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Thanks guys for an awesome recruiting or recruitmass recap. This week has been a very weak week for quality podcasts and this was right on time with really great info and insight. I am super hyped to see our early enrollees at G-Day. Thanks and have a merry Christmas
Thanks for your effort! I appreciate what you do and have been listening in Asia these last three years. I’m not exactly sure when I discovered you, but listening to your podcasts is one of the bright spots of the week. Thanks for keeping it real and keeping it free. It’s obvious you guys are doing for the love of it. Thanks!
Derek & Old Dog are classic lifetime Dawgs, like me so my review is simple. Profanity & all - THE best Podcast on the net! Period!
I have been listening to these guys for years. A great podcast for rabid dawg fans.
11 years ago when I was uprooted from Georgia I found these guys on their infancy. They helped me get a little piece of Home each week and made me feel connected to the program in a way no other coverage could. From day one they have stayed true to their game... two funny guys w an honest and entertaining love of Georgia football. You will not be bored or hit over the head w deep analysis or have to listen to someone drone on and on in a monotonous tone. They are the perfect balance of old school Georgia fans; both perpetually optimistic w a heathy dose of skepticism that perfectly defines what it feels like to be a Dawg fan. Two guys you want to tailgate with before and after games over some bourbon and cold fried chicken. There’s no shortage of Georgia podcast these days but no one will replace the original 100,000 watt flamethrower of truth. From 60ft below the turf of our beloved Sanford Stadium.....All hail the dawgcast!
Thanks Murph. Great show and enjoy listening . Keep em coming and Go Dawgs. Sic em
I've been listening to this podcast for years, and it is by the far the best. The hosts (Derek and Old Dawg) are passionate Dawg Fans, and they're not afraid to tell it like it is. The only negative? They don't put out more shows.
Great job and podcast! Enjoy the solid content and appreciate the analysis and brings up rational that is much needed from those that are on the boards.
I'm as critical as the next fan, but not a big fan of adults calling college kids SOB's. These guys are the ones you hate sitting next to during a game.
This is exactly what I was looking for. There's plenty of crap out there saying the same, well, crap! I love listening to these guys, it makes me feel better laughing at the annual, inevitable, crapping of the bed from the dawgs.
Love the show. Old Dawg is kind of like your drunk grandfather at a tailgate on North campus.
Love this podcast keeping this UGA Super Fan informed.
There are other and much better UGA podcasts. Unless you like knuckleheads that do nothing but run down our players.
These guys really do have more of a clue what's going on with the team than the current coaching staff.
Season after season young and old dawg deliver the best UGA game info and player info.with a bit of humor and irony thrown in along with general SEC stuff.Not to be missed if your a fan!Thanks for all you do guys Go Dawgs!


By Jonez85
You guys r freakin awesome I love your passion for the team!! Great podcast every time only been listening about a month should have found u fellas podcast long ago!!! keep up the good work!
I can't listen to this anymore. I recommend this podcast for any UGA fan/graduate who doesn't support the coaching staff and feels entitled to championships every year. Apparently, there are a lot of you out there. Meanwhile, the rest of us level-headed grads and fans will continue to support the team and staff as we are on the way to a 2nd consecutive division title. I stopped listening last season for the same reasons. The hosts also speak as if the team is listening to the podcast as well. Maybe they are and I just don't know. Either way, it's kind of silly. Go Dawgs!
These guys are the self proclaimed as the "only" source of info on the bulldogs but honestly there is very little good information that comes out of these guys. Mostly negative comments and little to no game previews other than " better show up to play". If you want useful info on the dawgs, check out the dawg gone podcast and solid verbal real info on college football!
I just wish my Gamecocks had a podcast that was this opinionated, fearless and just plain fun! These guys lay it on the line and aren't afraid of eating their word when necessary. Last year Ole Dawg had a few remarks to make about Marcus Lattimore and what would result when he was hit by a full grown man. The next week he was gracious and self-deprecating after Lattimore ran for 180+ yards and broke (literally) 42 tackles. Good show, guys. Update: Where is the post game show on the 2012 South Carolina game?
Great podcast! Old Dawg is a trip.
I've been looking for a good Dawgs podcast and finally found it. Derek and Old Dawg are fun and informative. They take care of my Dawg fix. Thought they had stopped the show but was happy to see I was wrong. First few episodes have been great and I look forward to my first full season!
Amazing! These guys are the best in the game. Look forward to listening each and every week. And btw if these guys say it you can take it to the bank!
Old Dawg and Derek are awesome...listening now for 2 years. Episode 176 is a Classic!!!!
great show for Dawg fans!
