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This is one my favorite tv shows!! I can't believe iTunes only has season 3!!!! I love this show and i know other people do too. iTunes should get the first two seasons. The whole show is awesomely hilarious and I love it.
I totally Luv Veronica Mars!! Its so sad that it was cancelled:( I Just wish that they would give the show the proper ending that it deserves and what the fans deserve!! I am A LoVe fan for life!!
I love Veronica Mars and this podcast is great, but nothing posted in the last two months is new. No new commentaries on any show since May! Not even the season/series finale!! Come on! It's the least they could give us since the CW cancelled our favorite gal-PI. I need something V-Mars related to help me cope with the devastation of losing the show!! :(
I love this show so much! I've bought season's 1 and 2 on DVD and am in the process of downloading season 3. I don't know what I'll do if they don't bring it back for a 4th season.
I think it is so great of the "Veronica Mars" production & writing team to participate in the official podcast. I was so thrilled when I discovered it here on iTunes. There are definitely some great insights into the show and the season 3 episodes specifically, especially on the production side. I only wish they would actually talk longer - like for 1/2 hour at least. Sometimes the speakers can go off on a random tangent and never end up talking about the show or the episode which would be fine if they did that AND talked about the show/episode as well. Hence, a 1/2 podcast would make it even better. However, this is definitely a worthwhile podcast to checkout if you are into "Veronica Mars." Maybe one day we'll be lucky enough to get an actor to participate in one of these. PS - Oh! I love the use of the actor who played Mr. Wu as MC. They should use him more often. He's funny and good about keeping the discussion on track.
Seriously. Best show ever.
This is by far the BEST show on right now. If you haven't given this show a chance yet, you can get this season on iTunes now. You really need to give it a chance. My favorite.
As far as podcasts go, this one is quite weak. It is very inconsistant and sometimes the people hardly even talk about the show. In a recent one, they mostly talked about playing Call of Duty. Very boring.
I just checked out the Vice & Men podcast and I suggest using a moderator for these writer commentary sessions - someone who can steer the conversation towards insights into the show. While the ramblings about computer game contests w/other the writers of other programs and geeking out over Battlestar Gallatica are kinda funny, it's not why I subscribe to this podcast. I want to know why the writers chose to go a certain way on particular episodes and other behind-the-scene details about the show Veronica Mars. I love the fact that you guys are doing this, especially since such commendary is what we're missing from the DVDs, but it could be more on point.
My neighbor intrduced Veronica Mars to me! I am obsessed!!! I bought one and two and loved it!! season 3 is great so far!!!
I love this show i can not get enought of veronica mars!!!!!! Another plea from your continued user pleassse itunes hook everyone up with season 3 episodes of the show!!!!!!
This was such a great idea, but then there were no podcasts this week or last... For the second and third episodes there were brief audio commentaries by the writers and directors and there was even a video set tour by a crew member. I started to look forward to these clips and then they stopped :( So while I would give this 5 stars for what I have seen so far, since it fell off the face of the planet without explanation, I have to give it less. If they start updating it regularly again I will amend my review.
If you don't watch Veronica Mars, what are you waiting for? It is an incredible show. It's so witty and entertaining, it's far better than any teen drama, and I'm way more addicted to it than Lost or The Office or The 4400 or Grey's Anatomy. This podcast has the behind-the-scenes clips that are on CW's website, except you can have it on your very own ipod. And there are also interviews so you can get the inside scoop =) Watch it!
I dont know why anybody could not watch veronica Mars.This show is absolutly amazing a deserves much more attention then it gets. On Saterday i met Jason Dohring in Dublin at a benefit for the childrens hospital, his kind personality made me love the show so much more. Kirsten Bell is such a compelling and has so much talent as an actress, so does Jason. Veronica Mars is so intelligent and contreversial it is a countinual routine for me to watch it. I love VERONICA MARS!!!!!!!!
I Love VM Podcast I Really Love It If VM The Show Was On itunes Along With The Rest Of The CW Shows I Would Love To Watch Veronica Mars And Smallville Everywhere I Go Id Spend Crazy On here itunes gets my money i get to see my show win win
Not only is the show amazing, but the podcast is a wonderful companion to it. Behind the scenes footage, audio interviews, audio commentaries... It's obvious from the quality of the show itself that the cast and crew strive for excellence, and the fact that they take the time to produce this podcast is wonderful. This show really goes above and beyond to satisfy and include the fans (including all the real life cast appearances they do, which is highly appreciated), and the podcast further proves that. Thanks so much for putting this podcast on iTunes, having all the extra content to listen to and watch makes me love the show even more.
Excellent podcast from Diane Ruggiero and Dan Gabbe! Diane's written some of the best episodes of Veronica Mars and she gives you a behind the scenes commentary for episode 3x02 that aired last week. This is a great show that not only has fantastic writers, but it's got an amazing it just needs more people to tune in. Tuesdays at 9pm/8pm ET/CT people! There's a reason it's a success with critics and fans alike. Do you enjoy BSG, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? Lost? Gilmore Girls? If you love great writing, wit, humor, sarcasm, multi-faceted characters and pretty people you'll love Veronica Mars...
I love Veronica Mars!! It's one of the best shows on t.v. Witty dialouge and a captivating storyline. EVERYONE should be watching it! Cool set tours and interviews! Thanks!
i love this show. i work on tuesday nites, and recording on vcr just doesn't cut it. please, please, please make it available.
I am so addicted to the show, it's well written and it always keeps you on the edge of your seat, I recommed this show to people of all ages.It doesnt get the credit it deserves!
This is such a great show. I can't believe it's not offered on iTunes! It seems like so many people would buy it - I know I would. What gives?
i am so addicted to this show! i bought seasons 1 and 2 on dvd and after watching them continuously without a break, i was bummed to be snapped back into reality instead of being in Neptune. come on itunes! offer up the new season!!!! BEST SHOW EVER!!!
but I'd rather buy a season pass for this season. Me and the wife are totally addicted and want to buy the shows on iTunes. Come on CW, Rob Thomas or any of the other big wigs in TV land, sell V Mars to the people, and the people will buy!