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What happened? I loved this show. They should make early eps available!


By Tetraa
Having searched through the multitude of podcasts that offer commentary and banter about the Star Trek universe in general, this one stood head and shoulders above all the rest. I listened to it for over two years before the show kinda petered out. I find it hard to believe that they've already run out of topics in the Star Trek universe to discuss, as there is so much rich content from which to draw. I believe Simply Syndicated was just taking on too many shows to produce that they decided this one needed to put on the WAY back burner. That said, if you've never listened to this podcast before, feel free to give it a listen. It's enjoyable for what it is, as long as you don't expect them to return and make new episodes anytime soon. R.I.P., M.I.S.
As someone who cannot talk to my wife about this subject - for which I truly love - this podcast is priceless. Great entertainment, funny and informative. Keep it up!
Displaced American listening to the show from Korea. I really enjoy the show. I check for updates at least once a week. Pleased when i find a new show available. Keep going with the episode riffs, ITunes GOLD.
I just started listening a few weeks ago, and love the podcast. I think you guys are hysterical and entertaining. Keep it up. Thanks,
I'm so excited to see new episodes! Thanks for coming back!
In the last couple of months I've listened to other ST podcast, and aside from Starbase 66, they have no idea what the f**k the're talking about...welcome back gentleman...well done!
Yay! How you've been missed. Even if it's not a weekly thing, I'll take what I can get. Funniest Trek Cast EVER!
I wish there were some updated irreverant chronicals from this crew. I miss it.
This is the coolest show. A really laid back look at Trek. They just have fun and get off topic and it's so funny!
Most Trek podcasts have been disappointing, but Make It So is always a great fun to listen to. Here’s hoping it’ll come back soon!
They won't come back. Unsubbing.
Welcome to the most under-planned but funniest show on the planet. Nerds, geeks, trekkies, and trekkers alike will all love this amazing show.
I am only a casual fan of Star Trek and I still listen to this podcast every week. The guys are always funny and enjoyable.
If you love Star Trek, and have a sense of humor about it, then this show never fails to entertain. This isn't the place for dry discussions about how many transporter rooms there are aboard a Vor'cha class battle cruiser, but if you want to ponder which Captain would win in a cage match, or who was the worst person to take the Enteprise helm, then welcome aboard.
If you love Star Trek you will love this podcast.
A lighthearted look at Star Trek from across the pond. Not slavishly devoted to the genre, rather willing to poke fun of the tropes and proclivities of the crew of the Enterprise, DS9, and Voyager series. Not for the uber fan who can't take a well intentioned hit to the engine room. But if you like a little "what if" scenario play, best of season ___, crew reassignments, and even the occaisional episode commentary, then by all means give it a shot. You'll be surprised how much you laugh.
This podcast reminds me of my friends from college sitting around talking about Trek over a few beers (and other things). (It was on three time a night for a while, so you could pretty much ensure it would happen to be on whenever we were chilling out). Good times! The best thing about this group is that it is the ONLY Star Trek podcast with a warning of "Explicit Language". Very natural. Very entertaining. Keep it up! Just make sure Allison keeps coming around from time to time to keep you all grounded!
I'm sorry to say this, but this podcast is not very imaginative & quite dull. The presenters are not very Trek savy & tend to tangent away from Trek into subject matter that really isn't all that interesting. I had to stop after listening to two episodes. My ears just couldn't handle any more than that. Very disappointing.
These guys know their stuff when it comes to Trek and they are funny! They can branch off into different directions while talking Trek and it is always entertaining. Good job fellows!
Funny irreverant, and die-hard trekkies!! Cant get enough of this show!
But the hosts are all sixes and sevens.....of nine
This is a great podcast, and my favorite Star Trek podcast on the net. It has made me think about Star Trek in some very different ways, and I love it. It is also the show that opened the door to the podcasts of Simply Syndicated for me. I haven't looked back since. I recommend this show as well as all of the Simply Syndicated podcasts to any mature Trek Fan. (BTW, listen for the random Star Trek reference in almost every SimSyn show)
Im new to podcasts in general but as soon as I learned about them I immediately looked for a Trek one. This wasnt the first one I tried but its the only one I still listen to. The hosts have such a great laid back style and a casual love for the series and (most) of its characters. They are also really funny, we in the US dont always get British humor but I almost always laugh at the jokes on Make It So. My only complaint is the loss of co-host Mike Dawson along the way but the new additions are good as well, I think Id just gotten to know Mike's personality well enough over the course of 70 episodes to come to expect his responses and sharp wit and now I only know Rich and not so much the others. Still, a great show Id recommend to anyone with even a passing interest in Star Trek.
Whether you are already die-hard or are a casual fan of Star Trek, this podcast has something for you - and it will leave you wanting to dig through the archives to fill the void until the next show. Always entertaining, never pretentious, this is one of many great Simply Syndicatd podcasts, and a superb Star Trek resource.
