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This is probably the best podcast about movies out there. Not only do they share their opinions about their favorite films and directors, but they help to make you think about what your favorites are. If you are a huge film buff or just a casual movie watcher, they have something for everyone. I just wish that the iTunes store would offer ALL of the episodes, and not just the past ten.
This show is infomative, and I gotten some great recomendations from it.
I cannot believe there are only three reviews for this podcast. I love listening to shows that talk about movies, and this is my current favorite by far. The only thing I would change is to supplement the critical and technical discussions on movies (from just about every aspect) with reviews of new movies. New movies are rarely discussed. Overall, however, the hosts are knowledgeable and the discussions are always intriguing.
These guys love movies and it shows. They aren't critics but rather fans of cinema who can talk about a wide spectrum of topics related to movies. They carry the show without many bells and whistles and are almost always successful in their approach. From sophisticated films to the low-brow, there is something for everyone and no matter how much you already know about movies, I bet you'll learn more. At the least, you be entertained and can actually "play along at home" with some of their segments. And while they aren't critics, it doesn't mean you don't get critiques on movies.
Even if you don't consider yourself a movie buff, you will find this podcast interesting and informative. While displaying an impressive knowledge of cinematic topics, Sam and Stephen manage to keep their banter at a conversational level that's easy to follow along with, and even participate in via the All Movie Talk blog site. If you have even an inkling of an interest in film, this is the podcast for you.
Man, I don't even really like movies that much, but I like this podcast. Give it a try, these guys deliver.