Reviews For RajCast

Transformational! Life Changing! A MUST for all ACIM and 'Way of Mastery' students. Thank you Jeshua!
I've been listening to Raj for about 5 years. There's no better teacher to explain ACIM than from the horse's mouth. I look forward to a new podcast ever week and use them to help me in my life (interacting with those in my life and personal thoughts and behaviors). I love listening to Raj and am so grateful to Paul and the others at NWFFACIM that let me hear his message.
This is GREAT--Raj spells it out succintly and caringly. Reminds me of the no nonsense manner of Carloyn Myss. Great content! Enlightening!
To hear the Master Himself explain what He Meant from the Text of His ACIM is indeed the real Gift to us all. We are indeed blessed to have His Clarity and Love continually embracing us as He gently encourages us to Awaken.
Excellent information --- ACIM based --- straight to the point --- how to obtain Peace of Mind – learn how our minds (egos) work --- and most of all, learn how we are whole and loved already!