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Thank you for your medications. So grateful.
Thank you so so much for continuing to record episodes. These have gotten me through these tough times and I am so grateful.
Not sure what that was but most certainly wasn’t meditation
I have returned to this podcast station over and over again, especially in times of need. It has helped me through some of the toughest times of my life. Forever grateful.


By jerranc
This podcast is the best one so far.
The new episodes have a loud annoying voice irritates my head does not put me at ease. Bring back the soothing quiet voice please!
I love this pod cast and have been listening for many years. It helped me get thru cancer, the doctor visits, and treatments, by helping me to acknowledge, to release and let go of non-serving energy. Please bring some of the old episodes back.
Perfect tone of voice and peaceful sounds :)
Perfect for trying out during trying times.
I’ve been listening to the Mediation Podcast since the early 2006 . I haven’t heard anything comparable to Jeane & Jesse - their Podcast is the best. How can I get your podcast from 2006? (One- Basic Meditation, Two- Calming The Body, Three- Positive Thoughts, Six -Falling Asleep) These really help me.....a lot. Please keep up the awesome work- both of your voices are so calming and relaxing. Thank you!
Hardly any meditation. A lot of talk about what they will do. Much of their monologue is centered on their site and product subscriptions. I rarely write reviews, but am pretty disappointed with this cast. Would’ve given one star rating, but the woman’s voice is soothing, which eases you into their site and subscriptions. Overall, no value to me.


By Ebnj
This podcast got me through some of the toughest parts of my life. Very soothing guided meditation. Love both Jessie’s and Jean’s voices. Thank you.
Will you be making more? I can’t even get through much I’m out like a light...whatever your auditory tools are....they are absolutely amazing!!


