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Felt like I was at boot camp.
You saved me during the pandemic
I do vinyasa power yoga nearly every day and when I went on a trip, I tried to find good podcasts to keep up my practice. While I liked the sequences, I found it harder to follow than other podcasts (lean in, 20 min yoga) I've tried. In all fairness I only tried one episode though.
There was no flow... Your teacher BARKs the yoga positions at you. There is no description while you flow into your next posture. The sound quality is Way too soft, and I am not sure if they are giving personal instructions to someone present in the class or if its the next pose. WOW. How this got its rating I have no idea.
I just came back from my first LLT training module, which this class was a part of. The most powerful 8 days of training I've experienced. Philip and Stacy are gifted teachers. If you want to deepen your Yoga practice consider LLT training.
I downloaded several of these so I could keep up my practice on vacation. The ones I downloaded were hard to follow since the instructor was guiding as if I could see them and using unfamiliar terms. Airplane? What asana pose might that be?
I love the yoga talk before the class by Phillip at root down yoga! Would love to hear more pre class q and a sessions
I can only comment on the "Runga" episode, as I could barely tolerate a single practice. I should have known when I started hearing the instructor encouraging sighs that I was in store for a canned, poorly executed regurgitation of Baptiste pseudophilosophy. He really needs to stop churning out these would-be life coaches. No human can maintain a consistently deep ujayi pranayama and keep up with the pace of these classes. Especially when half the class is so busy chit chatting and letting out witty quips and non sequitors. Not safe and not yoga.
Great sequence and excellent workout, but it is sometimes difficult to hear the poses called out and tell whether Phil is giving instructions or calling a new pose or just talking to a student on the side. I wish the audio were a bit clearer. Otherwise, excellent! One of the best yoga podcasts out there.
Thank you so much for the new class postings. I look every morning for a new class so thank you for making my morning!
Thank you Stacy! This practice increased awareness of my inner strength, and my body is AWAKE (I practiced at 5:15am). The cues were simple but grounded me consistently during the practice. I enjoyed the intensity mixed with a little light humor from the students in the class. MORE!!!! Can't wait to hear the next class from you! Miss you my friend! -Donna
Live Love Teach are some of the best yoga teachers around today if you are anywhere near one of their studios you have got to treat yourself to some wonderful yoga and a darn tootin good time. Mooooooo!
I practice at Baptiste in Brookline and when I'm in town I go 5-6 times per week. This is the perfect way for me to continue my practice from outside Boston. You need to be familiar with yoga and perhaps even familiar with Baptiste to fully appreciate the class or you may find yourself a bit lost.
LOVE the hours of power. No nonsense. Perfection. Thank you! WIsh there were more. Pretty Please!
I practiced at Philip's actual studio for years but recently had to move out of state for a job. After searching endlessly, I've yet to find a yoga studio near me that stacks up, so I've been practicing at home using Phil's podcasts. They are amazing! I forget that I am home and not actually in the class. Thank you Philip and Lisa for everything including these great podcasts, and please keep new podcasts coming!
These really are great. I've only done 2 so far, but they appear to all be audio taken from yoga classes directly. This is perfect for me, but if you're new to yoga, I'd suggest some video podcasts first - the poses aren't fully explained here. For those who know the poses, these are really good. Nuff said. Download, subscribe, rate.
I have been practicing baptiste style power yoga for several years, and I love Philip's podcasts. He keeps a good pace and talks just enough...I have tried the other Baptiste power yoga podcasts and my issues with the others are the chatiness, sound quality and lack of cues. I think Philip gets all of these right....I would definitely say this is not for beginners. You need to know your poses to get the most out of these podcasts. My favorite is fast hour of power...great workout with a great flow of my favorite poses -- give it a try!
These classes are for yoga masters only. There is ZERO instruction. Philip basically calls out the names of postures and tells students occassionally to breathe in. He talks a lot about things I don't even understand and I've been practicing for over 10 years. Lots of spiritual stuff and then silly things like "spread your toes" and whatever. If you haven't practiced yoga for a long time with an in person teacher, and this type of yoga even better, these recordings are useless....
It's important to resonate with any instructor. It inspires one to take another journey on your mat. As an instructor living in Nicaragua, I utilize his podcasts to get my sweat on but more importantly taking my focus very deep. Philip's blend with his work in 'A Crash Course in Miracles' and yoga instruction is some of the very best I've experienced. He does a graceful, succinct job to 'yoke' the physical, mental, but even more importantly the true spiritual yoga practice. **Bravissimo(!) and many thanks for sharing the love.
If you are searching, as I did, to have to bring your yoga practice into your own home instead of a studio, stumble yourself onto your mat and loose yourself into laughter with Philip's leadership into your own flow. Its great to have these classes that are not just geared for beginners but are for those people who are continuing their practice! You still even get a sense of community if you miss having people around. Thank you! Don't leave your iPod community who can't thank you personally.
Thank you for posting your podcasts Philip! I did one of the power hour practice and it was INTENSE but I feel sooo good now!
