Reviews For VITAL BODY

as a medical doctor, I can say that this is great advice without bias.
Awesome podcast. Practical advice, short and to the point, and amazing (French-like) accent. What more could you ask for? Like a personal nutrition trainer! Edited - Since listening to this podcast, I have lost 9 pounds (about 6 weeks or so). I never stuck to a diet. Now, I drink fresh fruit smoothies at least 5x a week and I have completely revolutionized my diet. Even though I think the podcasts loop, and there are only a certain amount of podcasts, I really recommend that you listen to the ones that are available.
I am very impressed at how consistantly good Francisco's advice is. All of this stuff is A+. Not only that, but he is very easy to listen to and the podcasts are not excessively lengthy. What more could you ask for? A five star effort.
I really like this podcast! Practical advice and some new twists on eating healthy and why we should! I downloaded 5 episodes and I'm back for more!!! I love the accent! Francisco stays very focused on the topic and doesn't get off track as much as some of the others I have listened to! Thank you! Keep adding more, please.