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Wonderful podcast delving into the projects, ideas, and minds of figures in various fields pertaining to city management. Looking forward to hearing more!
The podcasts have poor audio quality, will not download, are not released on a schedule and some of the content not very useful because the speakers refer to PowerPoint slides that cannot be seen. The "beyond mobility" episode was almost entirely (including the full first seven minutes) composed of a conversation between two speakers patting themselves on the back or boasting of their employers vision and experience. I felt like I was listening to a job interview.


By Eaj71
It would seem reasonable to be able to read the full title of each podcast. Or that there would a numbering system Typical that there is not as the APA has such poor customer and member services
Why are they are no longer being posted? They were full of good content and then just stopped at the beginning of the year.
Having this podcast alows planners to stay up-to-date on the go.
A small collection of interesting lectures. More podcasts would really make the podcast something worth while. Would be great to get a weekly podcast of the weeks big planning news and research publications.
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