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By DJZedd
Not worth the time
These two know what makes a great podcast. They info they have on popular and underground games is staggering. Always a great time listening to what they have to say. Keep up the great work.
Simply amazing podcast that should not be passed up.
Glad to see its still going. Good job guys.
The definitive retro games podcast. It is funny and (mostly) well informed with great hosts and equally great guests. It also is well recorded and edited so that it doesn't sound like it was recorded with a Talk Boy.
I'm loving this show, many details about games I played, wanted to play, and sometimes never heard of.
Is there a chance we can have the early episodes put back up, to re listen since unfortunatley 1up is no more? Jeremy and Bob thank you so much for the countless hours of nostelgia. This show will be greatly missed
I love retronauts! It was first podcast I subscribed to and still my favorite! Have Chris Kholer and Christian Nutt on more. They are some of the most knowledgeable guys in the industry. Thanks retronauts!
Good informative talk for the most part. I've been listening for about 4 years now. I just wish it was a weekly show.
Best podcast out there
It's fun to reminisce, and just as fun to hear about the classics that I missed. The only complaint I have about this podcast is that it doesn't get updated often enough.
These guys know their stuff. Consistantly entertaining and informative..
LOVE IT. My new favorite
Retronauts in the show that got me into podcasting period, and it's remained my favorite for many years. A great cast of knowledgeable and funny people wax nostalgic about all your favorite old videogames. Try a few episodes that cover things you're interested in and you'll soon find yourself listening to everything in between.
I was very excited to listen to these podcasts. However, I can't listen to them with my kids in the car because of the random and unnecessary foul language.
I have listened to literally every single episode of this pod cast and it never gets old. Full of information and super fun to listen to.
I've been listening to Retronauts since 2009/2010 and no matter who has hosted the show, be in Jeremy Parrish or Bob Mackey, the show continues to be an excellent exploration of classic gaming. The recent episode about Evangelion was AMAZING and I deeply enjoyed it. The podcast is well thought out and does not have any of the casual homophobia or gross machismo of other video game podcasts and for that as an LGBT person, I am immensely grateful. Thank you for being awesome Retronauts!
This is the only podcast I listen to religiously. Great group. Bob Macky is an excellent host.
Sometimes you guys make me feel old.
I have listened to Retronauts since the very first episode and it has been my go to comfort for classic game discussion ever since. With so many twists and turns over the years, guests that came and went, the Jen Frank era (boo! Mountain King!), Mangod defending the purity of the Sega Master System and the Saturn, Jeremy changing formats - long, short, live, panels, and the AMAZING TG-16 episode by Ray, Brandon, and Christian, Retronauts still continues to remain awesome. Under the direction of Bob Mackey, Retronauts continues to be an amazing show, but with even more focused direction. His approach combines the randomness of the earlier years with a new cadence that emerges as the perfect Fandango between old and new. Smart, funny, and able to weave the word "brobdingnagian" into a sentence upon the command of Jeremy, makes Bob an awesome host and I look forward to the holiday special he is preparing for 2012. If you are a fan of classic video games or just want to learn about the origin of the games you whippersnappers play today, Retronauts is the only podcast you need.
Not much more I can say. Mr. Mackey, you've given all us old, jaded gamers something to look forward to each week. (I wrote that back when it was still a weekly or semi weekly podcast. These days it seems fewer and farther between but it just ends up being a pleasant surprise when i see a new one posted. I was reluctant when i realized J. Parish handed over the reigns to a new 1Up contributor. It only took one line from Mackey. "You're playing games with the angels now little buddy" (Snes anniversary call-in episode regarding a caller mentioning he plugged his sega power cord into his brother's SNES). I was laughing out loud. It was then I knew Jeremy made a great choice for his successor. Keep up the good work. Oh yeah, Fandango!
This is a terrific Podcast. I listened to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Episode (55) on a long drive last week and it was just fantastic. Loved the nostalgic memories of all games, and the thoroughness, it didn't just cover arcade and NES but the Gameboy and PC games too! If I had any complaint it would be why in the name of Fandango do we have to wait so long between episodes? I know part of it is a hesitation not to redo some of the same topics, but why not? If it's new people giving opinions, then let's do it! It might be fun to devote a few episodes to trying to make a top 25 NES list of all time, for example. Get a bunch of people in the room and just fight it out on the podcast. Let users send in their feedback and put the list together out in the open. I'd be down for that!
