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Reviews For Chilled Music Podcast


By rm89772
Great mix of music. Excellent selections, impeccable attention to detail. Nice work!
Wonderful downtempo to relax to after a hard day!
Great mixing, awesome song selection and blending. It's the best Chilled Mix around!


By Stacy C
Regular listener here. I only have Chilled Podcast in my iPod that I take running with me. Good job, Ted.
I also really like this podcast. However in the past few episodes, my iPod will not play them. Something in the file keeps restarting my iPod software. I'm going to have to say goodbye, Ted.
Great selection of tunes, totally brings the right vibe and mood! Great work Ted!
I like this podcast very much but when I go to rewind it on my shuffle it skips back and forth through the podcast."It makes it a pain in the left earlobe"!
This is a really nice podcast. All kinds of music (new and old) that I haven't heard before. I listen every week. Thank you!
There are a lot of chill music podcasts out there but most contain grade B and C music with bad mixing. Ted Levine has excellent taste. This is wonderful music. I have to drive very early in the morning and this is perfect. It is also wonderful after a long day at work - I turn this on, grab a galss of wine, and go through my mail with this in the background. Thanks for a great service, Ted!!
Excellent podcast! I look forward to new installations every week. Very similar to "Chilled Side of the Moiuntain" for you Seattle listeners. This is definitely worth subscribing to...and the fact that it's free is an added bonus!
Can't tell you how much I enjoy the Chilled podcasts, and I especially like that they are enhanced. Please keep up the great work!