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Have listened to this show off and on for years. Mary Jo and Paul are always well informed. Also they’re just fun to listen to.
Love this show!! Been watching for a long time!! Since 2008!! Paul is the best at what he does!! This show won’t disappoint!!
I am a Mac user primarily in most of my work, but I do have a Surface Pro and run Windows in a Parallels VM on my MacBook Pro. I have read and enjoyed Mary Jo and Paul for 20 years. They are a calming force in the technology world which is chaotic at times. I look forward to the beer picks of the week as well.
...excellent. I love the vibe of their shows; they don’t give me the “where’s Leo?” feeling I usually get with the guest host shows. I hope to hear a lot more of this truly magical team, perhaps as a spin-off after Leo returns.
I really have enjoyed listening to this show to hear Mary Jo and Paul’s perspectives on what’s going on with Microsoft and the Windows platform. While it’s good to get an outsider’s perspective (I think Leo plays a solid outsider/devil’s advocate part), Mikah brings a level of ignorance to the show that grinds the entire show to a halt. I’ve given it two chances now and each show he has been the host, he’s ruined the show. He’s clueless and unprepared about the entire subject matter.
I’m largely a Mac “snob” and prefer not to run Windows; however, I do listen to Windows Weekly because I enjoy a) keeping up to date on the goings-on in the Windows part of the word, and b) I find this to be one of the superb podcasts on the ‘net. The Good: + I enjoy Leo, Paul, and MJF. I love the depth and breadth of content they cover, and it make the miles of driving tick by so much faster. The Marginal: + The show has a tendency to get “into the weeds” at times, losing focus on what the topic of the show was supposed to be about. 95% of the time, it works, and is entertaining; however, that 5% of the time, especially when Leo is out, gets old…fast. The Bad: + Leo goes on vacation, the show loses the magic.
I do not listen when Micah sergeant hosts.
Don’t know how Microsoft puts up with Thurrotts negatives
I love this podcast (along with This Week in Tech and Macbreak Weekly). Entertaining and also keeps me up to date on the Microsoft-related news that I’ve missed.
Listening to this podcast is like listening to your grandma talk to her bridge club about what the young people are into these days. Especially when they talk about gaming.
Listening to each episode since the podcast started. Great for my IT profession and my inner geekness hobby self.
Informative and funny. The content will vary depending on what's happening at Microsoft. Mary Jo and Paul are Microsoft fans but won't hesitate to call them out when Microsoft fumbles the ball.
MJ Foley is just uninformed, uninteresting, and insufferable.
Why do they sound like they have peanut butter in there mouth all the time
Paul and Mary Jo do a good job of bringing us Microsoft Windows news. Leo always turns in a dushbag and chimes in about apple or linux...
I thought I loved everything TWiT... until I subscribed and listened to Windows Weekly. It's just plain boring... I'm out.
Paul and Mary Jo are great. The main problem with this show is Leo. He will either derail it completly or just straight up not pay attention. I would consider coming back to this show if Leo left.
Too long and boring no tech talk
I wish there was more enterprise stuff. Paul and Leo should jump in and help Mary Jo on this. Other than that, it is an awesome show, I subscribe it since the beginning some 10 years ago.
I recommend it to anybody that is interested in tech!!
One of the best podcasts available !!!
Good speakers and information on the world of Microsoft. Alway something enjoyable.
This program seems to have lost it's way. Way too long; lots of TWITty distractions; beer recommendations; gossip which may or may not be true; and overlong always best thing since sliced bread ads. The program is mainly gossip about the latest Microsoft missteps--Foley does on occasion offer good enterprise info. Not particularly useful for users. Can get more by scanning the various Microsoft oriented tech sites for 15 minutes.
The lady host doesn't use computers or tablets or phones. She tells you over and over all she uses is Notepad and drinks beer. Ask her about phones she knows nothing, talk about Xbox and she complains, talk about using a touch screen and she complains. What a bore. The male host is very dumb. I wonder if Paul even has a GED. He gives the most idiotic uninformed opinions. He constantly cheer leads dumb things at Microsoft then a year later when they fail he pretends like he was always against it. Paul is absolutely obnoxious and doesn't realize how old and out of touch his opinions are. He must think his listeners are very dumb and don't remember how much he loved and praised Windows 8 and Vista. The show is a waste of time for everyone.
