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I have been a student of shamanism and indigenous healing traditions for about 10 years now. I have worked with many teachers both in the US and abroad. Over the years I continually come back to Nicolas Breezewood and this extraordinary podcast. I suspected at first, but now I truly know that this treasure trove of knowledge is incredibly rare and very likely the greatest teachings on these topics available outside of a one on one apprenticeship or workshop context. Thank you Nicolas, if there was a Nobel prize for protecting and advancing Shamanism you should win it! - Michael, host, Entreprenuers Awakening podcast
Nick Breeze Wood presents a thoughtful and conscientious podcast of Shamanism from a perspective grounded in experience and valid research. A rare find.
I love the podcast. It has a real warmth to it that I just can't get enough of. The fiddle in the beginning, the medicine wheel, shamanic journeying. I'm this close to getting a native american drum since I already play the native american flute; it only makes sense, right?
love it. very very good. Sun Bear recordings are classic
It is definitely informative, friendly, and entertaining.... Great job
I have really enjoyed listening to Nick Wood on shamanic practice. He is particularly helpful for me on the Medicine Wheel and shamanic journeying. These are very conversational, more like listening to a friend than hearing a lecture, which I appreciate it. I wish he would record some more--the last he recorded of himself was about a year ago.
I really enjoy listening to Nicholas; he has such a spontaneous and engaging speaking style. The information is valuable to those in a broad range of spiritual traditions interested in growing their spiritual practice.
very informative and entertaining. keep up the good work!
Wonderfully informantive and an all out joy to listen to. I look forward to each new episode