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This is a really great show ignore the comments about commercials support this person he does a great job and deserves all of our help
Thank you, Clyde, for bringing us a long forgotten world of radio drama! I am always anxious for a new episode. Thank you so much for this pod!


By pg00
I listen to this for hours.
Great podcast, lots of variety with the old radio programs. The audio quality is great. I'm happy to listen to a few commercials when the podcast is free (let's not be greedy people).
Great podcast! These old-school radio dramas are perfect for my boring bus commute and road trips. Such fun with the scary music and acting and sound effects. Clyde's hopespun cheeriness is a perfect counterpoint to the suspense.
Yes, a few commercials, but outstanding old time radio, and worth support. Give them a listen, you won't regrett it.
I love OTR and this podcast would be awesome, if they would cut down on the length of the 'commercials' in the middle of the show. They are long and dont change which makes them even more annoying! I would mind them if they were just a few seconds but they are long drawn out one-sided conversations and they are painful to listen to. If you can get past that the shows are great.


i love listening to the old radio shows and this has a pretty good variety. my one big complaint is that they don't have whole shows, they just get cut off. There is also too much advertising.