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Not exactly the best parkour video but you still took the time and effort of making one :) but honestly you should train a bit more before posting again, or like progression vids that'd be cool if you stuck with it :D
Nice vid like o lot

By btbx
In the rain? Seriously?
if i could rate this less i would. I could do better than that.... wow
i love parkour and all but you should probly get a little more fluid and faster before you make a podcast.
no flips no good vults no good jumps nuthin omg practice a lot more on vults flips and alot more watch freerunning videos plz it will help. it was really sad i freerunn and i did a lot better that this on my first day........................
You are an insult to the discipline.
Isn't this what Youtube is for?
i haven't watched this video because it won't play on my computer for some reason but i have read all the negative reviews and i noticed that this video's category is comedy so maybe it is just a joke.


im only 13 yrs old and i did that kinda stuff 2 years ago. its terrible
This is pretty much just a lame kid from who knows where trying to be cool. I mean, anyone with legs can do most of the stuff he does without even trying. Compared to some of Youtube's videos, I serriously thought this was one of those videos put up that was meant to be a joke, but I get the impression this kid actually thinks he's doing something cool. I mean, sorry if I sound a little strong here, but no. Simply no.
That was the flatout worst parkour video i've ever seen. go back to your day jobs
this is the best sport but i dont recommend it to people who dont push themselves but i recommend everyone to watch