So I was a little worried that JParish was leaving as the retronauts lead but I had enjoyed Mr. Mackey's music related podcasts so I gave it a whirl. Don't regret it for a second. The show has retained its excellent pedigree. My only gripe is the updates are a bit too infrequent but I realize for most websites the podcast is a lossleader so whatever I can try to be patient. The indepth look at various companies and/or franchises is surprisingly interesting more often than not. So for those who skip the light fandango, this podcast is for you.
I think this podcast got even better after Bob Mackey took over. Much respect to Jeremy Parish, but it feels more concise and better organized now… regardless, I've listened to every episode, and even the ones about games I've never played are great! Also… Fandango! Download this podcast now!
Retronauts was one of the first podcasts I started listening to back in 200... yikes, I'm as old as the games they talk about. Anyway, current host Bob Mackey works his tail off on these things, and mixes the great buddies-talking-about-old-games segments that have always been the backbone of Retronauts with some really excellent interviews with game designers and collectors. I can think of no logical way to actually say fandango, so there that is, but this has been my favorite gaming podcast for as long as it's aired.
I started listening to the podcast about a year ago, loved it so much that I went back and listened to the whole back catalog. Bob is very passionate about the subject but to be completely honest I do love the old episodes when Jemery hosted (sorry Bob...fandango?)
I've been a listener for a long time and I really enjoy the look back at old video games! I love the coverage on the NES, SNES, Saturn PS1, and other old games. Not enough podcasts do this! Definitely worth a listen. Fandango.
Easily my favorite podcast. If you are a gamer in your late 20s or early 30s this weekly show covers all your favorites. And the hosts are great too. Currently listening from episode 1 to catch them all. FANDANGO!
Anytime a new Retronauts podcast shows up in my feed I do a little fandango of joy. These guys really know their stuff about the games I grew up playing. They're definitely more console based than anything (I'd love to hear more coverage of older computer games on the Apple/Atari/Commodore platforms) but they cover everything from games to movies to the weirdness that was gaming back in the early days. Definitely worth a listen.
I have been a fan of this podcast for some time now, even in the days of Jeremy's tenure at the helm. It has been my definitive source on all things retro-gaming, and I have filled out my backlog. Bob has done a wonderful job taking over the podcast in the last year or so, putting a fresh spin on the show (not taking anything away from Parish). Also, my favorite ZZ Top album is Fandango.
Old games are the best. The nostalgia that they bring, reminding us of an innocent time when games were still something unique and niche, instead of the massive marketing juggernauts they have become, is brought back when I listen to Bob and the gang recount their own memories. It makes me want to dance a fandango.
Fandango… now that that is out of the way! Let me get on to the review. Retronauts has walked, and ran, in my shoes for the last 2 years… literally. Whether that be walking in boots in Afghanistan or jogging down a lonely trail at midnight, hearing the soothing sounds of retro video game music and discussions helps me to focus on the better things in life besides life itself. One of the greatest things about Retronauts is that, because it talks about old games, you are never late to the party. These days, as I'm sure many gamers can agree, I simply don't have time to play all of the new hotness in video gaming, so being able to listen to in-depth discussions about old games is refreshing. I've taken it upon myself to actually listen to every Retronauts podcast dating back to 2008. Currently I am still sitting in the 2010 era, but everyday is a podcast closer to victory. As stated previously, I just recently arrived back from a deployment to Afghanistan, where I listened to Retronauts religiously. While I was away, I also ran a marathon around Bagram Air force Base, and guess what was playing in my ear for the majority of that 4+ hour race? You got it. So please, if you haven't yet, take the time to listen to an episode of Retronauts and revel in the glory that this creative group of individuals has managed to stitch together from all of our fond gaming memories.
Fandango. Fandango…? Yup. Fandango. Also, video fandango games, that are older than the Fandango service. Unless you count Grim Fandango. Oh, wait, that's older than Fandango, too. FANDANGO. Etc. Great podcast.
I am a huge fan of the podcast, but I miss Jeremy terribly. I wish he would be on more episodes!
