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Great music selection and interviews.
This weekly podcast spans the gamut of electronic music from the more familiar (dubstep to industrial to worldbeat) to the lesser known (magicore, anyone?). The enthusiasm and familiarity with each genre is clearly evident from host "Bazooka Joe". Interview segments sometimes run long, which is more than made up by the music. Regular features include label showcases and live sets. Bazooka Joe's own mixes are spectacular and should make more frequent appearances.
If you want a weekly dose of rock your socks off- this is it.
Good stuff!
Entertaining international perspective on this genre of music
This is thee place to go if you want the skinny on all things electro. Amazing work goes into this!
Bazooka Joe has been consistently releasing some amazing episodes, from live performances to interviews to audio documentaries covering almost every subgenre of electronic music that you can think of. One of the best podcasts out there for the best in what the music has to offer...
SN was one of the first podcasts i listened to, and its stil one of my favorites. always fun, informative and full of great electronic music. Joe has excellent and ecclectic tastes in music and is a great interviewer too. if youre looking to discover new music from around the planet that will stimulate your brain & ears, this is the place!
solipsistic Nation is one of the only podcasts I listen to. It is bangin'. Most electronic music podcasts are actually just techno with some announcer telling people to "get ready" in a robot voice. Joe's intelligent and treats the music with the diversity and respect it deserves. And it also makes me want to dance.
I was turned on to this podcast 18 months ago by Radio BSOTS and have been a fan ever since. If there was such thing as a "heritage podcast" this would be it. A consistent myriad of electronic hits that take me on a roller coaster of emotions.
This podcast actually blows me away. Every genre and mood of electronic music from all over the world. How does Bazooka Joe find this stuff and put it all together? Not sure but glad he does it for me. I have every mood accounted for in his podcasts. Love 'em.
The work and effort Bazooka Joe puts into this show makes it one of the most informative podcasts out there - the music rules as well.
I have been listening to Solipsistic nation for some time, and i always look forward to the latest episode. i love electronic music, and this podcast covers all of the subgenres nicely. Where else would you hear nerdcore, drum n bass and chiptunes? Very recommended.