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This show features a great round up of anything and everything from Pendant Productions. The show quality itself is absolutely incredible. But that said, this show is certaintly not for everyone. I would only recommend it to those looking to keep up with Pendant's work on audio dramas; if you're looking of any other kinds of news, then you should find another podcast. Also, occasionally a foul word or two will pop up. Those sensative to such should listen with caution.
A crazy, stream-of-consiousness look at some of the behind-the-scenes happenings over at Pendant. Friendly, informative and best of all, hilarious!
TWIP is an awesome interview and update show for Pendant Audio! Jeffrey is a friendly awesome and funny guy. I can't wait to hear more TWIP!
The best part about this show is also the worst part about this show. I like the interviews with the Pendant personnel, but it's so obvious that it's scripted, recorded separately, and assembled like one of their dramas. Why don't they do an actual, live interview? While we're at it, drop the "How did you find Pendant?" question. There's only so many answers to that question, and we've heard them all by now. Back in January, Pendant missed their first release date. With three years of history behind them, that's pretty impressive, actually. Unfortunately, Jeff Bridges obsessed over the missed deadline. He ought to be more concerned with raising the quality of his shows. Most of them are okay, or at least acceptable. But there's nothing GREAT, nothing that makes me anxious for the next episode, nor desperate to share with friends. THAT is what he should be aiming for. Pendant is preparing another show in their DC-Pendant universe. This might be good, but who knows? Jeff Bridges has kept the name of the show completely under wraps, but in doing that he has let slip a golden opportunity to build up the interest in the new show. He should have been promoting it all along on TWIP, playing trailers and excerpts, talking it up as much as possible. Instead it's always, "the upcoming fifth DC-P show, but I can't talk about it yet." So he keeps the whole show hidden. How much more excitement would be built if people actually KNEW what they were getting excited about? For instance, if I knew that a Teen Titans show were coming, or a Green Lantern Corps series was coming, I'd be a whole lot more interested in listening to the shows *now* just to hear clues for what is to come. But this way, I really don't care about the new show since I know nothing about it. True, there are some that are excited anyway, but it's the equivalent of when someone tells you, "I have a secret but I can't tell you." Frankly, I find that boring, not enticing.
A must for all fans of pendant
This podcast cracks me up, especially the ones where they discuss the search terms for people who are new to Pendant. I find this podcast to be continuously entertaining and never boring, everything a great podcast should be. Keep up the great work Jeffrey and guys! :)
Just had to say it agian, Pendant Rocks. I have listened to everything (And I do mean everything, I even liked the Bond story you did, (Go listen... Now. Well did you listen yet? Why not? Damn it, don't question me just go!) which sadly I guess a lot of people didn't like.), and hope to get a chance to audition for you guys. Oh wait this is a review... Rightm uhm, well this is the best place to get the news that you need and want about this great company. Jeffery, and everyone, we salute you. :) (On and you have to let me see the naked lady closet at some point yam face... he he)
If your in to the mindless ramblings of a madman, well Jeffrey, don't call me Jeff, is your answer. It's not a podcast story like the rest of the Pendant Productions, it's like, well let's see, sort of'll get it once you listen. I actually enjoy this podcast more than audio drama's, because the creativity as amazing, it like they love what they are doing or something. Till the Naked lady closet gets full or empty, I'm not sure which one would be worse, I will be listening like a crackhead each and every week.


By aylara
TWIP is just a great way to keep up with what is happening at Pendant. Jeffrey Bridges is a really entertaining host and manages to keep everything light and funny even when it's just him talking for minutes on end. I'm surprised at the amount of work that goes into what is just a weekly news podcast. Great job and please keep it up! Further, the nod to Sifl and Olly is just great (the sound effects)!!
This is a great way to get your updates on Pendant Productions and it's way funny! I especially like the interviews and reports on web searches for Pendant Audio related material.
A wacky, zany fun look at the weekly happenings of Pendant Audio. Cast interviews, previews of upcoming shows. The works! worth the listen just for the laughs! Sure to put a smile on your face!