Very enjoyable to listen to, keep it up!
Wonderful meditations. Has helped me so much over many years now. If I’m having a difficult time this soothes me and helps me get into a much better mind set and calms my body. These meditations have helped me through some very rough roads. I’m Forever grateful to these hosts. THANK YOU ♥️
I’ve been searching for the right meditation podcast for me and now I have found it. The deep state of relaxation achieved with the sound frequencies is amazing. Grateful!
After listening to several of the current meditations, I’m giving up. The electronic hum and ‘white noise’ static are unpleasant and too distracting for the soft tones of the speaker. I had so hoped to benefit from this meditation.
The white noise/electrical humming sound in the background of the more recent episodes if so off-putting and grating that I can no longer listen to this series. Very disappointing as I enjoyed it for years.
I have been using this podcast for the last six + years and still love it. Their voices are more relaxing than any others I've tried. I'm glad I saved some of my favorite episodes from 2007 and 2011 because they don't appear in the available episodes anymore. Any chance all the episodes prior to 2019 can be put back up? There were some great ones.
This is a really first-rate podcast, very thoughtful and professionally produced I use their guided meditations pretty much every day. I have been for several years now. I wish all the old episodes were still here, but apparently the old episodes have migrated to Patreon. Thank you for this helpful podcast.
Whatever the white noise may be, it’s distracting and doesn’t serve any purpose. I couldn’t continue on.
Cannot find the archives. Really like your thoughtfulness and calm.
I find his voice very soothing. I really appreciate the “Resolving Anger” episode, please rerelease? The “Chi Energy Bath” is another favorite! Powerful stuff. I think you guys should create an app once you have enough material. I’d support that!
This podcast has great potential and used to be wonderful. now I find his voice awful (he has changed it since the early episodes). hers is really great so I wish only she would talk. Secondly, it’s only the first 10 episodes max and more like maybe 1-5 that are truly excellent so I wish they’d either post those or consider going back to how the earliest ones were done.
Missing the basic meditation!
Can you please re release the old episodes? I really liked the episode where listeners were guided to lengthen breath gradually from 1 to 16 beats. I think it had the word “anger” in the title but it’s not the same as the other episode currently available that also has “anger” in title. Thanks!
I love the voice, the tone and pace.
Every night I put this podcast on and it’s usually if I can’t sleep it calms me into sleeping it’s very calming and easy to learn so great job creators 🤩🤩🤩🤩
I try other meditation podcasts and always come back to this. Beautifully arranged and spoken. I too miss Episode 6 for sleep!! It got me there.
Way too many suggestions and visualizations; this is like watching a boring movie but you have to imagine it happening... not meditating in my opinion.
I love this podcast! Can you re-release the older episodes? I used to listen to them everyday to manifest!! 😄
I used Episode 6: Falling Asleep when I was struggling with night terrors from PTSD and it was the only thing that worked. I can’t find the episode anywhere, now! Can you re-release or do more sleep podcasts?
Beautiful podcast makes you feel at peace and protected. Thank you
I subtract 1 star because I honestly have no idea if I’m benefitting from the *meditation* aspect of this podcast... simply because it lulls me into a slumber (or trance?) every time. But I would give it 5/5 stars for relaxation!
I’ve tried several guided meditation apps and podcasts and this one is the best. Even compared to guided meditation in groups with teachers I still prefer this podcast. The basic meditation is my go to and great for beginners.
Thank you, Chel. You help me to relax. Thank you for sharing your gift.
Your podcasts have helped me ease emotional pain and have helped me fall asleep. Very strongly recommend listening to this podcast for anyone who needs to zone out and tune in to their inner self.
I usually do not write reviews but I feel compelled to in this case. I absolutely love this podcast! I often struggle with anxiety and balancing my energy as I wear my emotions on my sleeve. Whenever I feel down or anxious I play this podcast and it eases my mind and levels me. I can honestly say I listen to this every day. One of my favorites is the “Self Love” podcast because I struggle with my self image/body. It reminds me to love myself and accept my existence in this universe. This podcast has made a worlds difference in my life and mental health. I definitely recommend it! :)
Peaceful, centered meditations that truly do heal. If you suffer from anxiety or insomnia these meditations are a blessing! I i’ve had panic attacks in the evening and use them to calm myself. If I wake with anxiety in my chest; and that negative voice in my head; simply put on my earbuds and devote 10 to 20 minutes to listen to this amazing meditation. And I agree with the last review I read the DNA meditation has been absolutely amazing for this phase in my life🙏 thank YOU! And please never leave us!!!! ☮️💜
I felt an immediate answer to all of the questions & earthly situations that have become so intensely burdensome. I felt the wash, the activation, the cleanse that was badly needed, to be released, to manifest my highest & best purpose in this lifetime. I can’t wait to go out & live today, with this renewed cleanse & spirit activated! I love these incredible meditations, when I thought I could not ever learn how to manifest my highest & best purpose or even to meditate. Thank you! Thank you!
These meditations have changed my life. No other meditations I’ve found have helped me slip into a meditative state so quickly. They are the best part of my day, worth every penny.
I am a beginner at meditation. From what I read it appears other episodes are not available for download unless you pay. Greed!
I had used MeditationPodcast for years and had my favorite meditations. Stopped listening when they removed my favorites and was informed that I could only access them by subscribing and paying fees. I do not have the ability to do so in my current circumstances. I recently decided to take another look and see which meditations were available. I'm sad that I do not like most of the current "episodes" especially the man's funky (ie, fake spiritual tone) voice. Can't get into these. Searching again for terrific meditation podcasts, if you have any suggestions. BTW, I am not a beginner. Thank you for your help.
Got rid of all their episodes to escape to this Patreon BS, so sad. Moving on to another.
Great calming, soothing voice. I love and recommend it.
I love this podcast. I really do. But I’m incredibly disappointed in their decision to remove 90% of their content and only make it available for a fee on patreon. They say that part of the reason for making the move is to be more inclusive but charging people is the exact opposite of that. Look I get wanting to be paid but give people the option. That’s what most podcasts do. They don’t take away access to all but a very few episodes. My budget is extremely tight so I’m now limited to the few episodes on here and unable to listen to the some meditations that have really helped me in the past. Stop excluding people and start actually being inclusive by giving people more of a choice.
There was one podcast I listened to for over two years that they got rid of and it was called Sleep. That was the FIRST mediation podcast I ever listened to and it worked! Where did it go!? They have gotten rid of it. I know it’s an older podcast from years ago but it was amazing! Wish it was still on here. There wasn’t a lot of talking on it and the music/sounds were peaceful. It knocked me out quickly. Please bring it back and let me know.
Hi! Long-time listener, big fan. Just wanted to inform you guys that the latest episode is undownloadable. I don't know if the file is corrupt or what. Might want to check that and possibly re-upload? That aside, great job on your show! I love your guided meditations. They help me cope with the stressful work day on a daily basis and have helped me achieve a new level of peace and happiness in my life that I otherwise don't think I could have reached. :)


Perfect for me!