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I am downloading and saving this podcast series so I can always have them. I really love the format. Reminds me a lot of church. Just the lessons are not from the life of Christ or anyone one important or famous individual.
Have been listening to this for years. Lessons help to center the mind and meditation quiets it.
I’ve been listening everyday and I find it really helpful
Excellent, love love love the music in class please tell me what it is so I can find more
Thanks for doing this, it is truly helping me. I also hope there is more episodes in the future .
These lessons are timeless. Thank you. I love them.
It saved my life. Period. Please make more. How can I help?
The messages and meditations really resonate with me, have cycled through them about five times now.
A very thorough and informative class on meditation, without all the talking in circles. This group really seem to love people. Whether you agree with everything said or not, you will learn a lot.
There's so much care put in to this podcast that no matter where you are in your life, You'l always want to listen to this podcast before you sleep. I only wish there were more from them. Cheers!
otherwise the content of these teachings is some of the best.
You guys can't stop like this This podcast is too good please keep giving us more!
A big thank you to the team who put these sessions together. Revisiting each lesson and guided meditation brings new insights.
Can be very helpful. Had a huge anger attack out if the blue. The meditation on anger was very helpful. Went from RAGE to feeling a little sad. Feeling much better.
This is great! Hope I can let go.
A MUST for anyone on a spiritual journey. The teachings are so right on, you will find as you listen they ring so true. Every time I listen I hear something new. And the meditation section... excellent music! These truly have the power to take you "out of your mind" even if it is just for a few minutes. But, the great thing is, you start growing in your capacity to stay out of your mind! Love these!
The meditation society of Australia are an amazing and sincere consortium. They seem to be coming from a place of generosity and spirit. FYI For a very small fee, you can go to their website and get better quality recordings.
The sound quality of this podcast could be better, but I enjoyed most of the "lessons" in each podcast. The meditation periods are usually around 10 minutes, sometimes less, so it was hard to lengthen my sessions using only this podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed classes 20 and 40, though. 20 brought tears to my eyes and I plan to use it frequently. Thank you for a wonderful journey!
It's 2012, there's no excuse to produce a crappy sounding recording. The amount of white noise fuzz that modulates with the volume of the speaker's voice is extremely distracting. :(
These are awesome!! Have loved every one, but it looks like the server reference is bad now. Anyone able to download these currently??
Have no words to explain how great these podcast sessions are! However, classes after 20 are not available. Whenever I try to listen to them it gives me an error message! Why is tht..?
Thank you!! This has helped me so much.


By Venut
Wish they would put more out! Great for a novice and really makes good sense of the world-- and sharpens the saw (covey, 7 habits highly effective people)
While I have always meditated on and off informally, while walking or listening to music or on some kind of solitary journey, I had felt an awning for more structured meditation. This is an excellent meditation series that I can say I have learned immensely from. I have always been journeying towards somewhere I could not see and what I could not relate to with regards to most of my friends and family. My journey now is much clearer to me after I started listening to these episodes. I have referred a couple friends and family to this podcast as well but it's hard to make a journey that one doesn't feel is needed. I would love to hear more podcasts from this series. Thank you to the creators and the listeners. Much love. Nitish
This isn't religion, nor is it affiliated with any religion. There's only a couple meditations that talk about god, because it helps you understand and feel it better. But this is truly the best of the best, it will get and keep you positive if you really relax and pay attention
Hands down the best podcast out there. When you listen regularly and follow the meditations you feel yourself come alive in new ways. Can't recommend highly enough.
This came into my life at the right time. FATE!! Yes, please make more.
Thank u for bringing peace, wonderful experience and journey that everyone should practice.
Great job. Love your podcasts.
I've never really meditated before but had some guided relaxation in a group I'm in. Decided to check out what iTunes had and came across this. Been thru the first two and love it so far :)
This is - to me- the most thorough and comprehensive presentation of the background and rationale for meditation that I have had the joy to experience - thank you so much; it is making such a difference in my life
Love these podcasts; wish there were more to come!
Wonderful podcast. It is full of many great topics. One of my favorites! Thank you for the beautiful lessons.
Meditation saved my life and the lessons of love in these podcasts were a major reason why.
These pod casts are a great way to wind down after working out at the gym puts me in the perfect place mentally and spirituality
Has helped me tremendously.
Great series! Thank you apple for making this free content easy to find!
These meditation classes have helped me so much. Highly recommend them to people who suffer from anxiety. I have them on my iPhone & listen to them on the go.
I've only done 2 of these so far, but I have to say on all levels they are excellent! The content is has been thought out and time has definitely been put into the presentation. Also, a great job on the production with appropriate music in the background and the narration is easily understood. Thank you for sharing!!
I don't recall how I found this series, or when. I live in the US, and I have no affiliation with these people. Yet, somehow one day I began listening and it resonated with me. Also, it seems they very seldomly post anymore, yet just when I am seeming to fall into a slump, I see a new post..truly amazing stuff, please keep going!
These lessons and guided meditations will soothe your soul!


Really wonderful topics and guided meditations. Thanks!
Great series from the Meditation Society of Australia. Perfect for people just starting in meditation or just curious. Great quality and nice topics.
The 2nd class affirms no relationship with religion yet he periodically refers to the kingdom of heaven and jesus christ.
I look forward to a new one :)
I feel blessed to have found a wonder such as this. Since I have started following these classes, I feel my life changing every day as I learn to understand the beauty of the universe and all of the gifts around and within us. Thank you for helping me find my spiritual path. I am forever grateful.
Very soothing and informative
I find these pods quite relaxing and centering. Especially the male voice. Thank you for offering these gems to quiet my "mitote". I am so blessed and grateful :) I don't always get the star wars references, but I appreciate the two (or more) of you nonetheless!