Reviews For North Boulevard Church of Christ Sermons: Audio

You'll be blown away by the God given abilities these men have that are being podcasted here at the North Blvd. Church of Christ. These are humble men, preaching the Truth with great accuracy and conviction. If you were ever looking for real spiritual challenges, and also a great deal of insight into Scriptures, this is a great place to start. I believe that truly great speakers are few and far between, and North Blvd. has two of the best in the business right here. Thank you North Blvd. for providing this free service. My wife and I were members while living in Murfreesboro and still enjoy listening and learning from a distance all the way in Utah. God bless.
David Young is a gifted orator and Bible scholar who can weave a sermon like a fine tapestry. The way in which he "unpacks" the words, phrases, and intent of scripture is not only fascinating, but educating. John Risse, also a pulpit minister at North Boulevard, delivers pragmatic, real-life lessons which eminate from the voice of experience. Irrespective of denominational affiliation, and even if the listener is just seeking, the few minutes spent with this podcast will be well worth the time spent.