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Reviews For Growing Thru Grace - Daily Radio Broadcast

Pastor Jack is great and easy to understand and follow.


Good solid truth.
Jack's definitely the best pastor I've heard, he is so gifted and doesn't use big words to prove his point. And even better it's free.
Pastor Jack's teaching is like an artist painting the Sistine Chapel...You can see the finger of God touching man in the words Jack natural but so deep it stirs one's soul to long for all that God has for us! Keep it up, Jack!
Pastor Jack is very spirit filled, his teaching will show you how to live Gods word daily in your life! Just sit back and learn from God, Jack is His willing vessel !!! A-Men !!!
The Truth told by Jack is more than truth it's real. Jack is both funny and informative. He is also careful to present the Word in a way that indicates that he is driven by the Holy Spirit.