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Very informative and entertaining. Hopefully we'll be seeing more on different subjects in the future.
A collection of some of the finest talks available. An example is the talk by Vincent Scully on the life and work of Phillips Johnson. It is witty, warm, full of life, and passionate at times. Vincent apparently was talking to a slide show. The talk is engaging even without the visual aid, attesting to his eloquence. However, It would be wonderful if Yale can publish a video podcast of the slide show.
Finally! An opportunity to learn from the best without those high tution bills, lecture hall seat neighbors with questionable personal hygiene and those annoying exams!
these lectures are so helpful for high school students trying to explore an array of majors. What have you got to lose? #1 they're free #2 you actually learn something #3you can simply upload your ipod and listen anywhere (i was taking notes on the subway) #4 wouldn't it impress your teacher if you bring something of these genres to class?! [come on! it definately would] #5 (and most importantly)do it for yourself.
A great collection of fascinating lectures. Exactly what one would expect from Yale's best and brightest. You may not agree with all of their conclusions, but they certainly make you think.