I love this podcast so much that after hearing a couple episodes (around Ep 40-50 of the original) I went hunting through the wild internet and built up a library of all of them properly tagged so that the order would be preserved in my iTunes/iPod library (harder than you think). Since then I've listened to every single episode in order and am currently on Retronauts Live Episode 32 (last year Thanksgiving era) - I can't wait to finally catch up to current-day retronauts and be able to call in finally, haha. Parish was great with his dry humour and humourous depression, Bob is equally as great with his spritely vegetarian gusto-filled flag-carrying energy. Expect me calling in within a few months!
I get visibly annoyed when I realize that not all podcasts have Bob Mackey's smooth smooth voice and wit. This show has everything I want---get it.
It's very well-done. The guys (and occasional gal) don't take themselves too seriously, but they do their job well and put out a professional product on a regular basis. It's reliably fun, informative, and entertaining.
Retronauts was the first podcast I ever listened to, back in 2007. It's a great show and you should definitely listen to its entire catalog. It's been a staple of my listening mileau ever since, but like most great series, there are ebbs and flows in the quality over any period of time. The original host, Jeremy Parish, is a great writer, a veteran of the industry, and a repository of knowledge. However, Parish also became disaffected and uninspired over time. More than once he even said he hates podcasting. Retronauts quality diminished. The podcasts got shorter and shorter, more opinionated, and very snarky. Then, it was cancelled. Then it was brought back! The live show infused new life into a stale show, but Parish's problem's persisted. To make matters worse, a few episodes even felt like he was making fun of the fanbase that was calling in to this righteously geeky podcast. I stopped listening for a while. Then, IGN and 1UP merged, Parish stepped down and Bob Mackey took the reins of the show. Since then, the show is back on track. Inspired discussions, positive, upbeat attitudes, new features, an overall good time show. Thank you for a great show that I love to listen to! Whether you're a kid of the 70s, 80s, 90s or otts--this is a show you should listen to if you've ever held a controller. UPDATE: Jeremy Parish has been a guest on Retronauts more frequently in 2012, and has been a fantastic guest. I love the interplay between Parish and Mackey, as well as the myriad other guests that frequest the show. If you have any doubts on the passion that goes intot his show, listent o the 15-th anniversary show, and if the end doesn't pull at your heart, then sir, you may not have one.
The concept of the podcast was invented specifically for Retronauts. Unlike other gaming podcasts, the retronauts team lets the stories and history take center stage. I can barely sit through a half hour of game scoop but i could listen to retronauts archives all day if I had to.
Bob you do a great job at running this podcast. I have a little over an hour commute one way to work and I listen to it in the car every day (I just found it and I've been checking out all the past episodes!). I'm going to be sad when I run out of episodes and have to wait on the new ones. Your ability (and your guests') to recall various specifics about each game in addition to the research you do on all of them is outstanding. I especially enjoyed the episode when you reviewed the Wizard movie. It was as if I was watching it again! Thanks and keep it up. By the way I just bought a new setup for my gaming computer. Of course the first thing I test on the new 6 core processor was Super Mario Brothers!
Been listening since the beginning. Great podcast!
There are a lot of podcasts that are horrible and should never be made. This not one of them. Entertaining and informative.
I have listened to Retronauts for about 6 years and have enjoyed every episode. In fact going through the archive to listen to episodes for the second or third time is a common habit of mine. Jeremy Parish has done a wonderful job creating an excellent and entertaining show and new host Bob Mackey has met the high bar set for him the older episodes. Being old enough to play retro games when they came out is not required to enjoy this podcast. Do you like videogames? Listen to this podcast. Do you like interesting, thoughtful and hilarious discussions? Listen to this podcast.
From the early days with Jeremy, Chris, Shane, Ray, Jen, Sharky, and many others - to the more recent incarnation that includes Jose, Marty, Sam, Frank, and lead by Bob Mackey - this video game podcast is one of my favs. Sit back and enjoy as these likable voices and minds reflect on games, trends, and such from yesterday's treasures. Keep up the great work Bob and all of the Retronauts crew!
I really enjoy how informational this podcast is learning stuff about old games and finding gems i havent played before
I love Retronauts. It's so bad.


By Rjnc
Love, LOVE the video game movie episodes!
Great podcast, the show that got me into video game podcasts.