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Been listening to Mega64 for a huge chunk of my life and every time I listen to them life gets better! Thanks Mega64!
Population is 14 people. We love the STAR WARS videocasette; this is premier STAR WARS podcasting from NY, California, US&A. Rocco “significant man” Botte has many socks as well
Buy everything!
Podcast is short and entertaining with a really good cast of guys.
These guys really know how to spread the word
Best podcast around!
Been listening to this podcast for years now and love the banter these guys get into, definitely worth checking out mega 64 in all other forms best clothing store on the internet
Lemme tell you... these gamers... are pretty darn funny
Been tuning in for over a decade at this point, one of the bast ‘casts on the net.
Best (funniest) podcast on a HOT Sunday Night. Vid games irl, movies, TV and the zaniest cast of characters to get you through the week.
By far the LONGEST entertainment program i have consumed in my life and i enjoy every second of it
I used to hate my commute when I listened to news. Now I love it. Cuz I listen to these guys instead.
These guys are the best video game podcast The best podcast. The best pod. The best po. The best p. The best.
Simply the best video game podcast online. Having the boyz to hang out with every Sunday is pretty much the best part of my week and there is never a dull moment. Can’t imagine the online game podcast landscape without them.
Mega 64 is a clothing store that loves Star Wars and making fun of dead children. It’s not about video games.
I'd like to award Mega64 with the Nicholas Forche Comedy Award® ! These guys have been around since the inception of comedy, and it shows! If ever you need some goofs and/or gaffs, look no further, for you are in the right spot. To Mega64: thank you! Never stop! Believe in yourselves!
Been a fan of the podcast for 15 years. Funniest guys on the internet!
I'm the Lonely Horseman I've got my pistol I'm just trying to be Somebody besides A Lonely Horseman Got my gun at my side I'm just trying to be Somebody besides This Lonely Horseman of mine Lonely Horseman of mine


Perfect podcast.


By ktshane
I was gonna write a joke review but I can’t think of anything funny so I’ll be sincere instead. Lots of people talk about how listening to Howard Stern has been a constant in their lives for decades. For me, that’s the Mega64 podcast. I started listening when I was 17. I’m now 31 and I still consider this podcast to be appointment listening every week.
My youth pastor would love this!


Good job
have heard roosterteeth talk about mega 64 several times over the years and finally decided to give them a shot, absolutely love it. but i really wish i could listen to all their prior podcasts, I listen to podcasts to and from work everyday i could totally binge them over the next year
Have listened to this for almost 8 years now, and have even been going through their archives now. I’ve listened to almost all of them at this point, and this is the only podcast I would do this for by a long shot. It’s just good easy listen for any time and for any one interested in games, movies, news, or any media.
My youth pastor would love this!


My youth pastor would love this!
Love it. Beautiful folks making beautiful content for us all.
If you don’t listen to this podcast then you’re not an Internet Soldier, and if you’re not an Internet Soldier... what are you?
These guys have been at it for quite a while and they're the perfect blend. Each host brings a unique personality to the table, funny bits and niche topics. Been a fan since back in the early 2000s and happy they're still plugging away at it proof that god exists. Hail Satan.
It’s pretty good
Internet Box was better
Unlike any other podcasts, a great way to spend your afternoon.
These guys are not afraid to tackle the hard hitting topics from gaming to’s intelligence. They’ve been around for years and they’re not even halfway finished, so how do you like it so far? These guys are the real deal. They’re about real game and no gimmicks, like the Obie Trice of podcasts. Take a piece of water, sit back in a comfortable Sumo Lounge beanbag chair, grab yourself a hot durger, and catch some posi vibes over at the mega64podcast.
**Other inside jokes*
Great when you can't watch the podcast
Could be
Was first exposed to the boyz through the podcast about nine years ago, now I'm hoplessly addicted. It's going to take way more than twelve steps to get me clean!
They talk about Lost a lot. Seriously, these guys love Lost.
Been watching and listening for years. Love em to death.
funnies guys alive
disclaimer: i've been a fan for a long time. this is better in its video form. there's not much depth to the discussions, but seeing gestures and mannerisms is at least mildly entertaining. why bother rating at all? i think these guys are beating out much better shows in the itunes charts. plus they've been doing this for years and haven't improved at all (they still barely grasp rudimentary recording principles). it's not terrible, just mediocre, and i'm disappointed as a fan.
The boys still reppin' that gold.
Idk why It doesn't do video podcasts anymore idk what happend to it