I count on these classes, especially since there's no Baptiste-affiliated studio anywhere near where I live. Phillip is a great and warm teacher. Please post more podcasts soon!
I recently downloaded your podcasts when I was going on vacation and was going to be away from the studio. I downloaded about twelve different teachers podcasts. Yours were the only ones that I didn't erase immediately. They are wonderful. You are very clear on your instructions and very funny and delightful. I just wanted to thank you for them.
I love these classes! Philip is a fabulous teacher, so authentic and real. Even though I'm practicing on my own when I'm listening to these podcasts, I feel like I'm in the class with the group. This is the next best thing to being in a live class!


By charjd
These classes were my introduction to Baptiste Power Yoga. I am hooked.
After moving, starting a new job, and working way more hours than is sane, my practice had fallen by the wayside. With Philip's podcasts not only am I able to maintain a guided Baptiste practice, but also benefit from his spiritual coaching and wonderful sense of humor. Philip's reminder to "take this instance of this breath" is an instant chill pill. Plus, with his constant reminder to maintain uddiyana bandha, my posture and core strength owe him a debt of gratitude. I can't wait to attend one of his classes in person, but until that time, I look forward to each new podcast. I feel better than I have in years. Thank you!
I love Philip's classes. They are challenging and fun and I just really like the sound of his voice and the things he says. They are pretty challenging, so not for beginners. The only drawback is that they are very long (90 minutes) which I don't always have time for. He does always incorporate some abs, which is great.
I am a full time grad student with a full time job so I rarely have time anymore to get to my local studio. I was missing breath work and flow BIG time - how grateful was I to find this amazing podcast. Now I can sweat and flow and go within anytime - and in the comfort of my own home. Thanks to the generosity of Philip Urso I feel like I have been able to bring my practice to another level. And how cool is it that someday, when I have time again!!! I'll be able to get to a live class, since I live in Rhode Island!!! Thank you very much.
I have been practicing yoga for over a decade, and I am painfully critical of most yoga instruction (painful to me, that is -- I don't actually enjoy being cranky and judgmental) but I really love these classes. At first I thought Philip was kind of full of it, but I quickly changed my mind. I find that his commentary actually inspires me to go beyond my limits, without hurting or exhausting myself, which I tend to do. I confess that I considered the "Baptiste Power Vinyasa" brand of yoga to be trendy and superficial, but what can I say? I seem to have been wrong. Hooray!
This is my main connection to Baptiste classes! I have traveled extensively to studios around the country and studied many styles of yoga, and I think that Phil is quite possibly the BEST yoga instructor I have ever encountered! With every practice, I feel like I have touched Spirit and been connected directly to Divinity through Phil's voice. I have experienced this from many teachers, but only sporadically, whereas I feel it in Phil's teachings every single class I take, even when I repeat a podcast I’ve heard before! Please, keep the podcasts coming! You have quite a following here in Minnesota!
Not for beginners, but absolutely excellent, for body and mind/spirit. Philip does a fantastic job of packing a lot into every class, with both intensity and good humor. I've done a lot of Baptiste Power Vinyasa, and this is the real deal, as good as it gets. I especially like the hour of power -- any chance we can get a few more of those? Thanks so much, Philip!
I attend Baptiste studios in the Boston area when I can, and these podcasts are a wonderful supplement to my home practice! Rock on, Philip! Love your stuff and am so grateful to have found it on iTunes!
I am thankful to have stumbled upon Philips' pod casts through itunes. What a wonderful gift Philip is. As a teacher, it is difficult to make it to a class at times. By having the pod cast, I am able to enjoy a peaceful journey, invigorating class and most importantly, an element of fun anytime.
This is a challenging class, but Philip's instructions are generally very easy to follow without the need for video. His wonderful sense of humor and insights keep me inspired. Strangely enough, Philip is one of my favorite teachers - and I've never even met him! Finally, the sound quality is excellent (no deep breathing into the mic), which makes the class more enjoyable.
I met Philip at a Baptiste Bootcamp and he is an excellent instructor. He imparts such great knowledge throughout this challenging and vigorous class. Just the right amount of pushing....a wonderful way to cultivate a home practice. Thanks, Philip!
I was traveling & forgot my Baptiste DVD, so I downloaded Philip's class. Wonderful class & now I know that I don't have to bring a DVD - just use these!
awesome, awesome podcast! i practice hatha yoga at a studio, but more often at home just becuase it doesnt require driving anywhere. Just one suggestion for the podcast- I'd love it if you could add in some music in the background. That would be fantastic. Namaste
These classes are fantastic. I practice at an Ashtanga/Vinyasa studio when I have time, but when I need to be at home these classes really make me work. A million thanks to Philip for bringing these live classes to us on iTunes. Namaste.
These classes really rejuvinated my practice. Not only is the yoga wonderful and challenging, the message is meaningful without being corny. I can't believe they are free! I have downloaded many audio classes, both free of charge and subscription based, and these are the best.
Superb yoga classes! Clear, concise instruction, clean tips to alignment of postures. Love the live class atmosphere. Top notch yoga teacher....... Fantastic!!!
Excellent material, easy to download. I would recommend it to others.