I have listened to this podcast every week for several years now, and I am continually impressed by the knowledge, analysis, and insight that Paul and Mary Jo share on the show. These two are THE experts in all things Microsoft. Leo is the host and often the devil's advocate. I recommend this show to anyone who is interested in Microsoft. The conversation may get more complex than you may want, but Paul and Mary Jo can make even the most complex topics accessible to non-tech people.
It’s obvious that both Paul and Mary Jo work hard to bring quality content to listeners of the show. Leo however has only become a distraction for the show. He adds a bit of witty banter, but that’s about it anymore. It’s clear he does not even listen to what they say, often bringing up a topic right as it is just finished being discussed. Sadly Leo no longer has the passion for his job that he once had and it shows throughout the network. “What the Tech” is a great alternative featuring Paul. Unfortunately Mary Jo is not a regular on it. If she were, there would be no reason to listen to Windows Weekly at all anymore.
I'm not the biggest fan of Microsoft, but I want to keep up on them as they're still a giant segment of consumer technology. Leo, Mary Jo, and Paul make Microsoft news interesting! Paul's commentary in particular is very genuine; he's no fanboy, he's harder on MS than anyone.
This episode provided good technical content, but I tire of Leo's political drival. Paul, especially, and Leo went off on Carly Fiorina and Sarah Palin. Whatever your political views or personal opinions of someone, what does character assasination have to do with Windows, MS, etc?
Have three great points of view between Paul, Mary-Joe, and Leo discussing all things Microsoft. Highly recommended.
I started listening to WW a few years ago, and love it! Mary Jo and Paul are awesome! They are both very well informed in the Microsoft universe, and have some very good insight into what to make of the latest from our favorite company in Redmond. They both have great chemistry together and with Leo. You guys are always entertaining while still being informative, thanks!
If you're looking for content about products, look elsewhere. The bulk of this show is personal complaining and opinion.
great show about Microsoft!
This podcast is already good, but they spend too much time talking about Windows Phone. I'm interested in hearing about 10 minutes each week on what might be new with Windows Phone. Seems like half the podcast is about Windows Phone. Zzzzz. Stick with desktop Windows, Xbox (within reason) and sprinkle in some enterprise.
I listen to several tech podcasts, one of which referenced Thurrott’s blog. The blog is OK but this 1 1/2 podcast is not. The banter isn’t funny. They give very little tech advice. Mostly, this podcast seemed to discuss rumors- HP v. MSFT etc. I would enjoy listening to informative podcast focused on msft products, but this one is boring.
I listen to a lot of podcasts on my commute. This is the one that sets the quality bar that few others reach. Paul is knowledgeable about Windows, when Leo is on his game (which is most of the time) he is a good foil for Paul, and the content is second to none. Every time a new episode comes out, it immediately becomes my highest priority item. They also talk about Apple, Google, and tech topics related to Microsoft, so this podcast is useful even to non-Windows people. I have to say that Leo's network is rapidly becoming the mainstay of my commute - This Week in Tech is also an excellent podcast (but requires a little ramp-up time of about 3 episodes to get up to speed on the content). Update 3 years later, having listened to over 300 shows: Leo is brilliant but he now talks too much and interrupts Paul all the time When he facilitates he is great, when he chatters, he is irritating and obstructive. Adding Mary Jo has shifted the balance of the podcast content, not always for the better, but she is OK and Paul carries the team. Mary Jo must stop that awful giggling though - it grates time and time again Dropped from a 5-star show to 4-stars.
This show has its share of laughs mixed in with the information. From this show, I've learned why Microsoft makes some of the decisions that it does. It is my opinion that Microsoft is falling behind. Come on Redmond, Let's speed things up a little! If you want some motivation, think Kodak!
Leo hate's Windows so why does he host Windows Weekly?
Just another reason I do not use PCs, except where I'm shackled to one at work, but it is fun to listen to all your apologies for Microsoft. Keep up the good work.
Windows weekly is a great podcast. Paul, Mary Jo, and Leo are very entertaining and they provide the listener with lots of great info in each episode.
