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By Jbuch
I really enjoyed this! Very entertaining! I'm a fan:)
These podcasts are very entertaining and are helpful in connecting the Irish diaspora across the globe. Keep them coming Mike.
Wow! Bravo for a job well done. I was apprehensive when I first came across this series of podcasts, but after listening I am a fan. The material along with the presentation is exceptional and I look forward to hearing more from the Irish Roots Cafe!
This podcast exceeded my expectations in nearly every category. I was completely overwhelmed with the quality of this podcast and the information that was presented. You don't listen to a boring, monotone voice for a half hour - but a rich and vibrant top author of the field that is Irish Genealogy. O'Laughlin seems to put a lot of time and hard work into this podcast - and it shows. If you're interested in tracing the roots of your irish ancestors, learning more about your own family history, and being captivated by one of the most original podcasts on iTunes - then look no further. Stimulating conversations, invigorating music, and tons of information are presented at a brisk, enjoyable speed. Not once was I ever bored with any of the podcasts. If you enjoy this series, I encourage you to check out the two other series done by this podcaster: Irish Song and Recitation Festival, and Missouri Irish (Irish in America). Give this a listen - if you are as enthusiastic about Irish Genealogy as O'Laughlin is, I'm sure you will be blown away. Remember, "it's all for free, and all for fun!"
Very entertaining podcast with a lot of good information on things Irish. If you're researching your Irish genealogy, this is the one you want to listen to.
Grreat first ever series of podcasts on Irish Families and Irish family history. I have several of your books from way back in the 1980's - so glad to see you are still here. Love the Missouri Irish podcast that you have just begun too. Both are now keeping me company on the way to work. You've been a one of a kind source for many years around here. Looking for more of my family names to be featured on this one. The Donahue coverage was great, from DNA to Ireland..... Thanks
I found the first podcast of the Irish Family Cafe to be a wonderful introduction to the topic of tracing your Irish heritage. Not only is the information presented by Mr. O'Laughlin informative, but also inspiring. From the rousing music to the various tips provided by others who have managed to trace their own Irish roots, I found this to be an enticing catalyst to begin one's own journey.