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This was one of two of the only podcast sermons that I could find that addressed conflict. What led me to look up a sermon about conflict was that I had an interview that asked me how I deal with conflict. I couldn’t think of a time that I really dealt with conflict and I think it’s because I’m the kind of person who likes to avoid or overlook. But obviously there are things that hurt me and fester, but I never address them because I don’t like that confrontation. I just wanted to thank you guys for addressing conflict from a human perspective and also from a church/christian perspective. This was really helpful to me as a member of society/workplace and also as a member of the church. Conflict isn’t something that’s talked about a lot. I’ve surely benefited from you talking about it here. Thank you and God bless you guys.
We always attend Faithbridge when we visit our daughter in Spring and have found the sermons to be inspirational, thought provoking and Biblically based. We enjoy all the pastors and visiting speakers we have heard but equally important is the welcoming group of people who make the church a warm friendly place to worship. I want to mention the exceptional musicians that fill the santuary with joyful praise every Sunday too. A great experience.
I never went to a church that brought in guest pastors before Faithbridge. Ken Werlein is a wonderful leader and knows the exact formula for building a great church. One part Worship, One Part Small Group, One Part Serve=More and Stronger Disciples of Jesus Christ.
I cannot describe how fantastic most of the sermons at Faithbridge are...I just do not have the words. I particularly reccomend anything Ben Stuart does...maybe it is because I am 34 but that guy seems to speak right to and exactly to me and only me. Awesome, biblical, and entertaining.
Dan Slagle is an Awesome pastor!!! Dan's message this morning (02/18/07) spoke straight to my heart and was truly moving. I always love it when Dan speaks - he keeps me going the entire week. FB is blessed to have such wonderful pastors!!! God Bless them all - Jim D
Truely the most gifted speaker I have ever hear. You leave his service with feeling of conviction and hope. If Ben can't stir your inner emotions you need to check your pulse. I can't wait to see him at Breakaway in College Station.
This man is truely anointed by God. He is convicting and does not worry about being "PC" which I believe leads to his genius! I pray that God continues to work through Ben.
This is a great addition and helpful for those who travel and can not always hear the sermons live. Thanks!