Don't think this show is about learning how to use Windows more effectively or the new products more efficiently. Paul is so far ahead of the normal adopter's curve. For example, he was giving Windows 8 tips this summer. I'm like most users, I'm now well into Win 7 and like it, but to the hosts on this show, that ia ancient history and those who use 7 are to be mocked, they are so far out of date. The content often revolves around Paul complaining about syncing his video, pictures, music and games on all devices, and how to do that. Leo often moans about the same problems with his data. The hosts often spend time talking and speculating about the next Windows release, which is good information. In their little tech echo chamber they have no clue about what day to day users do with their content. Day to day users spend time on machines working, not playing games or listening to music. Mary Jo is more connected to everyday users than the two male hosts, but she is often trampled by Leo and Paul. The bright spot on this show is when it is hosted by Iyaz Akhtar. Actually, any show hosted by Iyaz is excellent. He gets the news out, makes the content concise and interesting, while maintaining an entertaining dry sense of humor. Leo is clearly bored with doing all these shows now. It is evident when Paul or Mary Jo will be discussing a serious and interesting topic - Leo will suddently interject with some silly, unrelated comment about something he feels is sooooo funny, and the topic that was at hand is forgotten. Leo has turned his role into that of a podcast jester-rarely serious, but annoying and distracting. I have been a regular listener since pre-Vista release days but I never listen to a whole show anymore. I can't take the silliness coming from the host. It would be nice if the content included more information for real users of the OS most people are using. Give us Win 7 tips now-we're all using it now. Don't restrain it to a 3 minute tip of the week until the end of the show. The show runs too long now with all the "humor" and "comedy" by the main host.
Especially when Leo is not there Why not just call it "Windows bashing weekly"
Rather critical of MS at times, but it is warranted. Very insightful and informative
If you want two hours of Windows bashing and complaining, listen to this podcast. These Apple Fanboys should just stic k to making Apple podcasts.......because this is just complaining, complaining, complaining about Windows. Not worth a listen unless you're an Apple Fanboy.
I am not in love with Microsoft but I am tired of the constant negativity in tech journalism. The sky is not falling and a billion dollars is still a lot of money. Also every company does not have to be #1 to be highly successful. There is only 1Apple, but if you make a substantial profit you are still successful. These guy just bash the company they are discussing for 2 hours every week. I only listen for the 5 minutes of real journalism. I am sick of it but no other alternative out there. I wish I could find a show that just tells what is going on in Redding weekly, they could call it Windows Weekly.
I really look forward to listening to this podcast each week. Paul and Leo had an excellent chemistry between them. Although traditionally more consumer-focused, Windows Weekly has expanded more into the enterprise with the recent addition of Mary Jo Foley. Paul and Mary Ann Jo know their stuff and both have a dry, witty humor that is refreshingly different from the typical boisterous talking hear type shows.
This podcast is my favorite source for windows news
this guy is finding it harder and harder to apologize for Microsoft
I notice several complain about covering iPad, etc. Paul T. is one of the few who has given the Apple products a fair hearing and, appropriately, he is not all that impressed. Very different from Apple bashing alternating with fanbois on many news outlets & podcasts. I wish sometimes he'd go into details more: when he does go under the hood, I've noticed he goes faster. If anything, that's the time to slow down when explaining technical topics. MJ Foley is an excellent reporter & makes the show even better. The good old boy factor with Paul & Leo is maintained. as MJF is a good sport. As a programmer & author of programming-oriented books, I'd like Paul to do more of his traditional geek-oriented tips/commentary. MJF is not a programmer, & her (different) perspective gives some "real people" balance, where by "real" I mean less geeky. As a geek myself, I think we need some real-world feedback, though Paul also can view the tech world from the point of view of a ~ normal person. Overall, it's the best single broadcast out there in the tech world. I wish MacBreak Weekly people exhibited as much balance about Macs/iPhones/etc as Paul does re: Redmund. Fanboi shows like MBW are to be avoided.
Excellent as always. One of the most important podcasts. I usually catch This Week In Tech, Security Now! and WW. Great way to stay informed whether an industry professional, prosumer, or enthisiast. The TWIT network has tech covered like butter on the popcorn!