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listened to this as a kid and am delighted to find it still on apple podcasts ahhhh
I love this it is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣
The voices are quite annoying they sound like a voice that’s been sped up by 100% I don’t like to be a hater and try to find the good side, but I can’t find one here 😩😢
The guy sounded like he was talking like Miss Piggy. I guess some will find this funny, but as a huge LOTR fan I was expecting something funnier, I guess. This just isn’t my style.
Ha-ha! These are totally amazing! Good job!😍🤣😂
I really was intrigued by the name and downloaded a bunch of the podcasts but as I kept listening I was just flat out bored...I'm sorry but not my sense of humor and had high expectations.
I've listened to this like 5 times and I now just got the Carmen reference. XD I feel stupid.
Omg I played this for my mom and .w"We're both Lord of The Rings fans and we were 💀💀💀💀.
Has like nothings to do with the lord of the rings, but still funny.
Great for a laugh!!! I was laughing the entire time!!!!!!
Made me laugh several times. Very humorous but you need to have read the books or seen the movie to get it.
Don't listen to the haters, there's always gotta be some. Please make return of the king and the hobbit deeds I cant wait! :)
iTunes fix the podcast I don't want the money guy I want the funny guy


I think all people either love or hate this podcast. I have read the books and the movies and love them so I wasn't so sure about this first. But all the "mature" people who hate this because of its immaturity are pretty immature themselves.
It did not work until I downloaded it the next month so glad I decided to try again It the best ever.


By Eirìkr
Best thing about these podcasts is that they're free. I suppose they're funny if you're twelve.
Really, guys? Do you have any clue as to how immature and just plain lame this is? J.R.R. Tolkien's classic of self-sacrifice, love, good triumphing over evil...all of it utterly and completely disgraced. How could you?! YOU MADE FUN OF THE GREATEST BOOKS OF ALL TIME!! And worse, you mocked VIGGO MORTENSON!!! You people are not funny. You're a bunch of immature eight-year-olds who wouldn't know a good book if they were hit in the face with it. Several times. While someone was reading it aloud. And hitting you with it. Not even then.
I have listened to this podcast for over 2 years now and they NEVER get old!!! I can easily listen to all of the episodes and when they are finished start them all over again!!! I don't even know how many times I have listened to them (and I think I would freak out if I actually knew the playcount!)!!! Awesome work guys, keep it up, and........more plz!!!! I love the podcast for the Two Towers and cannot wait for the Return of the King!!! (Hopefully you continue on to do that) Oh it would be SO cool if you did The Hobbit!!! Ciao!!!
Funny podcast in silly, random, and hilarious ways! I noticed a few reviewers couldn't listen to the podcast - but don't listen to the guy asking for donations! This podcast is completely free. The reason some of us can't download the podcast is because this podcast's monthly bandwidth is limited. Don't worry though, it gets reset each month, so just try again later. But there's hope! Under the podcast description, there's a link to the facebook page (or just search for it in facebook). Under the 'Info' tab on the facebook page, you can find links to mediafire where you can download ALL the episodes anytime! No bandwidth issues! Don't believe me? Take it from Boromir: "You'd better believe it! Here's the Boromizer!!! Aiiieaaahahha!!!!!!" lol


By Yoody
Okay, downloading those 16 podcasts of lord of the rings was a wast of space! I mean all I listen to is, thank you for downloading Bla Bla Bla.
I'm sorry, but I'm not going to give your website a donation when I have no idea whether I'll like the podcast or not. If I could listen to the first one or two chapters, I'd know whether I like it or not, then decide whether to 'buy' the rest. Please consider making the first few chapters accessible to everyone.
I thought this was supposed to be funny. The Hobbits sond like little kids and there are no jokes ive heard yet. This is a disgrace to LOTR.
yay! i don't have to make a donation anymore! i can FINALLY download it!!!!! i love Frodo's voice "haha i was just kidding!" hahaa! everyone's voices are PERFECT! so don't change them kay!? POICE! (peace) ;)
Oh. My. Gosh. This. Is. The. Funniest. Thing. In. The. World. Pippin's voice is WAY THE BEST. The best lines are "Ehw mon! I stepped in peh-ew!"(oh man I stepped in poo) and "Ah dehw nehw, but it sure is spehwkay."(I don't know but it sure is spooky)
Luved it!!!!!!!!
I personally couldn't get through one episode. The middle school humor and immature plot drove me away.
It iz the funniest podcast ever deed i mean u better believe it cuz he's legolus
I gave it 5 stars because I laikk the Two Towers podcast. ;) But I have the same bandwith limit thingy problem. What's it??? 'nyone know??


Borimer sounds like a muppet. They should make a gandalf song


good podcast


Looks like a funny podcast but what's with the bandwith limit thing?
i wish i could actually here this since it's sooo funny but all it says on all of them is that it exceeds bandwith(spelling?) and i need to make a donation
this podcast is amazing!!!! i laugh so hard everytime i listen to it!!
this is the funniest and best podcast ever.i practicly laughed my head off.thanks brendon, michael, and matt i hope u guys make the return of the king and the hobbit
this is the funniest podcast ever.It's like soooo awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love how they made the characters voices. when i first heard it i was laughing like crazy throughout the whole podcast. my favorite episodes are run away deed and the bar song. but theyre all great. the only setback is its not video.


By xqxi16
This is soo great! I'm curious how you make it! you should make a video that shows how you do it! You guys rock!
Lol, that was sooo funny. I just finished listening to it and it's like the lord of the rings but 50 times more entertaining! Can't wait so start listening to the two towers deed!
I must say...the prologue ((the only part I could get through listening to)) reminded me quite forcefully of the Muppets. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing to the rest of you. I'm not a huge fan of parodies, so I'm not going to give it 5/5, but then, I guess if people can make idiots of themselves online and have enough other people enjoy it, it doesn't deserve 1/5. So....3. Fair compromise. Listen before you subscribe - it's NOT for everyone.
Funny... if you're 10. Actually, I think I had a more sophisticated sense of humor then as well.
I love this podcast so moch this is my faviorit thing to lisintin to every day . i can not wait tell they make Returne of the king
brendon michael and matt what r the lyrics to the bar song and run away deed? please tell me
Contrary to popular opinion, this podcast is not funny. It’s just a bunch of guys acting like mindless idiots. They make an absolute, immature sacrilege of one of the greatest stories ever told.
A very well done and nicely put together parody! I enjoyed it greatly. I looove Legolas! My favorite quote from him : "Shoo. Shoo. I'm Legolas. So shoo."
Don't listen to all the H8ters guys... Its awesome. Strider is the best (sounds like constapated guy with severe allergy problems, deeds). Legolas (who has no emotion), Gimli (who sounds like a muppet), and Pippin (who sounds like an austrailian guy) are good to. Boromir sounds like he's on crack, but its hilarious. "Time to kill me some orc, Deed." - Strider "Look theres a Really ugly orc at the top of that hill. Woah he shot me! Oh, his arrows are ugly too!" - Borimor "Oh no, my tomato slice fell out of my sandwich, Its right by Gandalf's foot." - Sam "Woah, Boromir, you okay, you look like a pincusion, deed." - Strider. Keep postin these guys. You guys should definitely finish this trilogy if you have time... Its hilarious. I almost peed my pants when I heard this.