I'm a UGA student that's been listening since 2006, and I've been a huge fan ever since then. Derek and Ole Dawg give the most insightful input about the team in the funniest way. Great way to stay informed about the team. They always tell it like it is - no punches pulled. Look forward to every show. Keep it up! And GO DAWGS!!
Great show during the season, however once the offseason comes they don't do very many shows. My suggestion would be to get a sub if someone can't do the show. It's been 5 weeks and we have a new d-coordinator, recruiting is done and still no show. That's lame at best!!
The two hosts are amateurish, sometime sophomoric and in no way affiliated with the University of Georgia Athletic Deparment...that's what makes them great. They do have insight into UGA's football program and have great commentary on play-calling, defense and special teams. This is by no means a "professional" podcast, but it is the best UGA football podcast available. The DawgCast is not meant to replace professional sports reporting; it is analogous to sitting on a lawn chair, drinking beer and talking about the Dawgs on a Saturday morning. It's good stuff!
If u are a live for georgia fan, this is for u. It talks about the Georgia o and d and the next oppenents and aslo reviews the games. The need to be a little more positive though
Been a listener for years
If you are a die-hard Georgia fan, this is a must. I've listened the first episode and can honestly say this is the best podcast. Derrick & Ol Dawg are hilarious. They make the funniest jokes and comments. They also say the stuff that needs to be said like who's looking bad whereas other pidcasts wouldn't. If you think Tim "Chebow" is a cheeseball, this is definately the podcast for you, go dawgs!
talk about the team positively... damn
I downloaded the most recent episode at the suggestion of a friend of mine. I was quickly turned off by comments directed toward two outgoing players ("Don't let the door hit you in the a-- on the way out") and a particularly offensive (at least to me) comment toward Knowshon Moreno and his decsion to go to the NFL ("Knowshon went up to New Jersey and called his HS coach in the hood, and his coach told him, 'You've got to get paid!'"). If this isn't bad enough, the inability to call prospects by their actual name is all over the place. Washaun Ealy, not Washaun Easly. Between the disparaging comments and the mistaken names, this is going to get "unsubscribed" from my podcast list.
these guys do a great job talking UGA football and keeping the show lite and funny. They cover everything from game breakdowns, to coaching, to recruiting. This is by far the best DAWG related podcast on the net. If you're a true GEORGIA fan, do yourself a favor and check this show out right now.
Old Dawg and Derrick crack me up and just every now and then they actually have some insightful information. To listen you must be a die hard UGA fan or a drunk in need of drinking buddy. These guys are great and hopefully they will never change a thing. GO DAWGS and DawgCast crew.
I love these guys. They're very passionate about UGA football and really bring Athens, GA and the hometown football spirit to me weekly since I now live in Idaho.
Anything having to do with the Bulldogs should naturally appeal to a die-hard Dawg Fan. But fortunately the two guys that do this podcast aren't just another couple of talking heads discussing the Dawgs; these guys are great together and this podcast is a lot of fun to listen to. The regular dose of Georgia football talk that Derek and Ol Dawg provide is my fix during the loooong offseason, and I look forward to downloading it every Sunday night after another SEC Saturday. I know it is "just" a podcast, but I consider it one of my more authoritative sources for Dawg news...better than the AJC or most of the UGA blogs, and of course far better than god-awful ESPN. Plus, the guys are hilarious, especially after a few adult beverages. I also appreciate how these guys maintain the fan perspective on everything, too. Way to go, Derek and Ol' Dawg. Download this podcast if you are a Dawg fan; you'll love it, too.


funny, and shows uga's superiority.
I love this show I listen to it everyday I just got imy Ipod a week ago and i already have 11 episodes can't wait for The Mythbusters Tim Tebow Edition Cause Tebow aint dat great GOOOOO DAWGS!
What as crappy podcast for a crappy sports team
Very entertaining. The Dawgcast is filled with all plenty of inside Georgia jokes and information for the more than enthusiastic dawg fan.
If you have a burning desire to listen to a couple of guys like the ones at the Georgia games that spend the whole game screaming criticisms at the team and coaches, but know nothing about football - this is your show. Please, put these Dawgs to sleep.
for dawg fans, this is good entertainment...like chewing on rawhide to keep us ready for the next bite. the clean rating is incorrect. the podcast is consistently peppered with profanity...even the "f" word. come on guys, keep the podcast clean. if you need some acceptable adjectives, get a thesaurus...or lay off the adult beverages before recording the show. this is the difference in a 5 star and 2 star rating.