep it up!
These 3 make me laugh very often and they harmonize perfectly with each other. The main topic is BSG (if the show isn't on hiatus for like a hole year) and even then the do some great shoes like rewiew of some classic Sci-Fi movies. Every day with a new show is a better day.
I have listened to GWC since the first episode and it has only gotten better. This is one of the best podcasts I listen to and I listen to about 15 or so every week. Chuck, Sean, and Audra do talk about BSG (when there is content to discuss) and they do it in-depth, despite what some reviewers may think. Those listeners that think there is not enough talk about BSG should remember that the podcast is basically three people talking around a virtual watercooler. Is not the point of watercooler talk to chat about a variety of topics? I could (and do) listen to GWC over and over. They are especially good when talking about BSG, but anything sci-fi, comics, gaming related they discuss is always a good time.
While I appreciated the hosts, Audra, Sean and Chuck are having a good time doing this podcast, the lame tangents they quite frequently go on becomes annoying. Audra will say something mildly amusing, then inevitably Sean will pretty much say the same thing but not as funny. To be fair, this happens less when they have an actual BSG episode to discuss, but those will end soon. If you're looking for a straight forward discussion of the show, and not 3 fanboys rambling about how much they love show, there are better BSG podcasts out there.