Even though I was never a huge Star Trek fan this podcast has become my favorite. Thanks to these guys I have quickly become a very big fan of the shows. They have made me remember how cool the series really has been & how hillarious it can be if you watch it in a light hearted way. I even got into a brand new series thanks to their recomendation (DS9) & it really is very very good. I even just started a Netflix account just to get my fix as much as possible witout having to buy all the DVD's. Just wanted to say that these guys are great!!! Keep up the good work and continue to MAKE IT SO!
I stumbled on MIS about a year ago though iTunes and was instantly hooked. I have found it to have vastly improved in quality technically over the early episodes. (the early episodes using skype as an example). I found the episodes where they explore aspects of the ST universe most interesting. Not so much a fan of the shows of them watching and discussing an episode, but those also only occured early on. Being Star Trek, new topics can be a challenge, but they have taken it to nearly 100 shows.
If your a Trek fan you have to listen to this podcast. I hope they make a Quantum Leap podcast very soon! Listen to the Movie Matinee...
Just found this podcast and it is awesome. These guys know their stuff and are hilarious.
These are the kind of guys that you would have a great time hanging with, given the chance. Add onto that the fact that they're generally talking about all things Star Trek, and each and every podcast becomes an instant winner. Subscribe to these guys and you won't be disappointed!!
I LOVE this podcast! I got through every single Make it So in about 3 months (granted I have a bit of a commute, but I wouldn't have done it if Richard and his friends weren't so darn entertaining)!! I've been a Star Trek fan for years....but mostly TNG and kind of the movies. So, this was great with the knowledge I already had and adding more to it! Now, I just have to wait for the next episode.......!!!!!! :) KEEP IT UP!! :)
Love the show ! You don't even need to be a Trek fan to love the discussions these guys have.
Great Trek topics & funny as hell.
I have never seen an episode of the show, and have only watched First Contact. But I still love this podcast. To be fair, I've only listened to about 4 episodes and for at least a third of each of them (usually more) they weren't talking about Star Trek. But fans of the show would love this I'm sure. Hell, this kind of makes me want to rent Star Trek and give it a shot.
If you like Star Trek, or you like the fun people of Simply Syndicated, you'll love this podcast. They take an extremely humourous and silly approach to the Star Trek setting, and consistently crack me up.
If you're a big Star Trek fan and just discovering this podcast (as I am), you're in for a treat. The topics are fun and inventive and the podcasters are obviously having a good time. They actively solicit topic ideas from their listeners and approach every discussion with humor, wit and true affection for the series and movies.
thanks to you guys i see star trek in a whole new light. Don't change a thing you guys are great. For me the show i like the most is ds9 so talk more about it.
I have loved Star Trek since watching re-runs of the original series in the 70's and love this podcast. With all respect to Dawson, I like the lighter tone now that he is no longer on the show. Being hypercritical does not make you an automatic intellectual. Life is way too short to brood. : )
This podcast could easily be edited down to 15 to 20 minutes. While it is sometimes interesting or entertaining I don't think the return is worth the investment in time required to listen to it from beginning to end.
Okay, so I am a podcast junky! I need to hear interesting things while I am at work for 9 hours and you guys are definatly one of my favorites!!!!! When I first started listening to you I would do that "body shaking" I can't control it, I actually laugh out loud until tears come down. I was so excited to get two episodes this week!!!!! The 2nd one was the best, when you were making up your own movie....not a dry eye at my desk for most of the cast!!!!! Live Long and Prosper, gentlemen!!!!! You are not an unnamed Ensign!!!!!!
fantastic stuff. everything on simply syndicated is great, i listen to this show at work and it makes the 8 hours fly by. Looking forward to every new episode ever.
Talks about Star Trek in an entertaining and hilarious way.
This is fun discussions about Trek that any fan has had with there friends. I love the wonderful discussions from real fans not just fan boys. I like that there candied that they don't have a encyclopedic knowledge of all things Trek. That they know what they like and don't get bogged down in to many details or the minutia of the Trek univers. They take the series and movies and talk and rate them in face value. I say Warp Factor 9 into my iPod Make It So! Engage!
It is difficult to make liking Star Trek not feel like the epitome of nerdom. Richard and his rotating band of co-hosts accomplish this by asking both insightful questions such as practical uses for Star Trek technology, and excellent season by season reviews and the occasional off the wall question such as "who exactly does clean up after Cmdr. Riker in the holodeck" Well done Simply Syndicated and keep up the good work.
Excellent podcast on Star Trek. This is actually the first podcast I subscribed to, so I'm glad I picked a winner!
I havn't been into Star Trek for a long time but these guys got me back into it. They love Star Trek and so do I. This is good for the fans of Star Trek. They even make me think about things that I never thoguht of like swearing in Star Trek or things you never see in Star Trek. This good for any fan of the shows, or movies, or anything related to Star Trek.
These guys take Star Trek seriously enough to make their jokes absolutely hilarious. Maybe the British accents help a little too. The jokes and the insight compiment each other perfectly.