Reviews For Purl Diving Podcast

I only recently discovered this podcast, but found it so soothing and engaging that I soon downloaded and listened to every episode in the series. What's it all about? Well, imagine an extemporaneous essay on the simple pleasures of life, as envisioned through the eyes of a knitter, and spoken by the loveliest of voices, and you kinda get the idea. It saddens me that as of yesterday 4/24/07, one now needs a username and password to access this terrific program. Even the podcast's website has been rendered accessible only by password. Ms. Matthews has been offering up a delightful and much appreciated "pillowcast." I certainly hope her podcast and website return.
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I do so hope she keeps casting! I am frequently emotionally stirred, surprised, and amazed at her topics. There is no other knitting podcast out there like this, and few that get so deep into the riches of life and how knitting relates to it. She plays classical, Indian, and punk music. She is utterly herself, and it is wonderful.