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Maybe instead of smelling your own feet, you should listen to The All-New AntiFanboy Podcast! This is the greatest team of idiotic jerks who have ever been allowed to upload audio to iTunes. Here is a list of things they're better than: The Generation X TV movie The Elektra movie Punisher: War Zone Fant4stic Four Batman & Robin Pixels Howard the Duck So why are you wasting your time trying to see how many inches you can fit in that hole? Listen to Antifanboy instead! Yours in Peace, World's Greatest Tim Fan
I'd listen to it. Guys are funny. I should know. I'm one of them
If you love comics and laughs this is the podcast for you! This podcast makes me laugh every episode! Great comics news and reviews. This podcast is one of my favorites. Keep it up guys!
What is this podcast about? Your mom in my bed, and your father in a garbage can.


Worst podcast ever. They are not funny. They have some weird childish grudge over ifanboy. meh...poor me. What a waste of time.
They're smart, informed, crude, and hilarious. Always a great time to listen in. Keep it going!
Who could have thought that loud guys who talk about nothing could be so entertaining? Well here is the golden example of how to podcast about everything and be hilarious. What other podcast brings you reviews of comics and TV shows, chats about drunken power bombs and talks with weekly special guests. Who else has homemade songs created on the spot? Well the answer to all, is ANTiFanboys. Listen in, Crazy Clees commands it.
You can really tell that these guys like each other and love comics. You really feel like you get to know the four of them over the course of the podcast. It's four guys breaking balls and reviewing comics, what more do you want?
Give this podcast a little spin. It's different than the other comic book podcasts but that's what is so refreshing about it. It's not just Dr. Justin Derby and Ferb Tacktooth, who are professional comic book graders. It's also not little Billy Keystone and Tiny Timmy Tacoteeth, who ride bikes and keep frogs in there pockets. It's a$$holes you actually meet at comic book stores and discuss/argue books with. Come for the comics, Stay for the Handsome.
For the love of all that's holy. These guys are walking stereotypes of the worst aspects of the very thing that they try so hard to distance themselves from...the fanboy. Between their inexplicable bursts of yelling into the microphone, their constant pubescent posturing for group alpha male status and their troubling fascination with one another’s bodily fluids it a miracle that they have time to read comics. When one of the AntiFanboy’s does experience a moment of clarity and attempts to present a valid point his review is inevitably interrupted by the random screaming- yes, random screaming- of his fellow podcasters. I listen to a lot of podcast and can appreciate the different perspectives that podcasters bring to the medium. Despite the candor of my review I would like to think that the AntiFanboys have insightful observations into the world of comics. Unfortunately they are doing themselves a disservice by the manner in which they present their ideas.
A great alternative to the love-fest of iFanboy. It really captures the fun of a bunch of guys hanging around and talking s#!t about comics. Reminds me of my buddies when I was in college.
They do ramble but you need to when you talk comics.
I listen to these guys because they not only review an issue, they argue back and forth about any controversial issues, and it's intelligent arguing to boot. I like their crude sense of humor and they even have guest appearances from the likes of Captain America and the Punisher. I look forward to each episode. You don't like them, listen to something else.
crude and insulting have been used to describe this and it might be right. A better word that an intelligent reviewer might use would be unapologetic. These are real people with real thoughts and opinions who aren't trying so hard to be professional that the podcast loses all sense of fun and becomes stale. It's a podcast with REAL discussion about things. And yeah, it his very much a testosterone high five fest, but it has plenty of moments where it's entirely not that. It's not going tobe for everyone. But it is for me, and it's probably for a lot of the other people out that who get tired of over produced rehearsed podcasts that kind of want to be a radio show more than just people having fun.
for all those that say they don't know how to act get off your high horse. they are that true fanboys are they have fun with what they do and they are not scared to show it. they are rude and crude and they will make that 1 1/2 hour feel like it wasn't enought and you need more
The other day a papillon tried to rob me. It was one of those papillons that roll with gangs and have leather coats and balisong knives and frequently break into song. Desperate and depressed, I went home, drew a bath, put some mineral salts in it, opened a bottle of sutter home and began to cry myself into oblivion. Suddenly, my ipod nano came walking in (I did a homebrew conversion some weeks ago, now it can walk) and started pointing at itself (I gave it arms too) because it had just downloaded the new antifanboy comic podcast. Throwing caution to the wind I listened to it in the tub and my depression went away. Antifanboy saved my life.
I dig the fact that they speak their mind and I'm a fan of vulgarity, in general. Unfortunately, most of the "reviews" are just recapping the story and quibbling amongst each other with lame insults, trying to "out perform" one another. I listened to 2 1/2 podcasts to really give it a try. There are too many other good comic podcasts competing for my time. Not my cup o' tea. Oh, thought of another good thing...they're enthusiastic and they like Grant Morrison. You don't completely blow if you like Morrison. Just mostly blow and probably rock the ganj.
this podcast is the reason i got back into comics after a long hiatus. these guys are real, fearless, and creative. with segments like the picks/sticks of the week and the suarez challenge, you feel like you get to know each personality intimately. it's good to hear from people who are open-minded and are not afraid to spoil a comic book that you won't read anyway...
Probably the funniest comic book podcast on the net. In addition, their reviews are in-depth, insightful, and well established. Although sometimes long, listening to every one in its entireity is definitely worth it. Their forums are the most addicting I've ever been to as well. Their myspace has a link to their music that the recorded (which have to do with comics as well) and the music is so funny and awesome to listen to.
I wanted the best and I got the best. Best comic book podcast on the net. 'nuff said.
OK, guys please just give this thing a chance. This podcast is great because they DO ramble, and it hilarious, It may not be your thing, but if it is, you can't get much better than this...I listen to a lot of podcasts, but antifanboy is the one i look forward to the most...I'm personally not much of a DC guys myself (all i read from them is action Comics, and i only started w/ the Johns/Donner run), but i love listening to them cover the weeks books anyway, most comic podcasts i skip through, but not antifanboy, and yes i even enjoy the incredibly long botched verions of the marvel reviews, it was funny having Spider-Man Reign summed up in a longer time than it would take to read it myself. This podcast is so awesome, Captain America comes out of hiding every week just to sign off for them, if that is awesome, i don't want to live...


Wow, this is sooo hard to listen to. There is just nothing to listen to. They ramble about nothing and make jokes you can't understand without being there. It's a show with no audience in mind. No brain, just poop. If you like comics in the least bit, don't listen to this podcast.
Very funny and entertaining...
I gave it a try and really regret it. This is the absolute worse "comic book" podcast ever. Crude, homophobic, insulting, uninformed and a scary example of the "teenage" male mindset at its worse. They're brain dead. I cannot believe they figured out how to do this. One of them must have a smart older brother. Do not, I repeat do not, waste your time and a bunch of kids who actually wish AIDS on someone. Awful.