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John does a great job with his sermons and this podcast is so well done.
May god Bless you for this podcast. Amazing
The Heavenly Fasha?
Great podcast to listen to when in need for insightful truth, support by scripture


So encouraging
I was looking forward to this podcast; the title was eye catching. I normally listen to the entire end out of respect, and different point of view. However, early in the message he states other Christians can’t be fooled. Really? What about ministers that spoke on Sundays, but sexually assaulted children? What about ministers that stole from their congregation? I’m reminded of the line in to Kill A Mocking Bird, a man can do more damage with a Bible in his have; than a bottle of whiskey.
Take advantage of the hearing of God’s Word through this podcast of deep and rich sermons!!


John Piper has changed my view on Christianity forever!!! He explains all of the concepts SO well, and I understand things so much better now. You are amazing John Piper!!😍
Holy Spirit gift of teaching at His best. Bible saturated teaching. Dr. Piper is a true gift from God to proclaim His truth in such beautiful and passionate ways.
Solid teaching, all about Jesus!
If you haven’t read Desiring God, I highly recommend it! I enjoyed the way it was written and the idea behind making God your greatest source of joy.
So love Piper’s messages of hope and of the call to live a holy life!


Piper speaks the truth from scripture with a passionate heart and fervent dedication. His preaching is a tremendous blessing.
...and a true giant of the faith
What an excellent resource. Thankful to hear the Bible preached.


Piper advocates women to stay with abusive husbands. He is tone-deaf and has no christ-like compassion.
This man is the best in the business. He truly speaks the Word!
John Piper is absolutely one of the greatest ministers of the Gospel there is. His messages are passionate insightful and powerful. Many times I have listened to his sermons while reading along in my Bible the scriptures he's given to exam. Unrelenting in his passion regarding the Gospel and the part we as the Church have been given. Uncompromising in his view on many common practices many churches today have been conducting. I just love John Pipers energy and presents while sharing his love of God to people saved and unsaved alike. God bless this man of God for his commitment to God's Word & people. Listening to John Piper is a blessing and delight to my spirit. ;-)
Is to make much of God, not much of Piper. 5 stars
This guy is great and sticks to scripture.
How wonderful are the words of scripture! I count myself very fortunate to live in a day and place where I can easily acquire such a wealth of clear explanation from the Holy Writ. God is very kind to give this grace to Dr Piper and then that we can hear it and exalt His name together.
Piper preaches the Gospel deivered once for all to the Saints. There are bad preachers out there that do not preach the true Gospel. Learn what the true Gospel is here.
While some of his affiliations are strange and damaging to believers (Driscoll, Warren, etc), he is a great teacher and seems to be true to the Word. While Christian Hedonism should be "practiced" carefully, it is good that we look to God alone for satisfaction. Me gusta the Piper.
There is probably not a better expositor of the text of Scripture on the planet. Pastor John immerses himself in the text, nothing but the text, and brings pearls to his flock each week. We, then, get the second-hand blessing of hearing this marvelous preaching.
Its rare to find solid and profound teaching that is rooted in The Word. Thank you Pastor!
True love.
Thank you for this great resource!
Awesome app! So much better than I could of hoped for!
Desiring God is a ministry that can be trusted to be faithful to the Word and passionate for the Glory of God. Listen and learn.
I thank God for faithful men past and present that faithfully teach the word of God and obviously labor so hard for truth and joy towards Jesus Christ. Thank you God and thank you Pastor Piper!
I started listening to podcasts because I can wear headphones during work and this is easily one of my favorite. I can't tell you how many times I have been working and I drop a few tears because of how awesome the sermons are.
Simple truth. Hear the heart of a lion, the Heart of Abba.
Thank you for providing these, grateful to be able to listen and grow in the richness & depth of God's word
Piper Rocks period. The only downside to this podcast is that you have to continually adjust the volume, as others have mentioned lol. Is there even a reason why pluralists and Arminians are giving poor reviews? If you don't like it... too bad. Your 1 star ratings will not stop the sheep from hearing the voice in Piper's preaching.
Great Bible teaching.
The beauty of the pulpit ministry is that those called to preach the Gospel have different styles, but the same Biblical Truth. I'll never forget listening to one of my first John Piper's sermons taking the train home one night, on the Gospel of John. The end product of his dynamic preaching is the focus on the centrality, supremacy, and the beauty of Jesus Christ...who made it possible for men to know and love God. His ministry has been such a personal blessing in not just learning how to be theological or doctrinal, but to fall in love with Jesus. Many pastors, though faithful to the text, will preach about the necessity of Christ, but not too many will paint the canvas on the beauty and supremacy of Our Savior. Jesus is not just God at a distance, but for the believer Jesus is Our God who walks and talks with us, and is someone to treasure because He first loved us. The thing about Piper's ministry, Desiring God, is to show a deep inclination for the satisfaction and JOY of knowing Jesus, and as we become aware of our sinful nature, our joy in Him allows us to to repent and treasure Him more than the things of this world. John Piper's ministry has been a blessing to my life, keeping it real, keeping it beautiful to the Word, and showing the Power of Jesus Christ through the Word.
I have never been so practically convinced into thirsting for God like I have been by John Piper.
This may be the best podcast I have ever heard.
I've heard it said that it would be better to have the right attitude and the wrong doctrine than the right doctrine and the wrong attitude. Mr. Piper has the right attitude. I don't agree with Calvinism but that's where maturity kicks in and I understand that we can agree to disagree doctrinally. What's most important is who is most important, and that's Jesus. I pray that God gives me a heart as deep as is needed to reach the lost and impact lives by, for, and through the cause of Christ.
My counselor and Pastor highly recommended me to listen to Pastor Piper podcast. I had fallen into a worldly lifestyle for years and it resulted in the failure of my marriage and have been separated since July 2010. I am renewing my mind in every way I can so that I can become the man of God I need to be. I have been using these podcasts to further my understanding of what God commands of me as a believer, a father, and a husband.
I love listening to John Piper! I appreciate the passion, conviction and deep humility of this dear leader. I am strongly drawn to follow his advice and applications because of his humbleness and constant self examination, which demonstrates identifying with the sheep and their besetting sins. Thank you! Please put up more podcasts. I can't find any past July 2010.
Life giving word! My kids and I love to listen. My walk with Christ has changed dramatically thanks in part to Piper.
A minor, but significant problem with the audio...John Piper has great dynamic contrast in his speaking-from whispers to imploring shouts. This is part of what makes him such a great orator. However, it makes listening to this podcast difficult, especially in noisier environments. I'm constantly turning it up to hear softer parts only to be blasted away a minute later in a passionate shout. Greater volume compression would help to minimize this problem. This podcast has done so much for my spiritual and personal development. I just wish I could listen to it more easily with friends and family without them constantly telling me to turn the volume up or down.
Pray for him. He needs it. Lately his moves have been questionable. Letting Rick Warren speak in his confrence. For you who do not know Rick Warren he is a advocate of the emerging church and a prosperity gospel preacher.
John Piper is a true man of God. The way he teaches the word, without watering it down or compormising the scriptures or Holiness of God, is amazing. This has become a regular staple in my spritual life. Thank you John Piper.
Such grace- this is real biblical Christianity,
The Desiring God ministry has had a significant impact on my previously shallow and self serving understanding of Christianity.
He's been on my iPod for five years or longer. Best sermons that have changed my mind.